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Bobby Brown

Officially Invited to

Whitney Houston's Funeral

2/16/2012 4:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's family has finally reached out to Bobby Brown ... and have formally invited him to attend Whitney's funeral in NJ on Saturday ... TMZ has learned.

Houston family sources tell us, "At the last minute, the family felt that it would keep the peace at the funeral [to have Bobby there] ... even though some family members were against it."

As we previously reported, several Houston family members were strongly opposed to inviting Brown to the funeral because they blame him, in part, for contributing to Whitney's downfall.

Sources close to Bobby tell us family friends had warned him not to go to the funeral ... but now, with the change of heart, Bobby will definitely be there.

Brown has agreed to perform at a concert at an Indian casino in Connecticut hours after the funeral ... and we're told he plans to leave NJ on a private jet so he can make it to the show on time.



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GOD forgives us all the time, I'm praying that Whitney's will look to the hills from where all there help comes from, GOD, ask him for strength during this difficult time.

791 days ago


oh good. i can finally get some sleep at night.

791 days ago


Oh please, Bobbie Brown was always invited to the funeral: TMZ is just covering their @sses because either they're making up the fued or their source lied, and continues to lie to them.

791 days ago


I think its sad for people to speak of the dead in such a mean manner. I am not a of fan of Bobby Brown but its only fare for him to be there for his daughter....I wish people would stop judging and look in their own backyard....WHITNEY ELIZABETH HOUSTON...R.I.P...YOU ARE FREE NOW...I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU....<3

791 days ago


and just for ****s and giggles---------- hope all bad things about Whitney finally come out too! called wanna bash 1...then bash the other! Whitney was no saint! Nor was Bobby! But damn it his family did not bash Whitney or her family ever! Hope we all find out what trash her family is......and what she was! trash!!!!! Grandma did not get Bk outta filthy home, nor did Aunt,but sure as hell made money off the pics they took and sold to all mags! Classy family. They are the ones concerned about money.....not BK!
And after 5 yrs.......Bobby Brown does not no way in hell need Bk's money (if she gets anything lol) looks like Whitneys estate has a lot to pay before anyone collects LOL

791 days ago


Get real people!

791 days ago


We live in a world of choice. Whitney said it herself in an interview that "no makes me do anything, I do what I want to do." I feel that she went into fame at an early age and could not handle it. Bobby may have aided her because he was into the same things but not the cause of her death. This is why she hooked with him (something in common). Out of respect for Bobbi Christina, Bobby should be there, and the last I heard, they were divorced, and he moved on. My heart goes out to the family. I'm sadded over this death. For some reason, it's more sad that Michael Jackson's. Why is it that when people get rich, drugs and prescription drugs are next on their lists.

791 days ago


The reality is, Whitney chose this man and stayed with him for 15 years. As she said in her Diane Sawyer interview in 2002, "no one makes me do anything I don't want to do."

791 days ago


She chose him & stayed with him for 15 years. As she said in her 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer, "no one makes me do anything I don't want to do." If nothing else, he is the father of Whitney's daughter & he should be present for her.

791 days ago


Whitney dated Darryl Strawberry long before she met Bobby Brown nothing else needs to be said about this). Whitney had a drug problem most of her adult life. Like I was taught, I will speak well of the dead. Whitney was one of the greatest singers in the world. She had a loving and bubbly personality. She loved her daughter and her husband. Toward the end, she realized she had to break away and try to begin a drug-free life. Rest in PEACE Whitney.

791 days ago


He has a right to be there. While I don't like him...he is just as "guilty" in this death for getting her into to drugs as those self righteous ones that claimed to love her that didn't get her out of drugs.
Which in my opinion is very little, she was a grown woman that made her own decisions.

791 days ago


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791 days ago

Louise Towler    

A flickering candle alone on the stair
A reminder that beauty is no longer there
The world seems so much colder, on this sorrowful day
As the world looks to Jesus, our lips start to pray

Tis they will Lord not ours that we have to understand
Although our hearts our full of grief, we try to comprehend
Beauty has left us, the silence we feel
The voice of an angel the spirit of steel

Absent from the body, present with the lord
We can hear her now as she rises to applause
The angels are dancing as she raises her hands
Our daughter is home , is written in the sands
Godbless you

Louise Towler - Australia

791 days ago


Who are these "familY" members that are the head of this funeral??!! By law, its the next of kin, in which would be her 18 year old daughter, Bobbi Kristina...and he is BK's father! Whitney & Bobby loved each other! He didnt stick a gun to her head to make her to what she done. She was a smart woman, and done things on her own! I think TMZ is making alot of this stuff up. They dont need anymore lies and drama.

791 days ago


This is soooo ridiculous. Why should a father have to be invited to be with his daughter at the worst time of her life. Besides media can make a big controversy about anything, that's what they do. He's not the cause of what happened to Whitney. We love her but she had a problem..So sad.

791 days ago
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