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Brits to Sean Penn

You’re A Moron ...

And Your Movies SUCK!!!

2/15/2012 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Members of British Parliament are lining up to slam Sean Penn ... and his movies -- trashing him over recent comments he made concerning Britain’s stance over the Falkland Islands.
In case you don't know: Britain and Argentina have both claimed sovereignty over the Falklands since the early 19th-Century ... and went to war with each other over the territory in 1982.
Penn called the Brits' continuing claims over the Falklands "colonialist, ludicrous and archaic" -- and got their dander up even further by criticizing their recent decision to deploy Prince William there.
One member of the British Parliament called Penn’s views "nonsense." Patrick Mercer, a famed British Army veteran, also ripped Penn – calling his views "moronic.”

Mercer added, Penn "seems to know nothing about the situation" -- and "A good number of his movies have been turkeys, so I suppose we shouldn’t expect much better coming out of his mouth."


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I second the notion. Penn is a dolt.

926 days ago


Agree 100%. By the way, what the hell does Chavez has to do with Argentina and the Malvinas Islands? You should all read history before u speak.

926 days ago


k, you british pigdogs LISTEN UP! the ENTIRE UNITED STATES will come and KICK YOUR A$$ if you don't retract your turkey statement. whatever the f* THAT means. no matter. once u've retracted ur statement, u can work on ur insults.

926 days ago


926 days ago

John Jose    

If the British have to leave the Falklands, then Penn should be forced to return to Lithuania where his communist, traitor father came from.The guy is 100% MORON.

926 days ago


Before you make anymore comments about The Falklands belonging to Argentina, here's a brief history. They were first claimed by the UK in 1690 or there about. At that time there was no Argentina, the French, Spanish and British continued to claim and reclaim the Falklands...still there was no Argentina and the Islands were unoccupied. In the early 1800's after gaining independence from Spain Argentina said Spain gave then the Islands even though they had been finally claimed by the Brits. Clearly you can't give what you don't have, the Brits came back to the Island and told them to go and that they had no claim...they left.
This little country is self determining, pays for its own defense, and exports more than it imports. It's 3000 + inhabitants are a mixture of English, Scottish, Scandinavian and a smattering of South Americans and are considered British through choice.
Though it is claimed that oil is the reason the Islands are being fought for, obviously it is only recently this has become and issue, add to this the fact that the Falklands government are the ones exploring this option, and you have an economy ready to explode...That's why Argentina wants it. As for Mr.Penn I'm sure any publicity is good publicity when you're a B class actor with a fading career. Leave the islanders alone.

926 days ago


Scamperoo, your information is not completely correct, in fact it is absolutely wrong. The first to discover and occupy the islands were the French, who called them Malouines, after that, there was en English settlement in another part of the islands (and called them the F word). Both French and English were unaware of each other's presence. When they found out about about it, there was a dispute that ended with the whole archipielago under French possession, and not even one english remained in the islands. The situation did not changed for decades, until France made an arrangement with Spain in which they ceded the islands to the spanish in exchange for other goods (which I don't remember at the moment). When Argentina liberated it self from Spain (they didn't give anything to us, we fought for everything we have), the whole land became Argentina, including the Islands. By then the french had nothing to do with them, and Great Britain had been long gone, for centuries. Argentina governed the Islands from 1810 until an english pirate ship occupied them in 1833, and I've already told in a previous message what happened from then on.

926 days ago


Don't you understand that is a Barter? Cristina K, Evo Morales, Chavez, etc. tell him what he has to say/support in exchange of something for Haiti.

926 days ago


He's a ****ing moron with an overblown sense of self. while it's a free country to express one's opinions, when Sean Penn opens his mouth, it's like a giant FART is released. Stinky and disgusting.

926 days ago


comparing california o mexico with falkland is not right, EEUU and Mexico share the borders and both could claim rights in those territories, is not colionalism. Falkland is 8700Miles from England, and have no territorial rights, that IS colonialism

926 days ago

Ben Shepherd    

So Sean Penn doesn't agree with the United NAtions Charter and the right to self determination. Or just possibly was just speaking about something he knows nothing about. By his logic the colonies should be returned to to Great Britain as we have prior claim even thought the inhabitants want to be American.

926 days ago


im from Argentina and Sean is MAJOR A$$HOLE

926 days ago


John Davis in 1592 was washed up on the Islands from this point they were called Davis Lands, in 1594 Richard Hawkins paid them a visit and renamed them "Hawkins" Maidenland reasserting the claim on the uninhabited Island for Queen Elizabeth I. In 160...0 along came the Dutch but they only visited and decided to call them the Sebald Islands. The Brits came back and officially name the Islands the Falklands in 1690. The French tried to establish a colony in 1765 they eventually agreed to leave. There have been many little squabbles and spats but Britain has always claimed the Islands. If people were interested (I assume they have better things to do than read a synopsis of the history of the Falklands)I'd construct a time line, in lieu of this I have supplied some dates. Everything is verifiable in any history book, with the exception of maybe an Argentinian version of history.

926 days ago


Uhmmmm.... okay.... that's what I call tailoring history to my convenience....

926 days ago


The U.S. split from England for good reason! And, at least Penn gets off his ass and helps others instead of complaining or doing nothing. What any any of you done to help your fellow man - but complain?

926 days ago
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