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Bobby Brown

Distraught After Hearing

He's Unwanted at Funeral

2/15/2012 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown is "extremely disappointed" after hearing that several members of Whitney Houston's family do not want him to attend the singer's funeral ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources close to Bobby tell us ... people connected to the Houston family have reached out to Bobby to warn him that he shouldn't attempt to attend the funeral because the family isn't fond of him.

However ... we're told Bobby has not received any OFFICIAL word from the family about his invite status.

Sources tell us ... Bobby WANTS to attend the funeral so he can support his daughter Bobbi Kristina, but he hasn't decided on a plan of action yet.

Bottom line -- we're told Bobby is hoping the family will be able to set aside their differences so they all can focus on mourning the loss of their loved one.


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BRAVO to the Houston family!!!! Keep the druggie away!

981 days ago



981 days ago


Gotta face the fact you are a major F up when you are told not to attend funeral services. Or do a **** load of crack. I bet he chooses #2.

981 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...NOT uncommon for a family not wanting a spouse of the deceased there if they caused havoc in the deceased life...again..if the daughter wants her dad there..he will be..I'm thinking she isn't even thinking about it..she must be in a really horrible ****tered state..and family is doing what they feel is best..they were divorced..and no far more than you and I..

981 days ago

Reach Out Job Search    

Look, Whitney's family need to GET OVER IT. Bobby Brown was Whitney's husband for 13 years and Bobbi Kristina's Father.

Did he do a perfect job as a husband, Hell No! But, this is a time to mourn. There will be plenty of time for continuing family drama, after the funeral service.

Let this man mourn his ex-wife and comfort his Daughter. Its' the RIGHT THING to do!

981 days ago


He doesn't belong there. He bought Whitney a ticket to hell in her life on earth. She said she kept telling herself something was right. I'm glad Whitney left him, I don't blame her family. Stay away you loser. Poor excuse of a human being. Shame on you. Go back to your new wife & son and cry a river. I don't believe you ever loved Whitney you loved what she could do for you.

981 days ago

Miss Greta    

Oh boo hoo! He was divorced from Whitney, therefore he is no longer a part of the Houston family. If his daughter wants him there, he'll get an invite.

981 days ago


They should all do what's best for the daughter--if she wants her father there, then he should be. They can't keep him out of his daughter's life. This family needs to find a way to be functional, for the sake of her.

981 days ago


That is not right. He loved her, he won't cause trouble there, and he deserves to be at the funeral.

The family is making public announcements on the news that the funeral "is by invitation ONLY" (they stressed the "ONLY") so if he hasn't heard from them, that's their way of keeping him out while trying not to get any flack for it. Shame on them.

981 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Her family was obviously a bunch of enablers. People are quick to blame Bobby Brown for being a bad influence on Whitney and getting her hooked on drugs, but Whitney admitted she did drugs long before she even met Bobby. Plus, they'd been broken up for 5+ years and she was a grown adult. It's dumb that her family isn't allowing the father of her child to attend her funeral. Such petty nonsense. They're just are responsible for enabling Whitney as anybody else is.. if not more so.
They were in the room with Whitney the day she died. Not Bobby Brown.

981 days ago


Too bad it wasn't Bobby Brown that died. POS.

981 days ago


If this is true, I have just changed my mind about this Christian family! WWJD

981 days ago


He does not need an invite. Obviously the Houston family is not as christian as they claim to be. Bobby Brown did not for Whitney to do drugs....she stay married for a long time and enjoyed the drugs.

981 days ago


He's an EX SPOSUE and if they don't want him there that is their business and their right to make that decision. Good God people. Lots of ex spouses are not included at funerals -- AND lots of times for very good reasons. The family doesn't need to "GET OVER" anything. And he doesn't "deserve" anything. Some posters here are so ridiculous. He can mourn in his own way. If they don't want him there, tough ****. They have that right.

981 days ago


He should Be Allowed at the Funeral........WHITNEY Chose to do the things she did, Bobby didn't force her to Do a Damn Thing and the Family needs to Accept that!!! BOBBY Has every Right to be there for his Wife and Daughter~~~

981 days ago
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