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Nicki Minaj

Grammy Performance ...

From Hell

2/13/2012 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Millions of people think the best part of Nicki Minaj's insane Grammy performance was the moment it ended -- and her musical ode to "The Exorcist" left us with one burning question ...


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Cutie Pie    

Nicki Manaj' performance was tasteless, tactless, and meaningless. Im not a particular fan of her shes an awful rapper!! If that what you want to call her.

952 days ago


All I can say about Manaj and that performance was, disgusting, sickening, moronic, embarrassing! Nicki just made a fool out of herself!! Absolutely no talent!

952 days ago


I loved it! i could care less about what the "catlicks" have to say. Chill people.

952 days ago

Mary Daw    

Go Nicki, my girl. Great performance.
The priest having sex with boys is not blashemy,but challenging the hipocracy of the catholic church is? Wake up people and deal with reality and stop trying to be political correct

952 days ago


Her fan base is filled with young kids of an impressionable age (6 to 10 yr old girls), that should explain a lot about her appeal. The parents of these girls should be ashamed of allowing their girls to listen to the crap Minaj puts out. Needless to say, I'm not a fan. She has no talent at all. I'm so glad I taped the show and was happy to FF her "performance??????" What a joke and a waste of air time, no wonder they left it for the end...and please don't let me get start on Drake, another fake...

They should have just let Adele have that spot also, now that's talent and such a beautiful voice. She seems so humble; I hope that doesn't change.

952 days ago


Couldn't make it to the end. Lasted about 30 seconds of that homely skank screaming incoherently. No talent, why would someone pay for that crap? Can't call it music, just crap.

952 days ago


Nicki Minaj is a perfect example of how little talent you need these days to make it big in the so-called music industry. What happened to REAL talent? Thank god for artists like Adele, Mariah Carey, Foo Fighters, and all others that can sing live WITHOUT Auto-Tune, and other special effects.

952 days ago

raymond minaj moulton    

I loved it she's not affraid to be diffrent like she said its fine for lady gaga to do it and ppl hav no problem with all those exorcist movies ppl go out and watch but when someone black an different does it its a probablem nicki has paved her own lane thats maybe why u ppl dont understand her...mj was the same way ...he was diffrent nickis diffrent, at the end of the day she wasnt doing that for u critic's she was doing that for her fans and her self and team...ending this on a good note yall hater can "eat a d%*k"

952 days ago


That was just horrible!

951 days ago


I’m ticked off at the Recording Academy Group that runs the Grammy’s. They knew full well what was going to be on stage in the big crescendo “Nicki Minaj” and gave the green light for it. This wasn’t about a celebration of music. This was about spoon feeding us garbage out of the deepest bowels of the earth. Never again Grammy’s, I will NEVER WATCH again! Remember a performing Monkey will always be a performing Monkey even after you take it out of a Circus. Shame on all of you.

951 days ago


yalll hatin at least she at the grammys smh this it what happens when someone does something different for the rap game people put them nicki did her damn thang

951 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Well, that was... different.

951 days ago


What is there to get... Roman is Nicki's alter ego (bad inner child) who is gay. So the pope was playing exorcist to get roman out of her. And as she rapped she simulated the sounds and battles of a tortured soul going from Nicki to the manic roman. ...The neccessity of the catholic/priest/monks in staging is crucial to continue the exorcist theme. Any person who has seen the movie the exorcist or similar movies would recognize the theme.
She had good choreography, good staging, lighting and she delivered a high energy performance....Why can people never give credit when it is due! Im religious but was not offended by this performance.....why would i be offended when practicing catholics disgrace the church daily with cheating, divorcing and a sundry of other anti catholic actions! get over it

951 days ago


It was aweful, distasteful, and made a mochary of the Catholic religion. I have never been so offended in my entire life. Not only was I disgusted with her, but also with the Grammy's themselves for allowing her to do that performance. If she had made a mochery of any other religion or attempted to, there would have been no way it would have been allowed to be broadcast on television.

951 days ago



949 days ago
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