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Whitney Houston

Taking Xanax

2/12/2012 7:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The body of Whitney Houston being removed from the Beverly Hills Hilton in an ambulance.
Whitney Houston was taking Xanax ... evidence she may have fallen asleep in the bathtub where she died ... TMZ has learned.

Family members of Whitney tell us the singer had a prescription for the drug, which is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression. 

We told you yesterday ... the night before Whitney died, she had been drinking a lot. Xanax mixed with alcohol can cause severe sedation, which could cause someone to fall asleep in a bathtub.

As TMZ first reported, Whitney was found in the bathtub and removed before EMTs arrived.  The L.A. County Coroner will perform an autopsy -- possibly today -- to determine if Whitney died from drowning, and OD or other causes.

As we previously reported, Beverly Hills cops obtained a search warrant and found various prescription bottles -- but, as far as we know, no illicit drugs.


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I am surprised nothing is being said about TMZ taking photos of Whitney a few nights before she passed of her leaving a Ca. restaurant with Ray J. The story aired saying that it looked like Ray J. was buckling in his grandmother when Ray J. was putting on Whitney's seat belt. The cameraman/interviewer commented many times about why she would be with Ray J. I feel that Ray J. has something to do with her using drugs again.

953 days ago

Tony the Giant    

The California Law is f-- up! I learned about this right after the O.J. Simpson Case. How they be letting Celebrities off the hook, no matter how much evidence they have against them in Murder-1 cases. Because it carries only the Death Penalty. And will not reduce it to anything else. Like they do everywhere else. With cir***stantial evidence of lesser charges. And that is extremely f-- up!
But to make a long story short. What I'm really getting at. Is that if Whitney, who was found to not been under the influence of any illegal substances, suicide. But the lady upstairs did hear a loud noise, like the sound of a huge piece of dropped furniture, or like somebody was busting through a door. (There you go) I't was foul play. And California is covering up.
If California's Law didn't have this special interests in covering up for celebrities. It wouldn't be no murders in California among stars. Cause they know they would get their a--!! fried just like any other person.

953 days ago


Jive a... Calf. I would never live there. Law Enforcement are just like criminals in disguise. I wouldn't touch Calf. w/a 10 foot pole.

952 days ago


One thing for sure, two things for certain, I'll never go to California. I'll switch up the beat of the drum on their a.
ole crooked a... law enforcers. I don't trust nothing that comes out of their filthy mouths. They be flipping in California. Everytime you turn around a celeb. is getting killed. And they do it cause they know they are gonna get away with it, when the chips are down.

952 days ago


Xanax is NOT to be prescribed to a "Depressed" person. Wasn't Whitney depressed?

Xanax is a "depressant" as is alcohol; a person who is already depressed with their brain neutrons barely firing off to begin with, these depressants almost stop if not stoop completely the little firing off coming on in the brain; causing the brain to become confused and shutting down major organs like the lungs, kidneys, heart etc.

Xanax is for people with panic attacks whose brain neutrons are firing off to fast. That crap needs to be taken off the market if it can not be prescribed correctly!

And what about "Kim" on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who just came out of a treatment center proudly claiming sobriety on TV, but was so messed up she could hardly talk? She even admits the doctor gave her stuff for her nerves. Ridiculous!

952 days ago


I don't care what killed Whitney Houston, she is gone from this earth. We have lost a great star and she will be remembered forever. As for Bobby Brown, I don't know what to say except that I believe he led her down the path to drugs. RIP Whitney, I will try to cry no more for you because you are not wrapped in God's love.

947 days ago

so sad    

I think that either this was a very long bathtub or whitney must have had her knee's bent for her head to have gone under the water..........Just sounds strange to me .......

944 days ago
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