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George Clooney

Trades Stacy Keibler

For 1st Lady ... For a Night

3/15/2012 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney and Michelle Obama dine at the White HouseGeorge Clooney's girlfriend definitely has her priorities -- she missed a night at the White House for a modeling shoot, but George found a suitable sub -- Michelle Obama.

George was at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for a White House State Dinner, honoring British Prime Minister David Cameron. Other famous attendees included Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, producer Harvey Weinstein, and actor Idris Elba.

As for Stacy ... we're told she left last night for Barcelona for a modeling shoot.

So we gotta ask ...


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Oh he better have fun in the White House now before Moochelle and her loser one term husband get booted out. Anyone who still supports that moron is braindead.

917 days ago

moe l.    

I guess Mooshie was "proud enough" to have George sit next to her. Hope she ate her organic veggies and didn't inhale her dessert.

917 days ago


Makes one wonder if the rumors could be true.

Could they all be beards? And at what price?

917 days ago


For an event in the White House when photos could be around for long time, I won't take a girl I'd break up with in a few months. Smart thinking George!!!!.

917 days ago


Just a gentle reminder folks... Mrs. Michelle Obama is FIRST LADY of the United States of America... WIFE OF THE PRESIDENT of the United States of America! Besides being accomplished in her own field (of education / interest) she has also contributed as a person, socially, be it in areas of education / health / family welfare etc... She is a unique Role Model, admired, respected and loved across the globe. She has interacted with other World Leaders extensively and has dealt with global issues, in areas where she could contribute...
An able mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister, guide, mentor, thinker, much much more --- ALL IN ONE... needs a bigger salute than we are giving her on this thread... Peace all :)

917 days ago


ummm why is a Hollywood actor going to a state dinner at the white house, paid for by Tax payers? He is an ACTOR nothing more!

917 days ago


The girlfriend was not special enough to dine with the president, no big deal.

917 days ago


I would have taken Barcelona or a root canal over dinner with the the Wookie Moohelle Obama.

917 days ago


We all know the contract for this current beard is about up, time to get a new "madly in love" fake girlfriend.

917 days ago


Michelle is fat,ugly & disgusting.She is an Embarassment to this Country as the First lady.To top it off she hates white people.God help this Country if her lazy lying husband gets Elected again.

917 days ago


George Clooney is a big Aids activist for Africa, especially in Sudan; nothing wrong with that. What's wrong here is that Bush gave more money than any other President to Sudan, Obama could care less. Yet Clooney continues to support Obama on every level, Liberals hate being told they were just plain wrong, they live in their own world especially the celebrities; they are such hypocrites!

917 days ago


I find it weird how just about everyone is writing comments on how "ugly" Michelle is. I think she looks just as lovely as a blonde haired Stacey Kiebler would look any day. She is a respectable woman, first lady of the USA, with an education to match her strength. I highly doubt that the people writing the negative comments on here have that much under their belts. I am a proud Obama supported. All the other "candidates" cannot compare with him.

917 days ago


To: Love My Fans,

You don't need to shout we can already tell how ignorant you are. President Obama is doing a great job...this is a man of tea-baggers are all insane; you need to learn the facts before you open your mouth and prove your stupidity. Opinions are not with it!

George Clooney was with the President to talk about Sudan and the horrendous nightmare its citizens are going through. As far as his girl friend goes...she is acting like a mature, self-assured woman. Only the immature, insecure, have to hang on tightly to their partners...grown-ups don't cling.

Mrs Obama looks wonderful, I hope she will have another four years to grace the White House.

Only the truly low-information-voter (ignorant) would make comments against the President. It is the Republicans that people fear most...they don't live in the real world and have the most bizarre ideas.

Be very afraid...of Republicans.

917 days ago


He looks like an old goat with that beard , couldn't he shave it for a special 'audience' with the pope, er, i mean President? No worries liberal freaks your Cult Leader will win / the fix/ is in/

Rebublicans should just take the election off. IMO. NEWTSY FOR PRESIDENT

917 days ago


Stacy was wise to stay away from the toxic administration of Barack Obama. Voted for him and regret it. He is more interested in traveling on the taxpayers dime instead of keeping promises he made. He apologizes to nations that despise and kill our citizens. Does he speak about the crimes against women. Where are his priorities. George Clooney has turned into a joke....serial dater and dumper. Prefer not read about him

917 days ago
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