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Lindsay Lohan

LAPD Wants to Chat

Over Alleged Hit-and-Run

3/15/2012 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1020-lindsay-lohan-getty-scratch-ex-creditLindsay Lohan's not in the clear yet after allegedly bumping a hookah lounge manager with her Porsche this week -- because TMZ has learned, the LAPD wants to chat with her about the incident.

Law enforcement sources tell us, they want to talk to Lindsay to get her side of the story -- and decide once and for all if a criminal investigation is worth pursuing.

There are conflicting stories all over the place -- multiple eyewitnesses claim Lindsay bumped the manager of a nearby hookah lounge on her way out of The Sayers Club in Hollywood early Wednesday morning. Another eyewitness insists ... no contact occurred whatsoever

So now, police want to go right to the source -- and speak directly with Lindsay to make sense of it all.


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YAWN..........haven't we seen this all before....say at least three times....Dawn Holland case...were a woman who was only trying to do her literally assassinated and vilified by Lohan Inc in the gossip sites and news for daring to accuse Lindsay of anything...they practically ruined her life...without regrets at all.......
The they did the same tactics on the Jewelery Stor owners who just wanted what she stole....With the same tactics she almost ruined that man and womans business and life .....She was guilty as hell in both cases but it didn't stop them from going after those people and they are now using the same strong arm tactics of lying and accusing this poor man of everything they can come up with, next they will be bringing up his background and trying to ruin his creditability in everybody's eyes....

919 days ago


To all the scholars who keep quacking that that gentleman is just out to sue for free money...........

That's the way it rolls in Lindsayland. No one works - you just sue each other relentlessly. Millions transferred back and forth, and despite the Court costs, the government is still the clear winner - taxing the shlt out of each and every judgment, over and over.

Look closer at the big picture..... L.A./California may not be as clueless as you might think.

919 days ago


The police wish to get the story straight so they go to Ms Lohan? Have they met the young woman? Does she have a file? Does it indicate a consistent history of lying to police? Why would anyone go to her for the truth?

919 days ago


Half the stories on TMZ on Lohan either have LAPD or Court in the headlines.

919 days ago


This does not do Lohan one bit of good whether true or not. She intensionally put herself in this situation for attention. Now she has to make sure she doesn't put her foot in her mouth (hence the flavored socks) she always does.

Everybody always parks in an alley to wish their mystery friend a happy birthday at 1am. Of course too late for any drug or alcohol testing.

Lohan has 'till the 29th to complete all court orders. If she was serious like she keeps saying...she could have knocked this off in half that time. She was loving the attention she was getting by stretching it out.

Once the concrete carpet is over there goes her attention. She will have to do something stupid to get the paps attention back. Have no fear she will.

919 days ago


by lindsays life the police thought the case was to "cut and dry" and everything is too lined up in a they went to miss lohan to scramble the truth.distort the facts..and unwind the reality of the case.
LA is built on taking the puzzle and dismantleing it piece by piece

919 days ago


Just a doctor's report away from this month's handcuffs!!!

919 days ago


Ah yes, because speaking to Lindsay will make sense of it all.

919 days ago


If you want to seek the truth lielo is the last place you would go..cassey anthony has a smaller pinocio nose then lindsay...
after lindsay threatening to sue the police dept. and LA so many times..why dont they do the right thing and send her up state and out of their hair

919 days ago


It sounds like the city of Los Angelas needs to hire a real police department and not depend on a police department that works on a soap opera that will be cancelled because it cost to much to produce.

919 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I think it is pretty interesting that we have no heard a single word about a medical report from the manager, but now the cops want to talk to Lindsay. Sounds like maybe Lindsay has just a little bit to worried about........

919 days ago


If the police are questioning her..then He has injuries...
I just want to see that Dr. Report..

919 days ago


Bloody hell, her Porche is starting to look as old and worn as Lindsay.

919 days ago


Yeah, and Russell Brand gets arrested for throwing a cell phone. Lohan, stay in LA you're not going to get away with your crap anyplace else.

919 days ago


the LA police dept. do their best work during Ratings week..and prime time..they do great in their time slots compared to most citys..they make "RENO 911" look good.

919 days ago
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