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Michael Jackson's Ex-Manager

The Estate Is Screwing Me

2/17/2012 5:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson's former manager has filed a lawsuit against the MJ Estate, claiming he saved Michael Jackson after the molestation trial and in return he's been stiffed to the tune of millions of dollars.

Tohme Tohme says he was Michael's Manager from 2008 until shortly before his death.  Tohme claims he rehabilitated MJ both financially and personally after the trial, by coordinating media releases and shooting down false and malicious news stories about Michael.

Tohme says he saved Neverland by arranging refinancing, for which he was entitled to $2.3 million.

But the big thing -- Tohme takes credit for suggesting that MJ's final tour would be called, "This Is It."   According to the suit, during a discussion with Michael and AEG, Tohme chimed in that Michael selling the name, "This Is It" in a "high-spirited tone" would be a smash.

In addition to the $2.3 mil, Tohme wants 15% of the money Michael made from July, 2008 until the present. 

The Estate has already rejected Tohme's claim and even filed legal docs today, claiming Tohme took advantage of Michael and did nothing for him.


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THAT GUY IS A FRAUD....HE'S NOT A DR OF ANY KIND EITHER!!!!!.....not to mention creepy as hell.
Funny the time "Dr" Tohme Tohme was MJ's manager is the time when MJ was DOING THE WORST!!!!...******IT'S WELL KNOWN THAT MJ HAD BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF FOR YEARS BY SCAM ARTISTS LIKE THIS IDIOT. >>>EXAMPLE....MJ did a personal appearance in Japan just a couple yrs ago and was paid TWO the time everybody "took their share" MJ ended up with just A COUPLE HUNDRED THOUSAND. That was MJ's biggest problem in his life....LOW LIVES who wormed their way into his life and business and STOLE MONEY FROM HIM. Michael was just too nice and too lonely... he had a hard time disappointing people target for vultures.

924 days ago


ANOTHER THING I believe the director of This is It Kenny Ortega said that Michael himself was the one who came up with the title "This is It" because he kept saying "this is IT, this is the last tour".........****I also believe (I could be wrong) that Kenny even told this story ON THE STAND AT THE DR MURRAY TRIAL. Soooooooo.........

924 days ago


So this guy is a worm!? But what kind of things attracts worms? Rotten wood or meat. MJ was not a fresh cut sunflower himself, he was a dry up dead wood when they met. That's why they built the deadly co-dependency relationship. MJ was no God, not even a demi-God.

924 days ago


One of Michael's song with Paul A is This Is It and if I remember right he wanted to call Destiny tour This Is It, so his claim is not going to fly.
Any comment from Jermy why he thought Tohme was a good for Michael's finances, and why Tohme was beside of Jermy at the hospital? Are they still buddies?

924 days ago

My Little Girls    

This is just too funny.... Jermaine's buddy in crime is trying to rip off Michael is now sueing The Estate...
Jermaine is the one that hooked up with this guy and tried to push the Jackson 5 concert on Michael months before his death. Michael wouldn't go along and Jermaine was really upset and all of the Jackson boys and Joe. If he wants to sue anyone...
I'm still laughing ... the Estate is going to have a field day with this guy.
Jermaine must be getting a little low on
IMO... It's still all about the MONEY and will always be...

924 days ago


I have always had Thome on the top of the list of shady people that had something to do with MJ:s death. While just about every person round Michael was interviewed or made comments after his death, Thome just disappeared. Media seemed to have NO interest in him - why???! I believe he did not take a stand at the courtcase, did he? And now, suddenly, when it is safe to come forward again since a man has been charged, he turns up demanding money.

I believe Thome is a mobster, too powerful for anyone to play around with. I also believe he has a LOT to do with MJ:s fate. Just my two cents....

924 days ago


I love you Michael! <3 <3 <3 I pity Tohme Tohme because he will just say anything for the sake of money. Stop using Michael..let him rest. Make money from your own sweat.

924 days ago


Now it seems, they are all turning on each other finally.
Tohme Tohme took bags(40 gallon trash bags) from Michael's closet, the day Michael was murdered, countless pieces of jewelry Michael owned,and who knows what else,disappeared from view, then,just days after Michael's death, purchases an extremely lavish,expensive home just around the corner from Michael's 100 N.Carolwood home, has been photographed man-handling Michael, by grabbing Michael by the arm, and shoving him around(look at photos of this.Michael's face and the vice-grip Tohme Tohme has on Michael's arm), and tell me who was bullying who? I do not trust the estate at all,but neither do I trust Tohme Tohme. Conrad Murray was just the scape goat,and I'll bet dollars to donuts,that it was Tohme Tohme and Randy Phillips working together, that killed Michael that horrible June day in 2009

924 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Good luck dude - I had my doubts and truly thought that the MJ probate was going to be a disaster but those 2 lawyers had that sh1tt totally sorted. Its been bullet proof against all claims from family, friends, businesses, etc for over two years. And is making heaps of positive cash for the adopted children.

924 days ago


What a creep! Still trying to take advantage of MJ even after his death. He's got balls! What a piece of SH*T! HOPE HE DOESN'T GET A DIME!

924 days ago

yvonne from uk    

What a crock, easy to take credit for everything now Michael is not here, i never ever liked this guy he is so creepy and i have read many times that Michael also didn't like or trust him but sadly he surounded himself with so many people like this they just took advantage of his kind nature. Hopefully the estate will stop this lowlife in his tracks and anyone else who plans on trying to cash in. Such greed, it just disgusts me.

924 days ago

What I Think    

Based on the looks of MJ's nose, I'd say he spent too much time chasing parked cars.

924 days ago


The song "This Is It" was written by Paul Anka. He first recorded it back in '70s or '80s. Then Michael Jackson recorded it and named the tour after the song. After Michael's death the Michael Jackson Estate paid Paul Anka several millions in royalties.

924 days ago


Thank you, Phantom. I enjoyed the post of Michael.
"This Is It" is a beautiful song.

924 days ago


Prayers and love for Michael's children the Jackson family. Much love, prayers and hugs to all.

924 days ago
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