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Lindsay Lohan

LAPD Wants to Chat

Over Alleged Hit-and-Run

3/15/2012 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1020-lindsay-lohan-getty-scratch-ex-creditLindsay Lohan's not in the clear yet after allegedly bumping a hookah lounge manager with her Porsche this week -- because TMZ has learned, the LAPD wants to chat with her about the incident.

Law enforcement sources tell us, they want to talk to Lindsay to get her side of the story -- and decide once and for all if a criminal investigation is worth pursuing.

There are conflicting stories all over the place -- multiple eyewitnesses claim Lindsay bumped the manager of a nearby hookah lounge on her way out of The Sayers Club in Hollywood early Wednesday morning. Another eyewitness insists ... no contact occurred whatsoever

So now, police want to go right to the source -- and speak directly with Lindsay to make sense of it all.


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The mistake was going there in the first place. This close to being FREE? She should be home before dark and hiding under her bed until her current mess is behind her.

955 days ago

nobody important    

Yeah because she's so trustworthy and all.........

chugga chugga choo comes the train....WRECK!

955 days ago


she has become a nasty liar who will scrw anything for publicity even an ugly old photographer who told her bend over and be my slut I'll make you famous or pregnant

955 days ago


the only thing I find suspicious is that she changed seats with her passenger. That to me says guilt but at the same time, this dude could be lying. I guess time will tell. Poor Lilo if this is all b.s. People need to leave the poor woman alone. She deserves a second chance. She needs to stop driving too. Get a driver girl.

955 days ago


she is gona lie.
mam whats your name....susan
do you own a black Porsche ... no I ride a bike and so on and so forth

955 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

"So now, police want to go right to the source -- and speak directly with Lindsay to make sense of it all."

Whoa boy, are those cops living in Fantasy Land! If they think they're gonna get any sense from listening to Lohan's side of the story, they're in for a rude awakening.

Nothing but a lying, thieving, drunken, drugged-out, talentless, contemptuous, and hateful skank. Nice source.

955 days ago


they want some coffee and Muffins..

955 days ago


This douche bag is looking for a pay day any way he can get it. His story has changed how many times now?

955 days ago


Sounds like someone trying to get rich off her.

955 days ago

Bob the Builder3000    

It is hardly a case of "multiple stories all over the place" when all eyewitnesses say she hit the guy, but one kid who spends all her time trying to befriend "stars" (based on her Flickr page) says she didn't.

It's hilarious you would also say the police are going to talk to Lohan to "make sense of it all." More like, they are going to talk to her because they suspect she really did do it, but they want to here the latest excuse she's cooked up.

If she's so innocent, why did she make her passenger move into the driver's seat after it happened?

955 days ago


well damn, No one will take the word of a 16 year old.that appears to be evrywhere and no where...
whats wrong with Nicoles statement.."lindsay never touched the manager"...but she missed the point of mentioning "LINDSAYS CAR"

955 days ago


It seems she's trying and this guy just want's money. He is the pathetic one in this story. It just might be time to give Lindsey a break. I slammed her with the best of them when she was down on her luck because it just seemed she believed her own hype and refused to take responsibility, I could be wrong, but I'm gonna wish her good luck anyway. Go get um girl.. F the hookah smoking dude, he's a pig. Get a real job and earn your own way idiot.

955 days ago


Nice to see Lohan graduating to hooker lounges, clubbing had to be getting old for her

955 days ago

The Gay Nazis For Jesus     

She needs to start a car dealership. Since she has so many problems with cars.

955 days ago


I found that the picture showing Lindsay in the passenger seat as the dead give away that she is guilty. All we have to do to prove this is look at the paps pictures that they took has she was inching her way out before the hit and scrape escape.

955 days ago
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