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'Seinfeld' Star

Survives Suicide Attempt

'I've Shot Myself in the Head'

2/22/2012 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel von Bargen
-- who played Mr. Kruger in "Seinfeld" -- is clinging to life in an Ohio hospital after shooting himself in the head Monday morning in a failed suicide attempt ... and TMZ has the horrifying 911 tape in which he calls for help.

Daniel tells the 911 operator, "I've shot myself in the head ... and I need help."

The operator asks if it was an accident -- Daniel replies, "I was supposed to go to the hospital and I didn't want to." Daniel says he's diabetic, explaining, "They were supposed to amputate at least a few toes."

The operator asks where the gunshot wound is -- Daniel replies, "I shot in my temple."

Law enforcement officials confirm they were dispatched to von Bargen's Cincinnati apartment complex a short time later -- and when they arrived, you can hear them on the 911 tape ... yelling at Daniel to keep his hands where they could see them.

Von Bargen -- who also played Chief Grady in "Super Troopers" -- was transported to a nearby hospital where he is currently in critical condition.

During the call, Daniel goes into even more graphic detail about his condition. Listen at your own discretion.



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Tired Too    

What struck me was when he said, "I'm just tired." Diabetes that isn't under control can cause depression. He's going through a hard time and I'm glad to see there are comments on here that are supportive of him. I hope he is able to live through this and see that there is still hope after this hard time. I hope his friends in Hollywood rally around him and let him know what he means to them. I wish I could understand what is going on with people who think they have the right to judge and make disgusting comments about people's issues. Yes, people do stupid things, but the immature, ignorant, and just plain mean comments made on the internet make the ones who say those things look more pathetic than the people they are talking about. Why don't you get off the internet and figure out how to be a decent, contributing member of society instead getting a sick feeling of joy from other people's problems. There's no way you could be proud of the way you're acting. If you think you're so right, then make a video of your face making these comments and be a real man or woman about it and take responsibility for what you have to say! I have personal experience with depression and I just wanted to show support for this man who is struggling. The people who run TMZ and are on the show are just as much to blame for being self-righteously judgmental of what is going on in Hollywood as the commenters on their website. How can you possibly ask yourself 'what's wrong with people today?' without looking at yourself first.

866 days ago


911: Ok...Do you know her number off the top of you head?
Von Bargen: I have no top of head anymore....

865 days ago


Please correct me if I'm wrong, did I hear correctly that you think polio is fun? I hope that's not what I heard, as I can tell you from experience, it is anything but fun. Do you know that people suffer from post polio syndrome, which is a weakening of muscles, and also pain. You should reach it and see howw horrible post polio syndrome is, it's like suffering from polio all ver again and there is nothing that can be done.

864 days ago

Ted Sutton    

This is a story about a very talented actor. I worked for 2 weeks with Daniel on G.I. Jane in 1994. We were both New York actors. He played tough guys, but he was a generous gentle man who was admired by all who worked with him. And a fun guy to be around when the day's work was done.

He was a rock on the set. Always prepared, and always brought his A game. Two of my favorite roles of his were in The Postman, and Brother Where Art Thou? He was really good at it, and he made it look so easy. You never saw him acting. He was always absolutely real.

He moved to Los Angeles 5 years before I did. I had hoped to run into him at auditions, but I never did. He is an outstanding actor. So much good work in movies & TV. Check him out on IMDB. Very impressive.

I understand, old friend. They took one leg, and they were going to cut the toes off the other. You have no children, and you were living a difficult life. You were tired of it Daniel. I understand.

God speed. Know that you are well loved, and that those who love you will never try to judge your pain. We will look for you when you are feeling better. Rest now, Daniel.

Your G.I. Jane friend,

Ted Sutton
Los Angeles

864 days ago


Wow, reading some of these comments...smdh...

862 days ago


I can't believe this was published. Let the man keep a bit of his dignity and don't air his most private moment of desperation for everyone to hear. TMZ should be ashamed.

862 days ago


Everyone deserves a second chance

861 days ago


This man needs someone to care right now. I can hear it in his voice. I hope he will be alright...

860 days ago


So sorry for this man. I hope he recovers. I just wanted to make a comment about the 911 operator. He stayed so calm and compassionate. That probably helped the patient. Good for him, in such a difficult situation.

860 days ago


I can hear the sadness in his voice. I hope he recovers. Wish I could do something to help him. Any news on his recovery? Is he getting better? Did he lose his sight?

860 days ago


Suicide is never an answer, no matter how hard life may be. I wish the best to Daniel and his family. I am also glad he found the courage to call 911.

859 days ago


So sad when People try and do this..... These people need help.

858 days ago

Nate C    

And of course the cops are the picture of sympathy for this poor fellow when they arrive. "DON'T MOVE!! KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM! DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER GUNS AROUND?" Jackasses

858 days ago


You say there ain't no use in livin'
It's all a waste of time
'N you wanna throw your life away, well
People that's just fine
Go ahead on 'n get it over with then
Find you a bridge 'n take a jump
Just make sure you do it right the first time
'Cause nothin's worse than a Suicide Chump
You say there ain't no light a-shinin'
Through the bushes up ahead
'N we're all gonna be so sorry
When we find out you are dead
Go head on and get it over with then
Find you a bridge 'n take a jump
Just make sure you do it right the first time
'Cause nothin's worse than a Suicide Chump
Now maybe you're scared of jumpin'
'N poison makes you sick
'N you want a little attention
'N you need it pretty quick
Don't wanna mess your face up
Or we won't know if it's you
Aw, there's just so much to worry about
Now what you gonna do?
Go head on 'n get it over with then
Go head on 'n get it over with then
Go head on 'n get it over with then
Go head on 'n get it over with then

858 days ago


Take this down. I think this is a bit over the line....

858 days ago
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