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Bobbi Kristina

I'm Doing Oprah

'Cause I TRUST Her

3/6/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0305_Bobbi-Kristina_oprah_tmz_getty_exBobbi Kristina isn't doing her first post-Whitney interview with Oprah Winfrey because of the money -- she's doing it because the big O's a close family friend ... and Bobbi trusts her to be fair and respectful.

Bobbi is telling friends -- Oprah "was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom."

As a result, we're told Bobbi feels Oprah would show her the same respect -- not bringing up issues that could potentially show Bobbi in a negative light ... i.e. substance abuse.

According to sources close to Bobbi, Oprah was one of the first people who reached out to her after Whitney passed.

So far, it's unclear if Bobbi is getting paid for the interview -- which airs this Sunday.



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She is a lovely young lady & I wish her the best. I don't watch anything Oprah, but I do know her to be responsible and legitimate. At least the interview will be handled kindly/tastefully. B.K. seems like and intelligent young woman, so I'm sure she isn't doing anything she isn't ready to do.

970 days ago

My Big Salami    

Anyone would trust Oprah over your Dad "Bad Azz Bobby Brown"...Good call kid...

970 days ago

American Mom    

Oprah should be calling ABC and doing all she can to save General Hospital from being cancelled. When she was on ABC it was GH fans who tuned in after watching our soap. Now that she left ABC, it seems financial for the changes. Seriously though, Katie Couric can not replace General Hospital. She is not worthy! She is BORING!!! Oprah and Katie couric have a moral obligation to do all they can to save the all American Soap General Hospital or they will only be remembered as the woman who ended the American Soaps. We will all stop using the products that ABC advertises. General Hospital is historical. It has been on for generations and made ratings history when Luke and Laura got married. Elizabeth Taylor begged to be a part of the show! Noone should have the right to change a historical thing. I believe there is a law that states that too. We only need to get General Hospital and all soaps declared historical and they can't touch them. People please write to everyone and anyone to help save GH. Be careful sponsers, we will stop buying your advertised products. Saving General Hospital means saving ABC.

970 days ago


oprah is only in it for OPRAH! poor kid is SADLY mistaken :(

970 days ago


So, Oprah (did she even GO to Whitney' funeral?) has agreed to druggie Bobbi Kristina's conditions. Screw rehab. All to get ratings. This shows how low Oprah has sunk.

970 days ago


Why should this girl even be interviewed? Hasn't her family exploited the death enough?

970 days ago


How can you do an interview with a dead druggie's daughter, an 18 year-old druggie herself, and agree NOT to talk about drugs? Oprah is as big an exploiter as anyone alive.

970 days ago


My deepest sympathies to you and your family Bobbi Kristina. But, I do not believe that OH is looking out for your best interests at this time. If you truly do trust her, I honestly believe she would respect you and not ask for an interview that she could profit on. If she truly cared, she would not be trying to score such a huge interview to save her failing network. Bobbi, don't do this. You need time to mourn the loss of your mother. Please, do not let THAT woman profit off of your pain. Best wishes.

970 days ago


loool oprah is only in it for ratings.also dont ask her about drugs.we wouldnt want to tell her she has a drug problem lulz

970 days ago


This is what I think happeneed.I think BK was immediately surrounded by the vultures tearing at her for a comment,interview,whatever they could get.As Oprah was always good to Whitney,I think she stepped up and said let me do the interview tastefully without all the dirt another interviewer surely would have dug up.Surely people can see,that there's really noone better than Oprah to do this interview,as well as be supportive to BK.As for the people saying Oprahs network is floundering,I dont believe that for a minute.No business in the world starts out with a bang,hard work must be done and boy is she ever doing it.Finally there's quality programming on tv.Oprah's main and biggest problem is that not all her loyal fans like myself can afford OWN programming.I watch every clip for her network available on her website.She's got some of the world's greatest movers and shakers participating in her programming and it kills me that I dont have full access.Once I am back on my feet financially,getting OWN as part of my cable package will be the 1st thing I do.Im rooting for you Oprah,and got your back 100% and for what its worth,I cant wait to see the BK interview,Im going to a friends home to watch it.

970 days ago


Poor thing looks so much like her father....and he is so ugly. I'm not saying Bobbi is ugly, but she does look more like her father than her mother, sadly for her.

970 days ago


geez - do you think you could've found a worse photo of Oprah?

970 days ago


Hope her mothers death has got her attention. If not,she will not be far behind.

970 days ago


She is SO young, perhaps O was nice to her Mother but never forget when Interview With a Vampire came out and how she treated Tom Cruise.. amazingly he knows the "game" promote and ratings, so they worked that out.

This is ALL about O's ratings, BK is being used... sure Oprah or Barbara or Diane etc it's all the same, a cut throat business.

970 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

and Oprah's needs the ratings

970 days ago
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