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Oprah Winfrey

Lands Interview

with Whitney Houston's Daughter

3/3/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey
has finally found a way to get people to watch OWN -- she's scored an interview with family members of Whitney Houston, including daughter Bobbi Kristina

The show "Oprah's Next Chapter" will feature Houston's only daughter ... as well as Patricia Houston, her sister-in-law and manager, and Houston's brother Gary. It is scheduled to air next Sunday. 

Oprah was one of the guests invited to Houston's funeral in Newark, NJ last month.

Houston was 48-years-old when she was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton on February 11. 


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American Mom    

Oprah left ABC and now Abc seems to be changing everything due to finances. Ultimatly Oprah and Katie Couric are going to only be remembered as the ones who ended the American Soaps. If General Hospital is cancelled so many Americans will be outraged. Oprah and Katie Couric have a moral obligation to do everything to see to it that General Hospital remains on ABC at 2pm forever. GH is part of American history and should remain part of our American lives forever. GH is on at 2pm Oprah was on at 3pm. Most of her viewers were from GH , we just left the tv on after GH. and might have listened as we cleaned.... She has no business doing anything right now but contacting ABC and telling them to keep the All American Soap General Hospital on the 2pm time slot. Katie Couric is BORING!!!!! Seriously, WE all will pay attention to the sponsers for ABC and never use their products. Saving General Hospital means saving ABC.

971 days ago


OWN has changed and has show worth watching now. I'm waiting for Reba interview...

971 days ago


the fact that the interview is this publicized automatically means that bobbi will be hired. congratulations bobbi!

971 days ago


Perhaps it was Whitney's family who WANTED to do an interview and trust that Oprah will do a tasteful one, unlike some of the other big names. Oprah is a class act which has been proven time and time again, but especially in her fair treatment of Whitney in past interviews. The family obviously appreciated that kindness which is evidenced in Oprah being invited to the home going and being trusted with this interview.

971 days ago


Good lord - Can none of these famous people ever choose to go through PERSONAL times PRIVATELY??!!

971 days ago


SarahBeebee: 11 hours ago
you clearly don't know how the entertainment industry works. Do you think Oprah is the only person asking for an interview. I bet behind the scenes there is a bidding war between different networks, different people all trying to land the interview. If Oprah did not get it. It would be someone else. It would be Barbara walters or someone. That is just how the entertainment world works. the only way for them to not score an interview is if the family declined ANY interviews. The family obviously needs money so they are clearly accepting interview to the highest bidder or whatever. It's not oprah's fault. if oprah didn't bid high enough. The interview would still be happening. the difference would be. it would be someone else doing the interview
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clearly I expect more from a close friend attending a small funeral, who happens to be a billionaire ,and has made her brand , supposedly showing compassion for the average Joe..
frankly ..i do not find Oprah to be a compassionate person .
I dont know what other media people , like Barbara Walters , were invited , but clearly Oprah was invited and indeed mentioned during service as more then a media personality..
She was supposed to be an friend/human being, attending a funeral.
Instead ,we have the best friend Gail , who just recently became part of a morning show, attending as well..
Now I would expect some others to exploit the situation , but not a supposed friend of the family..for any amount of money or ratings..
BTW Oprah supposedly doesnt pay for interviews
but if the family did get paid , knowing their financial makes Ms Winfrey look even worse..
There is something incredibly disgusting to me , to have Oprah exploit Whitney , yet again for her own benefit.
Like I said , she is fabulously wealthy ,...famous..she doesnt need to do this for any other reason then her own needs..

Recentlt Oprah was criticized for asking people on twitter to watch her show during the Nielson ratings .
I would be very interested to find out if her interview with a grieving 18 year old coincides with this time

971 days ago


AND btw I bet 20 bucks Micheal Jackson is mentioned for attn.......for her NEW station..She has been using his name for years , for ratings..
take your cash and go away.............

971 days ago

Dr. Dre    

This is good hopefully they can shed some light and keep it 100% with the world.

971 days ago



WaxOnWhacksOff: 15 hours ago

Oprah is an attention whore. She has made her BILLIONS and yet she still feels a need to harass those mourning the loss of Whitney Houston. Tasteless and crude. Oprah needs to sign off and go away and just enjoy her money and leave grieving families alone.


As I recall, the Houston's "INVITED" Oprah Winfrey to attend Whitney's funeral. If they "DIDN'T" want "EXCESSIVE" media attention, then why did they choose to "TELEVISE" her "funeral & burial"??? I suspect they granted Ms. Winfrey an interview because she was one of the "HIGHEST" bidders. Even, if the Houstons AREN'T BEING PAID, the "positive" impact of being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey will be "FINANCIALLY" beneficial to the beneficiaries of Whitney Houston's estate. Only they have the "RIGHT" to choose, the "TIME, PLACE AND MEANS" to discuss their rather personal relationship with her. GET REAL!!! Given the opportunity, TMZ WOULDN'T TURN IT DOWN -- SO WHY SHOULD OPRAH WINFREY!!!

971 days ago


Oprah is done. She ambused Joel Osteen in his home while an invited guest. And now she this interview.

Oprah: the body is still warm.

Oprah: the body isn't even cold.

But Oprah: You are dead and you are cold.

971 days ago


Oh boy, a famous human being dies and Oprah jumps all over it. So freaking what. The bottom line is that Whitney bit the big one because of her own stupid addictive ways. She brought it on herself and went from being a winner to a loser a long time ago. Frankly, she got what was coming to her. Her daughter is following in her footsteps and we should care, why? Sorry but, she's a loser too. The whole family stinks. Let's get over it and move on, please.

971 days ago


THIS FAM IS ALL ABOUT MONEY... SO SAD ...HOW CAN THEY DO THIS INTERVIEW SO SOON..JERKS..i guess when they see $$ they will jump..that just shows what kinda people they really r...

971 days ago


Maybe BK will show up - maybe not if she takes after her mom.

971 days ago

annie stu    

omg,oprah, whats next bobby brown,i was in walgreen,s,next to the register whitney,s hitd for 9.99,you sold your public out when you went cable,not everyone has cable,thanks a lot,,someone please ans. me on this one,i think it,s enough already

971 days ago


Let's not forget that it takes two.....
No one, not even Oprah, can force someone to do sit down for an interview. Bobbi Kristina, the sister in law and brother all have FREE WILL and a simple NO would have been enough. Let's hope that the brother and sister in law face the truth and speak of how they all enabled Whitney. Pray that they do not do the same for Bobbi Kristina.

971 days ago
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