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Why Is Lea Thompson

at the Oscars?

2/26/2012 3:19 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0226_lea_thompsonFor some reason, former "Caroline in the City" star Lea Thompson was one of the first to arrive at the Oscars today.

Perhaps she is getting an honorary Academy Award for her stellar work in "Howard the Duck."

Whatever the reason, it's some kind of wonderful.


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I'm going to assume that since she starts in an ABC family hit TV series, and the Oscars are being presented on ABC. It was probably an employee incentive or shameless promotion.

938 days ago


F*** you, tmz. Why shouldn't she be there? If your pet Lindsay LoBrown can horn in on every red carpet event and be invited to none, then Lea can be at the Oscars.

938 days ago


Her husband Howard Deutch is a film director and producer!

938 days ago


Lea should get a lifetime achievement award for perfect breasts. No heterosexual male that saw her in All the Right Moves will ever forget that scene.

938 days ago


Oh, c'mon, TMZ. Really? Who gives a ****? She's probably screwing one of the sound guys or something or a director of photography that got invited. quit being such douchebags. you're starting to make ryan seacrest look like Abe Lincoln.

938 days ago


She is responsible for creating more boners than just about any Oscar winner in history...When she strips from her band outfit in All the Right Moves she earned a lifetime ticket to the Academy Awards.. Even Oscar got a boner..

938 days ago


Why is Tina Fey there? Is she up for best actress for Date Night? What a stupid post, even for TMZ.

938 days ago


I think what TMZ really wanted to ask was, "Why ISN'T Kim Karcrapian/ lindsy Lohan/ Chris Brown/ Snooki at the Oscars?"

938 days ago


This, the JLo boobs article... Did you leave everything to be written today by immature teenage interns or something?

938 days ago


Wow, TMZ, snotty much? Lea may not be an Angelina but she is someone who has been successfully in the business for a long time. Would you make such a snotty comment about Susan Sarandon for her role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Lea was in one of the most popular movie series of all times not to mention a ton of other great work! This is why twenty somethings shouldn't be "journalists", if they don't know what they are talking about, they just post something bitchy like this.

938 days ago


Thank you for your comments. On behalf of TMZ, I'd like to apologize for this story. It's highly inaccurate and the offending staff member has been decapitated. And please remember, Harvey loves you, especially the guys.

938 days ago

Throwback kid    

TMZ has too many smug hipsters writing for them now, the kind of people who consider Kim Kardashian an A list star. A reality show tramp that made a sex tape. You question Lea Thompson at the Oscars? She first came on the scene in the early 80's with films like All the right moves and Back to the future and has been working steady in Hollywood ever since. If TMZ wants to make fun of people they should do it with all the reality show Z listers they think are so wonderful

938 days ago


Do you guys ever read IMDB, or do you just like to diss everyone outside your gaydar?

938 days ago


Excuse me, TMZ?? you say it as if she doesnt act now. HELLO?? She acts in "Switched at Birth" on ABC FAMILY CHANNEL and its series has one of the highest ratings for nighttime sitcoms on Tuesdays at 7pm CST. Your article on Lea was a joke and you can do better than this !

938 days ago


Why is the Kardashians at the Oscars? are they now movie stars? we have to deal with them all the time .It not matter what they not do they will be in the tabloids luky us?Maybe because she was in the sex tape ? is that counts ?been at the movies? and the funny think is that she thinks she never had been in that tape!she forgot about it!

938 days ago
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