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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

A Happy Meal

3/3/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photographic evidence that food, or rather a bag containing food, touched the hands of Angelina Jolie today in Los Angeles.

It is unclear whether or not this constitutes "eating."

According to our sources, she would have to consume the food inside the bag for it to constitute "a meal."

Jolie was the passenger in a car driven by Brad Pitt as they made their way through a McDonald's drive-thru.

Calls to a rep for Angelina's right leg were not returned.



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the will    

Heyzus h christ, leave people alone!!!

963 days ago

the will    

What are you going to do next, take a picture of her poop!!!

963 days ago


Good for Angelina.....she must be getting tired of her Altoids for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

963 days ago

Jay W.     

A bone rack physique works with some people, but not her. I hope Jolie eats three of everything!

963 days ago


This couple really not very interesting these days. Ma and Pa Kettle go to McDonalds. Over the hill couple.

963 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The food at Mickey D's is not unhealthy. It's the unhealthy people going to eat there that's the problem.

963 days ago


You called her rep because you saw her at Mickeys? Really? Makes sense old Harve was a lawyer, this is the gossip column version of ambulance chasing. Just stupid

963 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Telling you right now - If they ordered the following for Angie, she'll gain a respectable amount of weight in no time.

She needs to eat the following menu for three days consecutively:

2 Big Macs
1 Large Fries
1 Large Strawberry Shake
1 10-piece McNuggets
1 McFlurry

The above comes to approximately 4300 calories. If she ate exactly this for three days in a row, she will gain wait in no time.

Damn, I'm getting hungry now.

963 days ago

donna this is news..can't you people dig up something better than this?

963 days ago


who cares....shes a sick horrible women and brads a whimp

963 days ago


LOLOLOLOLOL great post

963 days ago


You guys are dumb, the bag is empty and only contains coffee condiments. you actually need to obtain the complete order to know if there was any type of food in the bag ....five bucks and a dumb-ass McDonald employees and you got a full factual story. i swear Hollywood is getting retarded or maybe its some of Harvey's dumb employees ....HIRE ME ! IM IN THE MIDWEST.I CAN DO BETTER WORK THAN THIS DUMBASS

963 days ago

Pink sludge    

I can't believe people still eat at McDonald's. Put poo on a stick and people will eat it. YUCK!!! People need to care more about their children's nutrition. And for those that say once in a while it's OK guess what, a kid is not going to die if he doesn't eat fast food.

963 days ago


ROTFL ! =) Hilarious ! Thanks to the TMZ staffer for the funny story!

963 days ago


LMN # 3 : Aww, come on. Everyone know's there's no meat in Chicken Mcnuggets ! Therefore : There is more yoga mat, and playdough in a chicken mcnugget, then Angelina Jolie's ass has sat on, or her kids have played with. =)

963 days ago
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