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Clint Eastwood

We Haven't Had a Great

President Since Truman!!

2/20/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood tells TMZ ... he hasn't been impressed with an American president in quite a while ... dating all the way back to one Harry S. Truman.

Eastwood was leaving the Beverly Wilshire hotel this weekend -- where Obama stays when he's in town -- when we asked the Hollywood legend to pick his favorite U.S. president of all time.

Clint said he was a big fan of Washington and Lincoln and then asked, "You mean in our life time?"

Eastwood then explained, "I think Truman because he got mad at the people who bum wrapped his daughter."

But then Clint dropped the DISS -- saying, "We haven't seen one for a while."

So, we gotta ask ...


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HAVEN'T HAS? Seriously TMZ, you need to drug test your weekend staff

975 days ago

simon says    

Clint should have run himself. what a great mayor he is..doris day could of been first lady..and toto the whithouse dog!!!

975 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

There was an economic boom during the Clinton years. What's the matter Clint, did you sleep through Clinton's presidency?

What took the luster off Clinton's work was the speed in which Bush 43 blew a hole the economy in one year.

975 days ago


I would beg to differ, Regan was a great president. Iran Contra was not him, did he know about it; probably not, he had dementia and it usually begins and is covered up for a long time before diagnosis.

975 days ago


ROFLMAO, didn't like the idea of drug testing?

975 days ago

Mabel Leaf    

Any father would be angered by his daughter being "bum wrapped".

975 days ago


What an old man thing to say...

975 days ago

Tom C.    

Get off my lawn!

975 days ago

Craig Swinson    

I think history tends to wash away some of the lackluster performance of any President. He was a member of the KKK and a bit of a racist in his youth, granted he overcame that...but still...a member of the KKK.

975 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

that would be "Bum Rapped". I don't think that anyone tried to put clothes on her butt. BTW, Truman's daughter Bess was on a TV show singing(badly)and a critic had the nerve to say she was terrible. The President of the US said if he ever ran into that critic, he would "punch him in the nose". I have no doubt he would have. They don't make 'em like Harry anymore.

975 days ago


Well, we have certainly had the Bad and the Ugly!

975 days ago


"And stay off my lawn, you whippersnappers!"
What an ass ...

975 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Oh Michelle, you realize you just said that a senile old man was a great President. DO you realize he once mistook a black member of the joint chiefs of staff for waiter? That he would tell WW II stories of bravery by soldiers when in reality he was retelling the plots of movies in was in? He didn't do these while out of office, he did these things while he was President.

975 days ago


From Reagan to now, every president has been a Wall Street plutocrat stooge!

975 days ago


Old man yells at sky....impressed with a president that killed millions of Japanese....???

975 days ago
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