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Bobby Brown

Fighting Whitney's Family

To See Bobbi Kristina

2/14/2012 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown still hasn't seen his daughter -- THREE days after Whitney Houstons deathBobby Brown still hasn't seen his daughter -- THREE days after Whitney Houston's death -- and he thinks Whitney's family ... specifically, Cissy Houston, is throwing up the road block.

Sources close to Bobby tell us he hasn't connected with Bobbi Kristina since arriving in L.A. Sunday night -- despite placing several phone calls and making an attempt to physically see her ... early this morning.

We're told Brown was turned away by Whitney's family and friends ... who are caring for BK at a home in the Los Angeles area.

According to our sources, Bobby is angry and frustrated because he only came to L.A. to care for 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina after she was hospitalized twice.

As for why he's blaming Whitney's mom for the freeze out -- we're told Brown thinks Cissy has hated him for years.




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Let the fighting begin.Her future earnings and the estate needs the money.. See why the American public is dumbing down in America. They are out promoting Whitney over the top, as she has loans against her future earnings. Don't support a drug addict who chose to end her own life. Bobbi K is no angel, she lived alone for the past 2 years, had loud parties, shown doing drugs, and had to move because Whitney was always so out of it and would scream out in the yard at all times of the day and night. Whitney supported her Mother for years along with the rest of the losers that hung on, people who enabled her to do the things that killed her. Shame on anybody who would support this family now. Be a bettter role model for your own families, and tell them no $ for this group of disfunctional family. This family is playing the press and the true fans of Whitney. The rest of them need to sit down, shut up and get a life. I may have a few coins in life, but would never want to have to live this way.

984 days ago


Man TMZ has a pipeline to folks. First you hear he and BK were on the plane flying to Newark with WH's body now she is still in LA and he is trying to see her.

984 days ago


She's 18 years old and can do whatever she wants. Good gawd, this drama will play out for months.

984 days ago


Do you blame poor Cissy after what this a$$hole did to her daughter! Go to hell Bobby there is a sit waiting for you there. Leave Bobbi Kristina alone, she is 18 if she wants to see you she would have but guess what she knows you are s***! Go look for another meal ticket.

984 days ago


Well I guess everyone saying what a dirt bag he is for not seeing his daughter can shut up now eh? Also Whitney was involved in the music and modeling biz since the late 70's and all through the 80's ...Bobby did not introduce her to anything. She chose to do drugs, and she chose to be with him... if you are looking to blame blame Whitney herself. She also seems to have done a crappy job as a mother with sole custody to keep her only child off drugs and booze as well. What a role model...What an American Icon.

984 days ago


That's a shame. She just lost her mother, she needs her father. If the family was so concerned about drug problems, then they wouldn't have been letting Whitney raise her, either. I think they're just using this experience to punish Bobby for Whitney being gone. Whether he introduced her to drugs or not (and people who followed her interviews say that she herself said she was on drugs before she met Bobby), a) she took them, and was an addict all on her own, and b) I don't know a single addict who was raised in an open and honest family, so if they must pin blame someone other than Whitney, they should look a little closer to home.

984 days ago


keep that ghetto man away from that little girl while she still has a chance of making it in life...Keep him away from her Cissy! We are praying for ...

984 days ago

Melissa M    

omg, will you please let this family grieve in peace. Damn, no wonder why the poor girl is rushed to the hospital. Plain ignorance. I know everyone loved Whitney, but do her a favor by respecting the family & letting them grieve. I don't & didn't even read this crap, i just wanted to comment on it. R.I.P Whitney. My prayers go out to the family.

984 days ago


With all their money, couldn't they get the picaninny to a dentist, that huge tooth gap is ugly.

984 days ago


She has no right to keep his daughter from him. I'm not a fan of Bobby Brown, but he is her father. Whitney chose to be married to him, and chose to stay with him for a long time. Not everything was his fault.

984 days ago

Melissa M    

her mother just died & you're worried about a ***king gap? wow, what ignorance. God made you the way that you are. STFU

984 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Cissy, you are no longer the head of Whitney's family. Don't blame Bobby for everything. Whitney was over grown and from what I can see, you cannot make her do a darn thing. Who supplied her with drugs when Bobby was in prison? Perhaps a loving cousin?

She will feel real messy if Bobbi gets over this and decide to never see Grandma again. This is the time to comfort each other. This man has another family, but he is their for his second family. Many fans have boo-ed a lot of the internet talk, but if you come between Bobby and his daughter, my support is over. Do what you have to after the burial, but for now show some of that God you are suppose to have inside you.

You could not stop Whit with talk when she was heavy in drugs so you decide to blame Bobby and that is SOOOOOOOOOO wrong. STOP IT. Yes your biological daughter has left you, but being a child of God makes you a mother to millions of other girls and so many are watching. Even if ole Harv is lying about this situation, this is something that should have been said while our beloved Whit was alive. Do the right thing, we love you all.

984 days ago


She's quite possibly sedated and being shielded from all media to protect her. She may not even know he's in town. I have no clue what kind of relationship they had though... I'm guessing they weren't tight. Also, Grandma may be afraid seeing him will upset BK further when she's clearly already upset enough.
But who really knows what's going on?

984 days ago


She's 18 and she is of age if she wants to see her dad she can. They can't stop her.

984 days ago


This is not the time for this type of behavior! Let
him see his daughter.

984 days ago
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