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Brits to Sean Penn

You’re A Moron ...

And Your Movies SUCK!!!

2/15/2012 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Members of British Parliament are lining up to slam Sean Penn ... and his movies -- trashing him over recent comments he made concerning Britain’s stance over the Falkland Islands.
In case you don't know: Britain and Argentina have both claimed sovereignty over the Falklands since the early 19th-Century ... and went to war with each other over the territory in 1982.
Penn called the Brits' continuing claims over the Falklands "colonialist, ludicrous and archaic" -- and got their dander up even further by criticizing their recent decision to deploy Prince William there.
One member of the British Parliament called Penn’s views "nonsense." Patrick Mercer, a famed British Army veteran, also ripped Penn – calling his views "moronic.”

Mercer added, Penn "seems to know nothing about the situation" -- and "A good number of his movies have been turkeys, so I suppose we shouldn’t expect much better coming out of his mouth."


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He should never have gone full retard.

952 days ago


Why couldn't have Sean Penn died instead of his brother?

952 days ago


I agree - he is overrated in the US. He also is unamerican -I would never go to one of his movies.

952 days ago


I'm from Argentina and although the government claims sovereignty over the islands and don't know what to do with them. The oil is what most matters to these 2 countries, oil and nothing else. do not mind the 2000 people who live there, some want to be part of the UK, others from Argentina, and other independents, would have to discuss the 3 parts, would be the beginning for a better ending for all.

952 days ago


Seriously - these entertainers (NOT celebrities) need to stay with entertaining us and not getting themselves involved in everything else. Just because you make a bunch of money doesn't mean your opinion is better than others.

952 days ago


i am from the uk. considering in a recent poll of the falklands the residence said they wanted to be part of the uk. why wouldn't the uk protect its people. why would the falklanders want to join a dictatorship than stay with the uk. why wouldn't we protect our land - its our land we can do what we want
Tony Johnson two things 1) we made the use what it is 2) are you trying to say that the usa don't 'rape and rob' countries nowadays... also all i will say is american samoa

952 days ago

English Lady    

Penn got TOLD.

952 days ago

Trix LaRue    

Hey man....lay off spicoli!
He went to Santa Monica College and studied Auto Mechanics and Speech!
He is obviously an expert in Foreign Affairs!

952 days ago


hey look a brit said what most everyone thinks.bought time someone in the media actually printed what most think so his ***got ass can read it

952 days ago


What is with this guy, I don't understand why people pay attention to him I'm not sure what he has ever done? I can't think of a movie he has been in I don't get it...all I even know about him is he used to be married to Madonna. I think had he never married her we would have never heard of him....

952 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Thank you Brits. I mean, not for the 1812 invasion thing, but for the sean penn comments. Yes, they are accurate.

952 days ago


At this point in his life he should have learned to keep his mouth shut and let people think he's stupid instead of talking and letting them KNOW it.He's an ass!

952 days ago


Didn't Mercer have to resign from a government position for being a flaming bigot toward the soldiers he was so "famed" with commanding? Yeah, think so.

I'm sure their comments really broke Penn up -- NOT.

952 days ago


Self absorbed prick. Brits are right too.

952 days ago


Did anyone else read that in a British accent?

952 days ago
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