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Whitney Houston

Final Doctor Visits

For Teeth Whitening, Sore Throat

2/17/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
made three visits to the doctor in the week prior to her death, but the trips had NO illicit purpose -- she had a sore throat and got her teeth whitened.

Both family and law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Whitney was recording the title track to "Sparkle" and got a sore throat ... so she went to a doctor to get it checked out. We're told the doctor gave Whitney an Rx for Amoxicillin.   

Whitney was also scheduled to film a commercial for her sister-in-law's candle line, so she went to a dentist twice to get her teeth whitened and cleaned.

And law enforcement sources have reiterated to TMZ ... Whitney was NOT doctor shopping for prescriptions and they believe none of the doctors crossed the line in their treatment of her.

As we first reported, Beverly Hills cops retrieved 6 medication bottles in Whitney's room, including Xanax and Amoxicillin. She also had Midol and ibuprofen.

And as we reported, it is increasingly looking like Whitney mixed Xanax and alcohol before getting in the tub, and that she may have died from a reaction to the drugs ... not from drowning.



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Learn how to spell "sore" in your headline. It's not "soar."

791 days ago


Ha. Thanks for the morning laugh you mean *sore* throat.

791 days ago


Someone should have spell check .....soar throat? shouldn't it be sore?


791 days ago


A "soar" throat?

791 days ago


The comments that people make on this site are un-real and scary. Read all of the comments...creeps me out...

j: 17 minutes ago

Got to read the comments on this one:

791 days ago


I personally believe... John and Ken should not be allowed on the station anymore. Furthermore I believe that the radio station is quite aware of his antics by these two trolls...

You've obviously never seen MaD TV cap on Whitney and Bobby(Whitney's pimp) outrage over that skit was there? perhaps because the actors were black. Maybe you are the biased one and John and Ken are just guilty of BCWW (broadcasting while white).

791 days ago


She had false teeth so why would she need them cleaned and whitened?

791 days ago


Soar? She flew?

791 days ago


Dear Harvey, I need a job and you need writers and people who can spell. At the very least, people who can use "spell check" and people that can actually dig up better dirt on A list celebrities. I am great at the English language and get a kick out of reading celebs problems in the morning while drinking my coffee and before I get on all the job boards. Lately, your site has been overwhelmed with stories about absolutely insignificant people most of us have never heard of. In addition there are some really bad spelling errors. Are you hiring? Or do you have to be an acne faced 20 something guy with scraggly hair and designer t-shirt to get a job there? Apparently you also have to like giggling like a little boy at SI swimsuit models photos and videos too.

791 days ago


read this from 2005...weird and creepy...I am going to try to find this book.

The Diva's father's business partner, Kevin Skinner, speaks


(LOS ANGELES, CA) - February 9, 2005 - The media blitz has started again, so we would like to address these issues firsthand, and put out any fires before they blow out of control. We are in the final stages of the book, "The Rise and Fall
of Daddy's Little Girl - The Whitney Houston Story." Kevin Skinner, the author and current owner of John Houston Entertainment, is finally ready to get out his story - the real story. As you know, John Houston Entertainment was started by John Houston (Whitney's father) & Kevin Skinner. They received international media attention when they landed the unprecedented 100 Million-dollar deal for Whitney Houston as her career was rapidly dissolving.

Later on, John Houston & Kevin Skinner took Whitney Houston to court for her failure to pay what she contractually owed them.

After John passed, Kevin Skinner really took a lashing from the Houston family. He was horribly slandered in the media and had numerous do***ented threats on his life. All Kevin was doing is following through with the requests and promises that Whitney's father had asked of him, while laying on his deathbed. Kevin Skinner promised John that he would pursue Whitney's redemption.

It is public knowledge that Whitney Houston is a drug addict and is in an abusive relationship consisting of many sexual affairs. The book, which will be out soon, explicitly reveals many secrets involving Whitney, Cissy, Gary, Monique, Michael, Donna Houston - even Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Not only are the family's most darkest activities revealed but also disclosed are situations involving Bobby Brown, Dionne Warwick, Pastor Rev. Thomas (New Hope Church), Robin Crawford (Whitney's Road manager) and many others.

The main goal for this book is to give the public an understanding of why Whitney Houston is the way she is now… People always ask, what went wrong? Hopefully, Whitney will truly seek help with her life threatening addictions and finally give her life to God who has been tugging at her heart for so long. Also, Kevin Skinner's name needs to be cleared up for good as he was wrongly persecuted for so long. John Houston was like a father to Kevin, and they ended up becoming the best of friends…

Right now, Whitney Houston is truly knocking on death's door… At this point, an overdose is almost inevitable. It is Kevin Skinner's hope that his book, "The Rise and Fall of Daddy's Little Girl - The Whitney Houston Story," will create a public awareness that will spawn public support; enough support to encourage her to change her ways and save her life. John Houston's last wish was for everyone to "please, pray for Whitney."

# # #

For press materials, interview requests, and/or more information on
Kevin Skinner/John Houston Entertainment email

<< Back to Press Release page

791 days ago


Soar? Seriously? It's S - O - R - E. C'mon TMZ. really.

791 days ago


It's SORE...not SOAR..have any job openings for a spell checker??

791 days ago


Final Doctor Visits For Teeth Whitening, Soar Throat

SOAR? Really?? Did anyone besides Harvey graduate from any school anywhere??

791 days ago


Did she have strep?
If not, then the prescription was illegal.
You don't get amoxicillin or any antibiotic for a virus.
Prove she had strep before saying the medicine wasns't illicet.

791 days ago


REALLY TMZ?! SOAR? Who proofreads your stuff and what's really in your cup!

791 days ago
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