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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Gonna SING

My Opening Monologue on SNL

3/3/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's taking her music career to the next level on SNL tonight -- TMZ has learned, the actress plans to SING the majority of her opening monologue on the sketch show.

Sources tell TMZ, nothing's off the table either -- Lindsay will poke fun at all the recent mishaps in her life ... arrests, endless court dates, necklace-stealing sagas, jail, morgue duty ... the list goes on.

But Lindsay won't be alone on stage -- we're told several cast members will join her in chorus.

Sources tell us, Lindsay wants to show the world she doesn't take herself as seriously as people think -- and actually has a sense of humor about the legal troubles that have plagued her the last few years.

We're told Lindsay has also extended several personal invites to famous friends to join her on the show -- and they unanimously accepted. No word yet on who the surprise guests might be.

Bottom line ... Lindsay knows there's a lot riding on tonight's performance -- so she's determined to make it one for the ages, practicing non-stop all week long.

Speaking of singing -- let's all take a moment to remember Lindsay's foray into pop music ...


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Some of you people are really cruel. If you can watch this video and not have some empathy for her, then you're made of stone. Her life is sad.

907 days ago


Her life is no sadder than just about every person who sits in a jail or prison or doing probation. She is not 15 years old anymore. She makes decisions just like everyone else from troubled pasts.. and then has to live with the consquences that come... good or bad. Lohan should be given a break? Why?

Compassion without wisdom equals pity.

907 days ago


Cant wait to see her host! Dont typically write comments but I think she has raw talent, shes had her struggles and probably still does. Nothing disputes the fact that she is amazingly talented. My hope for Lindsay is that she continues to direct her energy in positive ways that will benefit her future success! LOVE YOU LINDSAY!

907 days ago


Lindsay is a talented actress. How many girls can act in a motion picture, playing a double role, one with an accent,(At that age) and that movie ending up being a classic. (Parent Trap) Not Many. She has done a lot of things she regrets, just like everyone else. Including Robert Downing JR. Who by the way has come back to being a great actor, after his days of drug addiction. Lindsay is paying for her mistakes and is taking responsablity for her actions. She's tring to change her life around so she doesn't end up like all the other actor and actress's who are now with GOD, way before their time should have been up. Let's give her a break. Just like anyone would for their best friend, son, daughter, etc.

907 days ago


Well, TMZ, one of Lindsay Lohan's famous friends is former SNLer Jimmy Fallon. She asked him to be on SNL with her when she appeared in front of the world on his show earlier this week. 'Nice you're up on things, TMZ. Thanks.

907 days ago


Why do stars have to tell us what is going to happen? Whatever happened to the idea of being surprised. It s/b funny to watch, though her restart will be short and she will fall when things don't go her way.

907 days ago


Should by now, SNL cast, crew, wardrobe, hair and make-up, basically anything they don't want stolen or comes up missing. That happens everytime Lindsay Lohan is around.

Lohan is still pulling her BS bragging on how she is and will be such a good sport. Yet, she had to make sure from her lawyers? Why? Does Lohan already have her classic lawsuite (just fill in the blanks) ready and waiting?

Wow, Lohan begging for an Oscar she's extended personal invites to her famous friends, what like hand and cuffs, mugs and shots yeah, right. If anyone shows up it's because they are already in the building.

Hey maybe SNL can do a skit on if Lohan doesn't show up, how the elevators brokedown and call it a 'travel conflict'.

907 days ago


Riiiight....playing it safe and singing so she doesn't have to SAY anything candid in the opener....pfft

907 days ago


You don't reward bad behavior .... PROBATION is very serious... and a time when one should be looking at their lives and making decisions on how to stay on the straight and narrow. By the industry rewarding Lohan with parts and photo shoots is not helping her. SHE NEEDS A REAL BOTTOM.

907 days ago


Lindsay singing will probably sound like the bullfrogs in my pond after a long winter in the mud!

907 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

All mountains eventually come tumbling down, and it appears that Fake Mountain is no exception. Let's all have a moment of silence in hopes it's been permanently relocated to the bottom of the Atlantic.

(Now what better tune to celebrate this GREAT day with than the Black Eye Peas, I Gotta Feeling,

907 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Lindsay is just copying Miley on SNL. Linds how about something original?

907 days ago


if you love her voice and want to sound like a "home Tracheotomy kit"..
she sounds like that Flem will never come up.(might not be flem)

907 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Here is the clip of Miley singing her opening monologue and making fun of lindsay.

907 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

LOL, something new and original from the queen of nothing ever changes? Fat chance.

907 days ago
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