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Lenny Dykstra

Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

3/5/2012 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baseball legend Lenny Dykstra has been sentenced to three years in California state prison in his grand theft auto case.

The former New York Mets outfielder had asked the judge to allow him to change his plea last week -- from "no contest" to "not guilty" -- but the judge refused to allow it today.

Lenny entered the "no contest" plea back in October as part of a plea deal -- copping to three counts of felony grand theft auto and one count of submitting false statements to a financial institution. 21 other charges against him were dismissed.

Lenny wanted to change his "no contest" plea because he felt it was "not knowing and intelligent" -- meaning Lenny wasn't provided with all the available information in the case before he made his plea decision.

Lenny was accused of leasing luxury cars from an L.A. dealership with fraudulent paperwork. Drug charges were also filed in the case.

But Lenny won't actually serve a day in prison -- due to overcrowding, he'll begin serving his sentence in jail ... and will likely be released long before the 3-year mark.

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877 days ago



877 days ago


Awwww that's sad. I guess he's not a big enough celebrity to get a slap on the wrist and community service at McDonalds. Isn't that the way it goes in California?

877 days ago

Pudding Tang    

@Gretel ....... he very well could be... as stated 21 other charges were dropped and 3 years while the average person would probably get at least 10 for lesser crimes... i do agree if he were a bigger celebrity though, maybe everything would be dropped and he would be praised LOLOL

877 days ago


Sounds like Cali is a great place to commit a crime. Only required to serve half the sentence.

877 days ago


I could really get sick. That doctor Murray gets 4 years for killing Michael Jackson and someone providing wrong papers leasing a car gets 3 years? Is it just me or is something wrong with the justice system here.

877 days ago


So 25 years after the Mets last won the World Series, Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden are free, and Lenny Dykstra is in jail. I wonder what the odds on that were. http://www.comunitee.com/comunitee/showComuniteeBarArticle/3038031/22968/7/146

877 days ago


It seems the "overcrowding" situation in the California prison system makes it easy for people to break the law--they all know they won't serve much time, or hard time. It just makes it easy for these people to break the law.

877 days ago


They always say due to overcrowding they get out early. But only if you are a celebrity. Any other person will do most of their time. Celebrity justice is alive and well. Get used to it.

877 days ago


It's looking like if your going to do crime you best do it in Calf. My word what do you get if you run some one over, oh that's right you get away with that also. Those darn cell phones fall on the floor all the time. What was her name again

877 days ago


He won't spend a night in Jail? Damn, he would hae made a fine Bitch.

877 days ago

Keyser Söze    

You did the time, so you must do the time... which is, what, less than a year in jail, top?

877 days ago


California's newest law of overcrowded prisons and sending some of them to serve in jail instead and cutting sentences in half is a joke. Since the California Statutes gives sentence time guidelines for judges to follow, then you do the crime you should due the FULL time. What an easy out for these crooks. Punishment for crime means nothing in California.

877 days ago


If his ass is a rosey and pink as his face he should do quit well in prison. Legs up buttercup!!

877 days ago

V Kint    

Lenny... watch out for your ********, bud.

877 days ago
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