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Bobby Brown

Fighting Whitney's Family

To See Bobbi Kristina

2/14/2012 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown still hasn't seen his daughter -- THREE days after Whitney Houstons deathBobby Brown still hasn't seen his daughter -- THREE days after Whitney Houston's death -- and he thinks Whitney's family ... specifically, Cissy Houston, is throwing up the road block.

Sources close to Bobby tell us he hasn't connected with Bobbi Kristina since arriving in L.A. Sunday night -- despite placing several phone calls and making an attempt to physically see her ... early this morning.

We're told Brown was turned away by Whitney's family and friends ... who are caring for BK at a home in the Los Angeles area.

According to our sources, Bobby is angry and frustrated because he only came to L.A. to care for 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina after she was hospitalized twice.

As for why he's blaming Whitney's mom for the freeze out -- we're told Brown thinks Cissy has hated him for years.




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BK has a voice. If she was ready to see him... She'd see him.

980 days ago


I think it should be up to bobbi kristina, my god she will be 20 yrs old next month. No matter what he is her father and he has been clean for a long time. The news stated him and whitney and bobbys wife all got along for there daughters sake. I think the family should back off a bit.

980 days ago

seth mois    

Vote Jared Festner for Boulder Hill, Illinois City council Next Month

980 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

This is one F'd up family. Evidently no one knows how to dial a phone or to write an E-Mail. The Mother is probably right. The last thing you want to do is to get all these addicts together. They'll tear Whitney's house apart looking for her secret stash. And if they're in Newark, NJ, the boys on the street will be lining up to supply them with anything and everything they need.

980 days ago


Patty: You're ridiculous. Just making stuff up to try to justify your opinion. You have no idea if she is sedated (doubtful) or if they took away her phone and are denying her computer access. SHE'S AN ADULT. She is allowed to do whatever she wants and I doubt she would allow anyone to tell her what to do. Most 18 year olds don't. Go away and quit being dumb.

980 days ago


Stop blaming everyone else but the person who did this to themself. Whitney was her own Drug Addict. The end.

980 days ago


But that's her dad and her mom just died, she needs her dad and Cissy has hated him for like ever, now she is in charges, but someone that they all loved so much has died at least give it a week or two before the infighting starts!!

980 days ago

seth mois    

Vote Jared Festner for Boulder Hill, Illinois City council Next Month

980 days ago


I think there's a lot of issues going on in that family and he's the least of them. One of Whitney's friends was on CNN talking with Anderson Cooper yesterday and she was telling him that she was right with Whitney at an event before she died and Whitney had a number of glasses of champagne but she was just fine and blah blah blah and then Dr. Drew came on and said this is how it goes with people around addicts not calling them out and trying to stop them because Whitney should not have been drinking at all because of her alcohol and drug problems and friends like that are dangerous.

980 days ago


she is 18 if she isnt seeing him its due to her not the family.

980 days ago


Maybe she doesn't know he is there. I mean the girl has been to the hospital twice, she is probably to messed up at the moment to even think of her father. She probably think he will just go to the house and be let in, but obviously that is not the case. He had to do the concerts or else he would get sued, plus according to the contract if one of the members doesn't perform, no one gets pay. They had pictures I think it was this site of Whitney, her daughter, Bobby Brown and his new wife/girlfriend I don't know what she is, having lunch together like a big family, just last week. So, I really doubt she hates her dad. Plus, Whitney divorce Bobby 3 years ago, I think its unfair to blame him for her death. She's an adult woman, if she didn't want to take drugs she could have said no. Despite, her problems Whitney took responsibility for taking drugs, she admitted this much in interviews. But, it seems her family and fans always want someone else to blame.

980 days ago


Thats stupid. She's what 19!!! If she wanted to see him she can call him or simply walk out the door.

980 days ago

John T.    

Poor kid needs a dentist bad. Not on the pretty side thats for sure.

980 days ago


When I see or hear the name Bobby Brown,, I can only think what a niggger, I love black people..

980 days ago


I think Whitney's mother SHOULD hate Bobby Brown and freeze him out. He deserves it and he knows it. He should just stay away from Whitney's family for a long time. He better not show up at the funeral either or half the people there might attack him.

Bobby and his dopehead friends are the slimeballs who corrupted Whitney and turned her into an ill tempered, cocaine smokin' "bad girl". Before Whitney met Bobby, Whitney was about as much of an friendly and nice "good girl" as it gets ... kind of like Taylor Swift is now.

In the years they were married, I bet Bobby rolled up a few hundred marijuana joints laced with cocaine to fry Whitney's brain and ruin her golden singing voice. I think that's how Whitney ingested cocaine ... instead of smoking crack rocks from a local gang banger dealer.

"Crack is wack" ... I guess that's for the "little people" drug addicts according to Whitney. After Bobby got Whitney addicted to cocaine, I'm sure Bobby and Whitney only bought THE highest purity, most expensive coke you can get and smoked that. That's how she made in sound in that 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer.

980 days ago
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