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Nicki Minaj

Grammy Performance ...

From Hell

2/13/2012 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Millions of people think the best part of Nicki Minaj's insane Grammy performance was the moment it ended -- and her musical ode to "The Exorcist" left us with one burning question ...


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i personally thought it was a disgrace.. no talent, and tasteless.

981 days ago


Awful, but no one's talking about M.I.A. anymore, right? That was probably the point.

981 days ago


She's the modern day act that epitomizes how low the music bar has actually gotten. It's so low it's not almost embarrassing, it's so embarrassing I can't even listen to or watch most of the crap that's out there now. This gal should marry Kanye West. Both of them are surrounded by the a group of "Yes Men", and not a single one of them will ever tell the "performer" (cringe) how absolutely terrible they are and how they are about as talented as a 25th backup alternate reject at an 8th talent show contest. However I give credit to some of them as they laugh all the way to the bank. But what makes Minaj so embarrassing is that she *really* believes she's an artist. She's about as good a musician/artist as Kim Kardashian is. And the Grammy's should be ashamed for putting this crap on the air. Just ashamed. In the next couple of years Rebecca Black will be considered akin to Janis Joplin. And the average IQ for the nation will have finally reached 50.

981 days ago


It was a horrible performance. All the real singers with actual talent never have to try to wow the crowd with corny theatrics. Their talent is enough to win the crowd over.

981 days ago


sucked **** Britney didn't even suck that much on her crazy MTV awards

981 days ago

big al    

I was always confused about her appeal but that performance was painful to watch. I've never been a fan but I was truly embarrassed for her. I don't know what she was thinking or why the shows producers let this happen. Shameful & ridiculous. Sadly she looked more foolish than controversial which I'm sure was what she was going for.

981 days ago



981 days ago

Big Momma    

what a low, low point for the Grammy's..and music in general. The antithesis of Adele, who is all about the voice not smoke and mirrors and whacky "look at me" makeup. Nasty song, absolutely cannot sing a note -- worst voice ever -- and tasteless. She represents what many of today's pop stars are about -- no talent, all gimmick and musically challenged. anytime i hear her name coming on, i'll turn it off.

981 days ago


Personally, I'm really tired of all the 'lip synced singer in trendy outfit with trendy head set / mic, dancing in front of 8 trendy looking dancers' scenario. Gaga / Perry / Minaj / Rihanna / Chris Brown etc etc etc etc. It's waaaaaay BEYOND old! At least Adele stands up there and belts!

981 days ago

Miss Greta    

Mel Gibson would have an aneurysm if he'd seen this!!

981 days ago


There are no words that would accurately described just how bad her performance was. It was the worst number I have ever seen or heard.

981 days ago


I like Nicki but this performance left me very confused.. I did not understand it at all..maybe because I am not a die hard fan.. I did not get it at all..

981 days ago


Pure trash! I agree. It shows what little talent she has. What happened to musicians using their voices and not trying to shock and push the envelope?

981 days ago


As much as I tried to be "cool" with it, I was definitely offended. I thought it was distasteful and disgusting. Absolutely no class or talent portrayed in that debacle. If it was performed for the purpose of shock, she missed out. Not shocking, just sad and lacking in purpose.

981 days ago


Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought the song was god awful. The production would have been fine with a good song, but that one was horrible!

981 days ago
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