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Andrew Breitbart

Dead at 43

3/1/2012 6:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Breitbart -- founder of the popular news website -- is dead.
Andrew Breitbart -- founder of the popular news website -- died early this morning at the age of 43.

According to his website, Breitbart -- the political journalist who broke the Anthony Weiner penis pic story -- died "unexpectedly from natural causes" shortly after midnight this morning in L.A.

A statement on Breitbart reads, "We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior."

Andrew is survived by his wife and 4 children.

Breitbart's father-in-law told reporters Andrew was walking near his Brentwood home around midnight when he collapsed.

The father-in-law says someone saw Andrew collapse and called paramedics ... who raced to the scene and tried to revive him. Breitbart was transported to UCLA Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

According to reports, Breitbart suffered from heart problems last year.

Law enforcement sources tell us the LAPD is investigating the death.

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Justice Scalia    

All of the left wing hate spewers who have posted here are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I have EVER seen, anywhere! He was a liar, a cheat, a SOB, a this and that, he deserved it, he got what was coming to him, good riddence, etc???

Well, let me tell you something. Andrew Breitbart did not treat the left wing and it's politicians any differently, any better, or any worse, than ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and virtually every other news outlet and publication treats public AND private conservatives, right wingers, and Republicans, every minute of every day of every week of every month of every year, they spew it out, each and every one of them.

So good riddance you say, to Andrew Breitbart? So then you also say good riddance to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and free thought in America, which is to typical of the left wing in America it is nauseating.

Your battle cry is, "Shut those f'ers up, shout them down, silence them and their message. Shut them the f-up at any and all costs, to society and the Republic, so long as I, the all important ME, gets what I education, my healthcare, my birth control pills, my welfare, my social security, my free everything, at the expense of another.

What ever happened to, "I don't like or believe what you have to say, but I will stand with you to defend and preserve your right to say it?"

Afraid that your wants and desires won't hold up to true scrutiny in the court of public opinion, or when exposed to a simpple check of the facts?

You're a bunch of pitiful hypocrites, and sorry worthless excuses for Americans. And you have zero class as well.


775 days ago


Andrew Breibart own words "I like making enemies" and he did a good job! no tears here! Couldn't get out of this one could you Andy?

775 days ago


Nobody can be 100% sure Andrew Breitbart is actually dead until we see his original, long-form death certificate.

775 days ago


He was a evil vile human being. right up there with Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Santorum, Romney, Ginrich, Paul, Bohner, Ryan and all Tea Baggers

775 days ago

Al Redwood    

L.A Coroner, don't bungle this one like the score of previous episodes. It takes small mistakes to completely ruin the results. Previous cases only proved that they are reliably wrong, when it comes to famous personalities. Do they have a clue what to look for?

772 days ago

girl unimpressed    

dying so young... it could only be due to all the conservative based hate this man carried around inside him.

772 days ago


What slimeballs - he;s dead, and you choose to inject your imaginings. There's PLENTY of leftists in music & Hollywood that drugged themselves to death - Breitbart had health issues & had nothing to do with drugs.
Verbally hypocritical liberals - Love & Tolerance? Garbage.

769 days ago

Arthur Goldberg    

One less prick in the world!

768 days ago
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