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Whitney Houston

Off the Wagon ...

With the Help of Enablers

2/15/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0214_whitney_gsi_EX_01Whitney Houston was heavy into alcohol in the months before her death, and many of the people around her bent over backwards to accommodate her cravings for alcohol.

Sources who spent significant time with Whitney in the last few months tell us ... Whitney drank virtually every day leading up to her death. 

We're told when she started shooting the movie "Sparkle" she was sober.  In fact, Whitney's voice, we're told, was "phenomenal" and she would boast to people, "My voice is back!"

But after principal shooting, when Whitney went into the studio to dub various lines, we're told she was off the wagon.

We're told Whitney's immediate family -- and Bobby Brown -- became "extremely upset" because they believed the singer's friends were more than happy to accommodate her drinking whims whenever she wanted, even though it was apparent she had lost control.

As TMZ first reported, Whitney's family says authorities told them ... she may have died from a reaction to prescription drugs and alcohol.   We know she drank alcohol shortly before her death, and we're told she typically took Xanax -- one of the drugs found in her room -- before a performance to calm her nerves, and she was scheduled to sing at Clive Davis' Grammy party. 



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Johnny Carcinoma    

Her voice was toasted. The cognitive and physical impairments from the use of crack cocaine are permanent.

And of course, after death even the most outrageous claims be made, but the reality is that she was never going to be able to return to the voice of ~20 years ago. That ship had sailed long ago.

As far as the blame game? SOP in all these matters but ultimately we adults are responsible for what we do to our bodies and what we put in them.

Whitney made a series of seriously bad choices over the last two decades of her life, and now she's paid the ultimate price for same.

I don't say RIP for there is no rest in death, just eons of nothingness. The same exact state you experienced before life.

988 days ago


This is so common that enablers of celebrities want to do anything to keep the celebrity around them and turn the other cheek when they know the celeb is in trouble...SAD SAD SAD.

RIP Whitney

LOVE,PEACE,KINDNESS and RESPECT makes a better world for us ALL!!!

988 days ago


This is a very very long week Who cares

988 days ago

who cares    

I could have wrote this artical just on what the public already knows... Seems like you have a mission to get out so many Whitney stories even though they contain information that isnt even news or new to those people following her... Lame reporting TMZ

988 days ago


No, it's NOT a party planted by Bobby Brown supporters. I have friends who are reporters who saw her drunk recently.

I saw that Price woman who was drinking with Houston in the nights before she died interviewed on TV. She's a class A-1 enabler if I ever saw. Totally denying everything , that Houston never took anything. Word is she's a hanger-on and a destructive one.

Just like Elvis's crowd who enabled him and kept his drug use going, while denying it.

Don't be an enabler of Houston's yourself- admit that she had a problem. My gosh, she went into rehab again in May 2011 with HER own daughter. Both had substance abuse issues.

988 days ago


I love you TMZ and you are always on top of things...BUT...try writing about some NEW news not rehashing what the public and everyone already knows.

988 days ago

Poor, poor Mindy ...    

Let's tell the truth folks. This woman has been either stoned out of her mind or drunk as a skunk for the past 15-20 years. She was also arrogant and demanding. I'm sorry that she lost her life but she made that CHOICE. I'll save my tears for the cancer patients or other terminal illness patients who would give ANYTHING for life!

988 days ago


TMZ it's a dead subject. Drop it.

988 days ago


The sad thing is I doubt any future pop stars will end up learning from this or Amy Winehouse, just as she didn't learn from Janis Joplin, Jimmi Hendrix, Elvis etc.

988 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

when comes to celebs they have to "Choosing Their Friends Wisely" Some so called friends are most definitely enablers... Maybe they should question Rey J being that he was her boy toy at the time.

988 days ago


she was a grown woman.she would have gotten alcohol no matter what.this grinds my gears every time someone dies like this.everyone out of the wood work starts looking for somenoe to blame other than the one who drank and took the pills willingly.

988 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Correction... when comes to celebs they have to "Choose Their Friends Wisely" Some so called friends are most definitely enablers... Maybe they should question Rey J being that he was her boy toy at the time.

988 days ago


She was a beautiful person, who had an addiction problem. I'm sure she knew she should not be drinking. And especially mixing booze and pills. When asked what her biggest demons were, she had stated "myself" So, like many addicts, she made the decision to pick up again, knowing full well, it was a death sentence. I'm so glad her music and her daughter, will go on. <3

988 days ago

Just Karen    

Drinking WILL kill you - look at Amy Winehouse

988 days ago

Poor, poor Mindy ...    

Agree Somerville. I saw that interview and this woman implied that Whitney Houston was just fine, havin' a party. She was so delusional. Her "friend" was drinking and drugging herself to death! Sweating profusely, incoherent, raspy-voiced "attempt at song." Pathetic.

988 days ago
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