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Bobby Brown

Distraught After Hearing

He's Unwanted at Funeral

2/15/2012 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown is "extremely disappointed" after hearing that several members of Whitney Houston's family do not want him to attend the singer's funeral ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources close to Bobby tell us ... people connected to the Houston family have reached out to Bobby to warn him that he shouldn't attempt to attend the funeral because the family isn't fond of him.

However ... we're told Bobby has not received any OFFICIAL word from the family about his invite status.

Sources tell us ... Bobby WANTS to attend the funeral so he can support his daughter Bobbi Kristina, but he hasn't decided on a plan of action yet.

Bottom line -- we're told Bobby is hoping the family will be able to set aside their differences so they all can focus on mourning the loss of their loved one.


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Oh please! All you people shouting Bobby done her in with drugs ought to get your facts straight. She been on da drug trip long before Bobby got to her. This Houston family is being selfish. First no Bobby allowed, then no public ceremony. THE FANS MADE HER RICH AND FAMOUS AND DESERVE BETTER! Just like MJ fans! At least the Jackson family appreciated the fans so much they threw (with L.A.'s help) a GREAT and deserving send-off. Whitney deserves the same!

985 days ago


Isn't he the main reason Whitney is in a box now?

985 days ago


He should be there for his daughter.

985 days ago

Bethany Rogers    

They must exclude him FOR Bobbi Kristina. Just so that it is clear what direction they are heading. This is not about whether it is ok or not. This is about Bobbi Kristina. She will go nowhere with this "father" who openly admits that he relaxes best on weed.. why was Whintney such a great women? because she had such a great mother. When you look at Bobbi Kristina then you see the same insecureness her father brings across. Not useful.

985 days ago


Bobby Brown should do the right thing by staying away from the funeral, thus avoiding confrontation with family members. He does not have to attend the funeral to comfort his daughter, he can do that after the funeral if he daughter wishes to see him. If Bobby attends where he is no wanted, he may want the publicity & hope to profit from it. Perhaps he thinks the public will forget the past.

985 days ago


He won't be missing anything, he's been attending her funeral for years now. Congrats Bobby, mission accomplished!!!

985 days ago


They know they wrong for that people really act ignorant around burial time.They need to let that **** go real talk & let that brother be there for his daughter and i'm pretty sure he still has feelings for Whitney 2.

985 days ago


Whitneys family don't want Bobby at the funeral because they are afraid he will get her assest's that she has left.

985 days ago


This is a lot of misplaced anger on the part of her family. They're lashing out in their pain when they are probably as much to blame as he is. Their anger should be towards Whitney, whose choices led to this outcome. Bobby Brown was Whitney's choice and she stayed with him for 13 years. Perhaps he was not the best choice, but he was her choice. Would Whitney want him there, after everything they went through? That's the question, not whether Whitney's mother holds him personally responsible for Whitney's poor choices. It looks petty and mean, and it will mar the memorial.

985 days ago

Evelyn C    

He should be aloud to attend his x wife funeral to support his daugher Bobbi Kristina.Let this man mourn his ex-wife and comfort his Daughter. Its' the RIGHT THING to do

985 days ago


He is the father and stepping up, to hopefully help Bobbie Kristina, she will probably be a very rich lady soon, hopefully her Daddy can give her some guidance; he needs to be given a chance, but for her sake he needs to be given chance!!! She loves her father! Give him a chance, I kinda poo pooed on him earlier but maybe he is stepping up now! Please Bobby help your daughter or she will have these life long drug issues as well! Hold her hand at the funeral and don't leave her side, and keep the vultures/hangers on/money grubbers off of that poor child!! Bless them all, and Cissy!

985 days ago


I believe her husband be allowed to attend his wife's funeral in spite what family want.

985 days ago


whole thing is tragic.

the only question they should be asking is "what is best for her daughter" in the short run and in the long run.

everyone else's feelings come a distant second . . .

985 days ago


Bobby Brown must be the only person in the WORLD that thinks he should be included in the funeral service. It would be just like inviting THE DEVIL HIMSELF.

985 days ago


Well now.. isn't that just perfect. I'll bet the family allows Chris Brown to attend. What's wrong with this picture? If the Huston Family is (was) so concerned, they should have intervened in Whitney's (struggle) life years ago. It would have made all the difference today.

985 days ago
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