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'Seinfeld' Star

Survives Suicide Attempt

'I've Shot Myself in the Head'

2/22/2012 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel von Bargen
-- who played Mr. Kruger in "Seinfeld" -- is clinging to life in an Ohio hospital after shooting himself in the head Monday morning in a failed suicide attempt ... and TMZ has the horrifying 911 tape in which he calls for help.

Daniel tells the 911 operator, "I've shot myself in the head ... and I need help."

The operator asks if it was an accident -- Daniel replies, "I was supposed to go to the hospital and I didn't want to." Daniel says he's diabetic, explaining, "They were supposed to amputate at least a few toes."

The operator asks where the gunshot wound is -- Daniel replies, "I shot in my temple."

Law enforcement officials confirm they were dispatched to von Bargen's Cincinnati apartment complex a short time later -- and when they arrived, you can hear them on the 911 tape ... yelling at Daniel to keep his hands where they could see them.

Von Bargen -- who also played Chief Grady in "Super Troopers" -- was transported to a nearby hospital where he is currently in critical condition.

During the call, Daniel goes into even more graphic detail about his condition. Listen at your own discretion.



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do over?

975 days ago


dude was going through a rough time.. we all are these days thats why he tried. I would assume most people that comment on here are atheist or trolls. Cause all I see is disrespectful comments everytime someone dies or close to dies. Just stfu, remember you'll have your time.. and you know what, making comments like this wont get you far in the after life let me tell you that much.

975 days ago


Most dramatic 911 tape I've heard aside from the lady in the World trade tower.

975 days ago


Why is it okay to release 911 calls, its so tacky and classless. Why do people wanna hear the calls? Is there any amount of respect for anyone at TMZ.

975 days ago


That is so sad another human being felt that bad about his life and now his life will be worse cuz what he did that probably messed up his sight and more. I feel sorry for those that make fun of this poor man. I hope he physically and mentally gets better.

975 days ago


whether or not we understand the motive behind this action the fact is someone was hurting enough to take a course of action the rest of us wouldn't. You don't have to understand it or even relate to it. We all have demons. Judge yourself first.

975 days ago


What the hell is wrong with you people for not bleeping out the phone numbers and addresses? This will officially be the last time I ever read or watch anything from TMZ. S***bags.

975 days ago


Nice work TMZ...if his depression over diabetes was enough to make him pull the trigger you can be sure your selfish exploitation of his story along with making his 911 call public will make him want to do it again. All in the name of increasing ad sales you pack of heartless parasites.
Let's hope he gets the help he needs.

975 days ago


It's a sad thing when I'm grateful that the 911 operator wasn't a total assh*le. I've heard a couple 911 calls that were unbelievable. Operators sounding sarcastic, rude, patronizing, and these people are dying. Unreal. If they can't be compassionate they should be fired.

975 days ago


Prayers for the man.

Cops today just do not garner respect even a suicidal actor picked up on that.

975 days ago


It seems he had only one bullet in the gun to do the job that didn't get done. Very very sad. It really is. Im shocked that he lived through it, so he isn't meant to die right now....unless he gives up at the hospital. If he pulls through, I hope he can find some sort of happiness and peace within himself.

975 days ago


Its easy to make sport of a sick man. Time and age will bring uncompassionate fools to their knees. He obviously felt like his life was not going to be worth living anymore with the amputations. I wish him the best.

975 days ago

Sara Sells Sea Shells    

This poor guy :( I once knew someone who's father in law did a murder/suicide thing--killed his wife then tried to off himself with a rifle. He ended up shooting his jaw off instead. It was only then that he realized he didn't have another bullet to finish himself off, so he had to roam around the house trying to find ways to finish the job.

Seek therapy. Call a hotline. Just don't leave the people who love you. Care more about their suffering with you gone than your suffering if you don't.

975 days ago


The man shoots himself in the head and the police want him to show his hands while he is holding his brains in.
Protect and Serve who?????

975 days ago


It seems it is not uncommon for individuals who attempt suicide to change their minds. I remember reading about a study where it was found that many jumpers who survived recalled changing their minds as soon as they either jumped or let go. It is sad.

975 days ago
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