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Lindsay Lohan

One of My Movers

Is Selling Me Out

2/12/2012 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the movers who helped pack up Lindsay Lohan's mountain of crap in her Venice home is now trying to sell photos of the actress' personal belongings ... TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the mover in question took photographs of Lindsay's stuff while he was piling it into storage -- and is now trying to sell the pics ... as well as information about the storage facility Lindsay is using ... and even where she eventually plans to move.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay's camp is aware of the situation and is currently working to find out who's behind the leak attempt.

Lindsay's people are especially freaked because the actress has made it a priority to keep a low profile the last few weeks -- following a trespasser scare on her Venice property New Year's Day.

We're told Lindsay is also afraid people might try to track down her belongings in storage and try to steal things. So far, we're told police have not been involved.


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Rogue Warrior    

Everyone wants something from Lilo and that makes her such an easy target. I suggest we put all the H8rs in the same bldg and JP it, problem solved.

Sorry I gotti roll bag lady and ball sack bullies!!!!!!

930 days ago


What kind of drugs did Lindsay give Whitney? They partied at the CM?

930 days ago


Now Tornado lohan of mass destruction, Is screwing with a moving company and its workers.Damn she destroys everyone in her wake...someone else has to guard their job now..because lindsay lives in LALA land..everyones best bet is to just stay clear and refuse services to her..
like producers have already done.

930 days ago


I would love to see those pictures.
rubber fists,Vintage underware thrown all over,pictures of her walpaper the walls,vodka kegs,and pee stains all over the floor...the living room would look like the yard of "sanford and son".I am so glad cameras do not capture smells

930 days ago


Tomorrow we will hear that she is suing the moving co. Her crap ain't looking at, who cares, anything to keep her in the news. Loser

930 days ago


you have that rapper "LONDON" and his friends showing a picture of Fed up Dina, and how they are going to throw it to her Like a mad dog..then you have lindsay showing up on the Red Carpet looking like sofia from "Golden Girls"..
and you have to post this non story..

930 days ago


Just keeping your bad name out there, eh Lilo? I suppose another lawsuit is in the making?

930 days ago


Who cares? Anything to get some media attention..

930 days ago


she is trying to find out away of not paying the movers.plain and simple..she has defrauded everyone.
why should this be any different..
before it gets "LEAKED" that she stiffed them..she will act first and go after their integrity

930 days ago


Please, everybody, look at me, pay attention to me. Hello, it's me, please give me the attention I so desperately crave but can't get because I am a washed up drunk with no talent who looks twice my actual age.

As always, she is full of crap and is looking for some sympathy from her non-existent fan base; good luck with that.

They had you in mind when they wrote this:

I'm so tired
Of your lies,
And the evil things you're doing behind my back
Are the crimes that you have never committed.
I doubt it.
Sometimes I wonder when will you die.

You're Insane.
You are bad.
You wreck everything you touch,
And you're a sociopath.
There's just one thing that everyone's wondering
When will you die?

School children stay at home, (Yeah)
And all the banks will close. (Yeah)
Each Year we'll mark the date (Yeah)
On which we celebrate (Yeah)

I know how,
I know why.
I can picture every part of your comeuppance except
For the one remaining
Piece of the puzzle
Which is when you'll die.

This is Dan,
And that's Dan,
And there's Marty on the drums to complete the band
And I am John,
And he is also John,
And all of us are wondering
When you're gunna die?

Still you live
You go on,
But your running up the clock,
And if we knew how long.
I'll be counting down the days until the lovely one
On which you're gone.

On that promised morning
We will wake and greet the dawn.
Knowing that your wicked life is over,
And that we will carry on.
We'll exhale,
We'll high-five,
We will know at last how great it is to be alive.
We'll be lining up, and buying tickets,
And then we'll be jumping up and down on your grave.

You're Insane.
You are Bad.
You wreck everything you touch,
And you're a sociopath.
And the only way to mitigate
Would be to know the date
You're scheduled to vacate.
When are you going to die?
Look me in the eye
Tell me when you'll die.

Hopefully the answer to the question is soon, but not soon enough.

930 days ago


BLoHo,Ali and Alex are back at the CM. Fashion Week was a bust for them except for partying

930 days ago


Haggard. Again.

930 days ago


Isnt she storing all her cocaine in a Tijuana storage unit? Thats what I heard.

930 days ago


this story is all coming from the one pictured above...
that pic does not scream honesty...
that pic is more like..."I am high on drugs, and might bounce a check with you".

930 days ago


She will sell any story to the tabloids for attention and money.

Lindsay your histrionics and drama are old, get a new script.

930 days ago
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