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Cissy Houston

Seeking 'Closure' by

Revisiting Whitney's Hotel Room

2/27/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's mother Cissy has unfinished business to attend to -- sources tell TMZ she's planning a pilgrimage BACK to the Beverly Hills hotel room where her daughter died ... all in an attempt to get some closure.

According to sources close to Cissy, she wants to go back to room 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel and reestablish a spiritual connection with her daughter ... in order to come to terms with her sudden death.

We're told Cissy plans to pray while she's there -- and just spend quiet, contemplative time in the space.

As one source put it -- Cissy "won’t be at peace until she gets closure."

It's unclear when Cissy plans to return to the hotel room -- but we're told the visit will be soon ... she's currently planning out the logistics.



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878 days ago


My mother died very suddenly and unexpectedly and I never felt any need to go to the scene and look at the spot on the floor where it happened.

878 days ago


It truly saddens me to see how mean and hateful people are. This woman, who yes, was a drug addict was also a mother, a daughter, a sister, aunt, cousin and friend and yes a celebrity and while her fans are sad and even devastated, their pain cannot compare to the pain her mother and child must be feeling. Some have commented on how "ugly" and "old" her mom looks, well, if those of you who show so much hate and ignorance ever lose a child, I hope someone takes your picture and posts it for the world to see, then we'd see how fabulous you look at that time. It's nice to know that so many of us have stones we can cast.

878 days ago


Yeah, Cissy-- you do that. While I do understand that you can't figure it out ( and this is certainly not to be mean) but you were never of that caliber. Whitney's health was failing but you wre so use to it that it was oblivious to you.

You can take a medium to the room, but you wont get the answers you are looking for. I do pray for you and your family. Whitney's voice was from "God" and she was anointed. We are all human beings and that voice withered. She basically died from stress.

878 days ago

Gsharon 710    

43. Shaz: 12 hours ago

Booby took the picture and sold it. Hello?
W H E N ???

878 days ago

Herb Bushati    

my sympathy goes out to her mom and daughter whitney will be so missed by all her fans

877 days ago

Herb Bushati    

Iam so sorry for the Houston family to show her picture that was private shame on who did that to make money they should rut in hell my sympathy goes out to her mom and daughter.

877 days ago

Star Whacker    

Based on the photo of Whitney's mother, doesn't it seem as though Whitney's brother must be Yoda. Pretty obvious to me. Just sayin'!!!

877 days ago


I wonder what your mother looks like? Your words tell me that she allowed you to raise yourself..

877 days ago


There are too many ignorant people in this world....

877 days ago


wow-sad stuff

876 days ago


You know I hope that this isn't true because I feel that Whitney's mother is such a spiritual individual with such soul and depth. No part of Whitney's spirit is in that room. Rather she is with her loved ones wherever they may be presently. She will always look over her Mother and daughter and close loved ones. I can see her spirit so clearly and she just radiates this huge golden ray of light and loves to laugh and smile and has the most wonderful sense of humor. She says for people to STOP mourning her death. She is right with them and all they have to do is call out to her. She can see and hear them. It was her time to go. It's as simple as that and nobody is to blame. REMEMBER the good times...the really great times that they laughed and prayed and embraced one another. She always says that God granted one of her greatest wishes...not to be taken from her beloved daughter before her time. Notice she died when B-Kristina was 18. Now a legal adult. She is so thankful that she had those years because she honestly should/could have died many years look at it as a blessing that she was alloted that extra time. And, about the 'casket' photos. I have said many days before that I do not feel it was taken or leaked by any staffed employee of the funeral home. Absolutely not. It was taken by someone either hired by the Houston family or a distant family member-someone connected with the family and NOT the funeral home. I do believe Cissy will find out who that individual is pretty quickly...and my heart goes out to her. Whitney says...let it go. Move on. :) Many blessings to the Houston family!

875 days ago


I saw TMZ last night and I was just so disappointed and disgusted with the way TMZ has been so cavalier and downright disrespectful with matters pertaining to Whitney Houston's death; especially so soon after she died. People are still grieving and mourning her passing. Why do you do that? I am not one to wish death but I swear I hope to God you people are considering your own mortality and how you would want the public to react to your deaths.

874 days ago


To all of you who fill it's OK to besmirch & belittle people.I truly hope you have a great life because it's obvious you are so much of a great human being that you fill that you are above the pain and compassion to give to others it must be great to be you.

874 days ago


It's really a shame the negative comments being made about a wonderful singer and person. Regardless of what she did she is still someone's mother and child. It's very ignorant to make these nasty comments about her when you don't even know her. Never walked in her shoes. She isn't the first star to die with the help of drug abuse. Her and Michael seemed to get bashed the most. It's rediculous. The BLACK community loves her and Michael and it took a lot to accomplish what they both did. How can anyone talk about Cissy like that, she is 80 yrs. old and heartbroken, of course she looks bad in the photo. She was a beautiful woman as well in her day. That was really rude and I wish that a family member or loved one could get a hold of you. That pisses me off to have the Houston family disrespected because no one knows what they have done for her as well. RIP Whitney. Peace be with your family and for all you negative, racists people may God have mercy on your soul.

854 days ago
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