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Driver's License SUSPENDED

2/28/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227_octomom_EX_01Someone has finally suspended Octomom's license to do something -- but unfortunately it isn't her license to procreate ... it's just her license to drive.

Octo got a ticket for driving the wrong way down a one-way street in Beverly Hills last September. She was supposed to either appear in court or pay the ticket by December 20, but she missed her court date ... resulting in her license getting suspended.

Now how will Nadya commute back and forth to her ... job?


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It's 28 February. What happened to that horrid movie she filmed several months ago that was supposed to go straight to the dollar bins this month?

939 days ago


WHO CARES! I love you TMZ but no one cares about this idiot!

939 days ago


I think in time this woman might do herself in. I am certain this isn't playing out at all the way she thought it would. Watched Oprah and Suzie Orman trying to help her and Nadia is a strange duck.

939 days ago

BB not bb    

Nobody wants to have eight kids at a time. This lady went through hell. It was the doctors' fault, not hers. She said she wanted to keep them from being destroyed and that they weren't even all expected to survive once implanted. No one would do this for a reality show. That is her only means of working though at this point.

People are judgemental for no reason. They think a doctor could never fool them or that they could have more responsibility than they can handle. It must be nice to be so superior and exalted.

939 days ago


I wonder if Vivid Video still has an offer for her...

939 days ago


Whew! Look up "ugly" in the dictionary and this person's face is shown as an example.

939 days ago


Just to remind everyone, Nasty here always says she doesn't wear make-up. Doesn't look like it to me - unless it's only for her fetish videos.

939 days ago


What job??? She is an unfit mother and those kids will never know what a normal life is. She may be their mother, but she has zero clue on how to parent them. Enough already, bring in CPS and get those kids to some people who really love and care for children.

939 days ago


the first

939 days ago


I've gone down 6,000 one-way streets, confusion, disoriented, etc.

-and whatnot, heretofore, et al...

-all other drivers do is blow the horn so I know

to u-ey.

-why'd someone have to stick her with a 300.00 ticket.

-She made a friggin' mistake.

ALL of us have made.


Leave her alone, dudes.

939 days ago


Everytime I see her photo, it reminds me of all of the children she has, and my heart just breaks for them. What kind of life do they have with this hideous woman as a mother? It's so sad they will most likely be just as dysfunctional as their mother.

939 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Um, TMZ? NO-BO-DY cares about the Octomom anymore. Give it up.

939 days ago


This is Nutjob posing in front of the mirror in her bathroom. Aren't I sexy? I'm so sexy with my horizontal eyebrows and my cheek implants. I'm so sexy with my filler injected lips. And my cleavage, with the multiple breast implants. So sexy. Also, my tummy tuck makes me sexy even though now I have a coin slot belly button. And my lap band. That made me lose weight. I'm so sexy. Not really. Actually you are kind of freaky.

939 days ago



The word is "judgmental". If you are wrong about that, just maybe you are wrong about a few other things.

type "California Doctor Board" in your search engine. Find Michael Kamrava, and then read the public do***ents. Those do***ents include Octomom's entire medical history as to IVF treatments. It's a real eye-opener.

When you're done with that, ask yourself this: Why does an unmarried, unemployed woman with 6 kids continue to have IVF treatments, that are really meant for infertile couples?

If your answer is, "because she wanted to," then she also wanted/asked for whatever flows from that decision.

939 days ago


Gees, learn to let go! Let go of the past, let go of the hate. Must be awful to hold on to so much hate for 3 years against a woman you don't know personally and have never met personally. Nadya is a good person and a good mother to her kids, she's broke no law where her kids are concern. All your hate and reminiscing of her allege past which you can not prove or change will not resolve anything-- or haven't you all figure that out yet? LET THE HATE GO!

939 days ago
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