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Rihanna & Chris Remixes

A Real One-Two Punch

2/21/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna collaborating with Chris Brown has the newsroom up in arms -- because everyone still remembers what he did to RiRi's face. Are we crazy? (That was rhetorical)


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BACK TO BARBADOS'' SHE IS A SKANK'' leave chris alone..he is taken fool.i just don't feel this biatch no more looser''

981 days ago


i feel like screaming loud to rihanna loser,loser looooooooooooooser loooooooooser,she has no respect for herself,go to vegas and get employed for a better job'' stripper.

981 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Rhianna ain't nothing but something that most men are not attracted to anyway, because of her sloven ways. And the first man that sees and accepts her for that.That is gonna be the one that she is gonna become addicted to. Don't no man want Rhianna. So she goes running back to Chris.

981 days ago


I'm not surprised the public thought RiRi and CB had no contact since the beating. She made a "comeback" derived from anger. He proved himself somewhat sorry. She loves him and he loves her. A typical case of young love. She thinks he's changed, he wants to believe he has. They have been in contact and now time has passed since the incident so they feel it's publicly okay to come out with it.

981 days ago


Is chris brown as bad as george bush jr who lied to the whole country about wmd's how many DEAD. KEEP IT REAL

981 days ago

Tony the Giant    

People like Rhianna are too desperate. She is not womanly. She sings w/ sloven desires. She's attracted to the wrong age range. Makes me think she would go way younger than that.I'm beginning to wonder about you Rhianna. You ain't going like that is you? I can't tell, you hanging out with Chris. Back in the days, a woman never chose younger. He always had to be older. Even if it ain't but by one day. I can hear you now, sassy mamma. "O honey, but that was back in the days, 'dis is now" Very true. But they are also legalizing gay marriage, and on top of that, without public support. So things that use to look ridiculous, are not ridiculous anymore to them.

981 days ago

Craig Charie    

Is Chris Brown related to or a son of Bobby Brown? His actions and displays certainly prove he might be...someone should check.

981 days ago


Rihanna has the IQ of an umbrella.

981 days ago

Bodacious Bull    

Based on what I've seen and read, I'm inclined to believe that these two twenty-somethings were high as balls when the fighting took place. Afterwards, they probably both did a collective "wtf?" and tried to move on from it. The public, however, seems to believe they were completely sober when Chris started using her as a speed bag. Or they want to hold a trial in the court of public opinion, and won't let it go until the young man has been sufficiently hectored. On another note, CM Punk should probably refrain from picking a chivalry fight with someone who is wealthy and connected in the hiphop world. Plenty of mouthy people have been gunned down over what was simply a war of words.

981 days ago

who cares    

Isn't the restraining order still in effect and isnt Chris brown still on probation??? Thats a violation it doesn't matter if Ri approved of chris being around her. They should violate chris's probation and throw the idiot in jail where he belongs. They are doing this to send a message out and the message is F you all and the law too. Does Chris even visit his probation officer???

981 days ago


If people stop trying to make her the face of DV they wouldnt take them two being around one another so personal!! THIS GIRL WAS NOT A CONSTANT VICTIM OF DV and she herself, wish EVERYONE would stop with all that! THEY HAD A FIGHT THAT GOT OUT OF HAND (and before you better than thou start, IM NOT CONDONING THE HITTING)BUT she has MOVED ON and SO SHOULD ALL OF YOU that are so HURT that she did what I ALREADY KNEW SHE WAS!! Listen, that girl was TOLD TO LEAVE THAT REALTIONSHIP after that incident, SHE DIDNT WANT TOO!! ANd if not for the MEDDLING, MENACING, and MALICIOUS MEDIA & JUDGEMENTAL FOLKS, SHE WOULDNT HAVE LEFT THEN, trust me!! You cant TURN LOVE ON AND OFF like that and the night of their incident, THEY WERE IN LOVE but because it got so SENSATIONALIZED by the PRESS, her MANAGEMENT forced her to MOVE ON, which CLEARLY BY THE LOOKS OF THINGS TODAY, she didnt want to do!! SMH, while this incident was horrendous (according to pics) it was an isolated incident, so I wish folks would stop saying how she is HURTING DV VICTIMS and blah blah, SHE NOT ONE HERSELF!! IT WAS A FIGHT BETWEEN LOVERS GONE AWRY!!! PERIOD!!

981 days ago


Its HILARIOUS how she's a SKANK, SLUT and so on and so forth because she FOLLOWING HER HEART!! No one told you all to ge SO INVESTED in others PERSONAL AFFAIRS! LMAO, when you MIND YOUR BUSINESS, what others do should not have such a NEGATIVE EFFECT on YOU!! TEND TO YOUR OWN AFFAIRS and BE HAPPY YOU DONT LIVE WITH AN ABUSER!! LMAO while SMH cause some even so mad they wish SHE GETS HIT AGAIN (which is FRIGGIN SAD but they dont CONDONE VIOLENCE, oh until YOU DONT LISTEN TO THEM tell you to STAY AWAY...lmao)! Let them KIDS live they Life!!

981 days ago


THIS IS WHY OUTSIDERS SHOULD MIND THEIR BUSINESS. They are not the first ones to "kiss" and make up after an altercation. The media and other naysayers should leave them alone and let them work things out (as we see, they have worked things out). They can chalk this event up to "experience" and pray that nothing like this ever happens again. PEOPLE.......MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!

981 days ago


LOVE both songs!!!! have Birthday Cake on repeat. my new jam! :D

981 days ago


i really think that tina turner needs to sit rhianna down and have a long talk with her

981 days ago
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