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Whitney Houston's Aunt

The Lady Who Tried to Save Her

2/13/2012 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's aunt Mary Jones -- the woman who discovered the singer's body in the hotel bathtub, pulled her out and tried reviving her -- arrived at LAX yesterday to fly back east for the singer's funeral.

TMZ broke the story ... Whitney's aunt, Mary Jones, was in Whitney's room, laid out her dress for the Clive Davis party and then left for 30 minutes.  When she returned, she knocked at the bathroom door and entered to find Whitney submerged in the bathtub.

Mary tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Whitney before paramedics arrived. 


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that was just cruel.

981 days ago


Personally I think if Whitney had never "hooked-up" with Bobbi Brown she might not have died !! It seems that her "problems" started with Bobbi Brown, sooooo. I hold that at least 50% responsibility falls on her and 50% on Bobbi Brown, and I am being nice. LOL

981 days ago


Whitney and her entourage arrived there days early and it has been reported Whitney was acting erratic days before she was found in the tub dead. Just looking at the video with Kelly Price you could see she wasn't right and then the photo of her leaving with the scratches and blood on her leg is not normal. But, yet Kelly and Whitneys entourage still say to this day she was fine. Her entourage nor friends stepped in to stop her spiral downwards. I guess as her entourage and friends all the freebies you receive nobody was willing to say anything . They all knew she was a recovering addict and was on prescription pills,one drink is too many and ten is not enough. Instead of her entourage protecting her from the public they should have been protecting her from herself. The music industry and actors,actresses, need to clean up their business like they do in football,basketball,hockey,etc. Drug tests them them and if it's positive don't let them perform or act until they're clean.

981 days ago


Tried to save her? I think she could be a little bit more effective if she wasn't left the room for half an hour after Whitney went to the bathroom. Who knows, perhaps Whitney tried to shout for help for a few moments, when she felt something is bad, but there was no one to the rescue. Interestingly Michael also has died because someone has left his/her place in the critical time. So it's the lack of care.

981 days ago


There are a million bobby browns out there but only one Whitney I ask god till this day . Why the great ones & the losers stay

981 days ago


There are a million bobby browns out there but only one Whitney I ask god till this day . Why the great ones & the losers stay

981 days ago


someone has blood on their hands, so sad how can this happen.I grew up listening to Whitney...:(

981 days ago


Crass and insensitive as usual. But there is a larger issue here. Why are paparazzi and other media allowed inside LAX terminals in the first place? Anyone can go down there with or without a camera and have free reign of "UNSECURED" terminal areas such as baggage claim and outside security check ins, as well as curbside areas. Look at the madness surrounding Bobby Brown's arrival. Any lunatic could have joined the scrum and caused the unthinkable to happen.

Unrestricted media access to one of the world's busiest airports is a serious security issue and a tragedy waiting to happen - again.

981 days ago


Something is'nt right about her story this woman is lying.

981 days ago


Is NOTHING sacred anymore?

981 days ago


R.I.P. Whitney. And for those who are talking crap and making up lies about what happend Just because you think its funny SHAME ON YOU,AND GET A LIFE!!!!

981 days ago


You VULTURES can't leave people alone

981 days ago


I know this is part of the fame game and all, but still very sad! Is this LAX, don't they have a back door? Really this poor aunt she looks like "just get me out of here"....She looks like a very sweet this the one that was coming out of the door with her at TRU, if so I thought she looked so serious and concerned that night, whoever was with her coming out of that club?

981 days ago


Too far you guys...but yet....I watched it...we are ALL sick!

980 days ago


WaxOnWhacksOff: 22 hours ago
This "aunt" should be investigated. She must have known that Whitney was wasted when she went into the tub. If she had enough drugs and booze in her to kill her, then she had too have been obviously wasted.This aunt sounds like another enabler and probably allowed Whitney to be this wasted because she would likely lose money if she pissed Whitney off...
yes this "aunt"
should be investigated..
you do not lay dress on bed 4 hours before party..
you do not leave someone in bath for just 1/2 hour
to find that person is dead..
this 'aunt' dressed in red=blood color
going to funeral remind me of
Nickie Mihaj all red and black with pop
or lady Gaga all red with queen in black
was Whitney sacrificed for Queen jubilee???

980 days ago
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