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Shaq's Ex-Wife


Kobe & Vanessa

2/23/2012 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Not everyone hates Kobe Bryant's wife ... in fact, she has a pretty big fan in Shaunie O'Neal -- Shaq's ex-wife -- who tells TMZ she "LOVES" that the Bryants seem to be reconciling.

Shaunie -- the executive producer of VH1's "Basketball Wives" -- was leaving MyStudio last night when we asked about the photo of Kobe and Vanessa kissing after a recent Lakers game. 

"I think it's wonderful ... too much energy to be angry ... some situations are worse than others, but I love it."

TMZ broke the story ... Vanessa filed for divorce back in December ... but we're told Kobe is trying like hell to win her back.

Shaunie has spent A LOT of time around the Bryants over the years ... especially Vanessa ... since Shaq spent 8 years as Kobe's teammate on the L.A. Lakers.


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YOU ARE THE REASON SHAQ ALWAYS CHEATED ON YOU. STUPID DUMB WOMAN! Yeah stay with a man who cheats every other day. He will be a good DOG for a hot minute until things calm down a little and a few diamonds later, he will pull out his little black shlong and stick it in some more dirty bit&ches. A lifetime of being cheated on in return baby, you get more money, diamonds and my dirty penis that Ive stuck in dirty groupies. SHAQS wife needs to keep her ugly mouth shut.

943 days ago


Who said everybody hates his wife? I hate Kobe. Black Mamba = dumbest nickname ever. Go rape some more women.

943 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Ha..ha...Shaq HATES Kobe! Kobe ratted him out when Kobe was arrested for rape. He told the cops "Why can't I just pay her off the way Shaq does"?

Didn't Shaq file for divorce from this creatin after he found out she was embezzling his money...yes HIS money. Shaq had a prenup, unlike that low I.Q. knuckle dragger Kobe Bryant.

I hope Kobe and and his ghetto blaster get back together and are miserable for the rest of their lives. A nice house, a nice car, nice clothes and money to burn do not make for a happy marriage. Love, mutual respect, trust, faith and dignity make for a happy marriage. The Bryants have NONE of these qualities.

A husband who loves his wife does not rape and does not cheat with 105 other women.

943 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Hold on...Kobe is "trying like hell to win (Vanessa) her back"? Why does he want a wife if he's busy sleeping with other women?

943 days ago


She looks like Lilo's lawyer.

943 days ago


Once a cheater always a cheater. Kobe only wants his stuff back, she is stupid for even considering getting back with him. And who cares what Shaunie thinks?

943 days ago


If he's really trying to change his ways, than I'm rooting for them too!!!

943 days ago


definitely a sound reason to try to make things work.

943 days ago

king troy    

this chick is super fake

943 days ago


I don't know who is dumber, Shaq's ex or Rihanna.

943 days ago


So this bimbo accepts the husband cheat ? Now I wonder why her show is so trashy and ghetto.Not great menatlity not brains.I wonder why she said if this heppen to her daughters.....

943 days ago


Now I know why he hubby left her ....watching her show that trashy ghetto show is her creation just wonder.......she should be careful she has girls, what happens when the daughter's hubby cheat on her? Karma is sweet!

943 days ago


Come on Shaunie. Who are you fooling. You are so fake. First you pretend that you dont like the direction Basketball Wives has taken. You claim you dont like the fighting, whatever. you instigatee most of them. now all of a sudden you are a kobe/vanessa support group. STOP IT girl you are so FAKKKKE

916 days ago


All you igonorant idiots that are constantly saying Kobe raped that whore is Colorado, I don't know what planet you live on, but it was proven that the B! was a lying whore. Her own friends ratted her out about boasting about being with Kobe and talkng about his anatomy. All she wanted was money, like most loose women in this country! Don't hate on Kobe because he got talent, money & good looks, hating will get you just where you are -NOWHERE! All men are cheaters, whether rich or broke, and I imagine it's much worst to be with a broke cheating idiot, who can even provide for himself much more his lady!

850 days ago

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