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Whitney Houston Funeral

Bobby Brown Bailed

Over Seating Dispute

2/18/2012 11:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown was asked to leave the funeral of Whitney Houston today.
Bobby Brown was asked to leave Whitney Houston's funeral today ... after he got into an argument with Whitney's family over whether or not he could bring nine people into the church with him ... TMZ has learned. 

Brown was spotted going into the church today in Newark, NJ ... but was seen leaving shortly thereafter. 

According to our sources, Brown was invited, plus two, but instead showed up with an entourage of nine people. We're told Bobby became upset when he found out they would not seat his whole party. 

Our sources say Bobby wanted to sit with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, but Whitney's family was not having it.

We're told Rev. Jesse Jackson tried to smooth things over ... but to no avail.

Rev. Al Sharpton spoke of the incident with Bobby as he left the church, saying, "He showed nothing but love and respect for Whitney. I wish people would leave Bobby alone" (see video below).

Brown issued a statement later on, saying, "My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions."

He continued, "I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no one else to move. Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi-Kristina. In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene."



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he's an idiot

980 days ago


Bobbi had his chldren with hem. Whitney was their step-mother. Did you not see the boy in tears next to Bobbi because they had to leave the funeral. Bobbi was made to move 3 times. I think he was very gracious under the cir***stances.

980 days ago

Mignon Mallon    

The ONLY person that has a right to tell a father that he cannot sit with his daughter - IS THE DAUGHTER! Did she not have a say in the matter? Bobby Brown was the only husband Whitney ever had. Regardless of how he treated people; he should have been treated with respect and dignity as the father of her only child.

980 days ago

bob whorton    

Cocaine is a hell of a drug "RICK JAMES"

980 days ago


I feel very sad for Bobby. Yes he & Whitney had a very rocky and physical marriage that included drugs but I have never read an article that said Bobby did not love his daughter. It was wrong of them to push Bobby out or to even treat him with disrespect, especially when it was very clear that his daughter needed him. . When Bobby's mom died it was never said that Whitney could not come. I just pray that with holding Bobby Chris from her dad dont sent her into a spiral faster than she already in. Maybe the death of Whitney will make Bobby take another look at his life and FIX it before its to late for his daughter Bobbi Chris, his other kids and most of all HIMSELF. My prayers truly truly go out to all members of the immediate & extended family. Bobby & Whitney still loved each other. They just had a relationship that only they understood R.I.P Whitney, "I will always Love You"!

979 days ago


either way you look at this - this girl is in serious trouble - and after the way they enabled whitney - ???
Just hours after watching an emotionally charged tribute to her doting mother, Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown decided she needed some time alone. So while friends and family convened at a local eatery in Newark, N.J., to remember the 48-year-old musical legend, Bobbi Kristina simply disappeared.
Even before the funeral was held Saturday, the family had serious discussions about Bobbi Kristina entering into rehab as soon as her mother was laid to rest, according to multiple sources familiar with the conversations. They say she spent the night after her mother’s death using drugs to dull the pain.

Bobbi Kristina entered rehab for a drug problem early last year, says one of the family friends who spoke to The Daily Beast, a longtime associate of the family. (The Houston family spokesperson would not comment on this matter.)
Several hours after the funeral, Bobbi Kristina was found at a hotel “getting high,” according to one source who was with the family when they received the news. A second source was told of the event from a member of the family. (The Houston spokesperson denied the incident occurred.) Some family members wanted to whisk the aspiring singer to rehab last night, while others fought for her to stay to see her mother buried this morning.

“It’s a horrible situation for everybody,” says the close family friend. “They tried to save Whitney, and it didn’t work. Now with Bobbi Kristina, they fear the same thing is happening again and they won’t be able to stop it either. Bobbi Kristina is all Ms. Cissy has left of Whitney. She’s so tired, but she’s ready to fight again to save her grandbaby.”

Those close to the family say they expect Bobbi Kristina to be flown to a California rehab facility as soon as burial services are over.

979 days ago


Should have shown your daughter you were a man, and stayed. You can't read, about seating numbers? No one cares what Sharpton things. Him and that other clown there keep the hate going.

979 days ago

ojthe murderer    

Al Sharpton looks like a Goooooreeellla

979 days ago

ojthe murderer    

Chaos, hubris & "Look at Me " is the order of the day, Al looks like a goril.a

979 days ago

ojthe murderer    

why does "shakedown" J Jackson have his arms crossed? he must be in prayer OR looking at all the people in the crowd he can shhaaaaaake down (ispes whitie), yea camera ho!!

979 days ago

ojthe murderer    

why does "shakedown" J Jackson have his arms crossed? he must be in prayer OR looking at all the people in the crowd he can shhaaaaaake down (ispes whitie), yea camera ho!!

979 days ago

ojthe murderer    

Chaos, hubris & "Look at Me " is the order of the day, Al looks like a goril.a

979 days ago

ojthe murderer    

I bet Aretha visited Bobby, dats why she kaint maak it
dats sad

979 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Mr. Sharpton done more for the black people than anyone but Obama.

If you don't love Reverend Al, you don't love Obama!

Anyone that hates Reverend Al is a racist, plain up.

979 days ago


is it ironic that the poster singing their love for al sharpton is comment #666 ??

979 days ago
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