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Gary Dourdan

My Bank Screwed Me Over

3/12/2012 4:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Dourdan says the bank that holds his mortgage is flagrantly violating his legal rights and demonstrating heartless indifference to people caught up in the recession ... and he's ready to prove it to a judge.

Dourdan just filed a lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- in which Gary confesses he's one of the victims of the economic downturn that hammered the entertainment industry. Gary took out a $922,000 mortgage in 2004 which requires him to pay $5,000 a month.

All was going peachy until Gary was laid off from his acting gig in 2010. The actor couldn't meet his monthly nut so he contacted Union Bank and asked for mortgage assistance, which he claims it was required to give him under California law.

Gary says the bank told him to pound sand for an entire year, when they finally offered him help ... but Gary says the bank didn't honor the new terms and now foreclosure proceedings are underway.

Gary wants the court to stop the foreclosure and damages to boot.


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Cry me a frickin river. $5,000 a month mortgatge and he wants help? How about downsizing and living within your means like the rest of us you fricking loser. Do you really expect sympathy? **** YOU

953 days ago


damn them drugs, they get ya every time.

953 days ago


Should have wiped the drool off of his face after he woke up. At least I hope it's drool.

953 days ago

Jay W.     

Call Uncle Obama... he might be able to bail you out.

953 days ago


You guys sure pick funky pictures of Gary. It looks like you caught him brushing his teeth in this one:)

953 days ago


Whats worse is that it looks like someone just jizzed on his face

953 days ago


^Nope it's smoke, which probably came from a crack rock.

953 days ago


Give me a freaking break!!!! I love the line about getting "laid off" in 2010. Try fired because he's a druggie. And how much money did he use for drugs and alcohol and cars that could have paid his mortgage. Priorities, folks, it's always priorities.

953 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Sorry Gayre, you're just not black enough to receive assistance.

953 days ago


His story is similar to others - mortgage assistance is 'offered' but never executed by the bank. He is just more high profile. He probably really is a victim in the whole mortgage mess.

953 days ago


5000k - isn't a lot of money considering he was a highly successful actor at the time before his stupid ass got hooked on drugs. And it probably wasn't a big house either (at least not at that price in CA) - anyhoo the govt funked a lot of peoples with this mortgage crisis crap. the govt was in bed with the banks etc etc and I'm not here to give a lesson on this **** so if you know what the funk has gone on, or haven't been under a rock for the past few years with the mortgage crisis going on, even this guy should be able to have his day in court

953 days ago


No. Gary lost his job because of his incessant and widely publicized drug use, not the economy. I don't blame the bank for not giving a crap.

953 days ago


Wahhh! Poor Gary-his mortgage payments went right up his nose. I feel so bad for him-not! If he wasn't an addict, he'd get hired and make some money. What a loser

953 days ago


ya can't pick & choose who the govt is going to or is supposed to help. all the liberals want more aid more aid more aid, well here ya go. drug addicts get to sue the bank too. fair is fair.

953 days ago


It's called living within your means....look into it.

953 days ago
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