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'Bering Sea Gold'

Bearded Fist Fight

on Reunion Show

3/16/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316_bering_sea_videoReunion show fights are usually reserved for "Real Housewives" and "Bachelor" wannabes -- but a fracas broke out this week between two of the cast members from the show "Bering Sea Gold" over allegations of stealing.

During the taping, a red-faced Vernon Atkinson accused his captain, Scott Meisterheim, of lying, cheating and stealing from him. That didn't sit well with Scott, and after he threw a drink at Vernon ... the two went to blows. 

According to our sources, paramedics and police were called to the scene. Both guys suffered cuts and bruises, but no charges were filed. 

The reunion specials air March 23 and 30 at 10:00 PM on Discovery.


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This entire after show looks like it was filmed for an episode of the Twilight Zone. Shots through fake windows close ups with no camera there when you pull back. It even resembles those episodes shot in old style panavision.

905 days ago


Scott M is a person who will not take any crap he is a man who has a purpouse,to take care of his own first.So as that said keep it up scott dont worry about what ohters think of you,we are not here to win a popularty contest we are who we are if they cant take use for who we are then its there lose so with this in mind keep up the hard work and do what you need to do for your loved ones. ps God be with you brother

905 days ago

Timothy Zeiter    

Scott; What a ass.I lived in Mi. for ten years,I delt with clowns like him every day.If you get to Vegas someday please do not stay in Vegas.

905 days ago


This was shot in a real place no fake windows, cameras were hidden. It was the real deal boys.

905 days ago


TMZ doesn't show the entire incident in this video. Scott threw his glass of soda in Vern's face. They moved back into what looked like a small hall where Scott landed 2-4 solid shots to Vern's fat grape and the fight was broken up.

I don't know what show some of you were watching, but this wasn't staged for the cameras. Watch the entire fight and pay closer attention this time. Scott is a complete ****, but regardless of his attitude, Vern called him out and got thumped for it. Before he puts his cap back on you can see a couple of goose eggs forming on his forehead.

900 days ago

Timothy Zeiter    

Maybe it was a good bar move, maybe just to many bars.I paid child support for ten years in MI. get a life who cares,shut up about it and just do it.

899 days ago

Paul Caronna    

I'm a yacht broker in San Diego and I just sold a couple of LCM-8 Landing Crafts that are going to Alaska Bering Sea to mine for GOLD, looks like they better be ready to fight and have a tough crew!

Paul Caronna

893 days ago


I watched the entire show and frankly, Vernon has no business to be in business. Anyone who has a dredge and puts up that kind of money and doesn't get gold on a daily basis is really stupid. He waits until the last days to check and finally realizes the sluice isn't working properly. I have to agree with Scott the Wild Ranger needs to sink, but first after making sure Steve Riedel was tied really tight to it. What an ass and a s***bag. His daughter also proves the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
As for Zeke he thinks with his little brain and wouldn't like Steve all that much if he had to be with him 24/7. Although, he did said Steve was with him daily when he was in the hospital. Maybe Steve drove him so crazy he will never return. Those three deserve each other and they will never succeed in anything.

Sean Pomrenke is a hothead and appears to be a drunkard at least. Not too swift in the brains department and for him to side with Zeke and the Reidel's about Scott just proves he doesn't know what he's doing and he will fail if and when his father turns the reins over. I really like his old man.

Jason Walker needs to do what he’s told and should have emulated the work habits of Scott. Scott was the boss on the ship. It’s not open to discussion. Do it or get off the ship.

I really liked the Fosters, but they sort of backed down when Zeke let out his tirade about them sucking up to Scott. They need to laugh it off like they initially did and should’ve told Zeke to mind his own F-ing Business.

I worked with a guy just like Scott. A hothead, and really opinionated, but Scott showed when he went aboard the other ship that he was a really hard worker and did what he expected that s***bag Steve and Jason to do when on a ship -Do what they were told. One thing you never call a person like Scott is a Thief or a Liar unless you have ironclad proof. You are just looking for trouble as Vernon found out. I really don’t think Scott would be capable of stealing, or breaking things. But I would say that Steve fits the bill to a capital “T.” He is the kind of guy that goes out hunting and mysteriously never comes back because someone kills the ass. He is a snake and a sneaky untrustworthy s***bag. Could also explain why he was always late coming to the boat. A camera at the dock would answer who was messing with the Wild Ranger. A word of advice for Scott, just let it go my friend, life goes on.

875 days ago


no comment

712 days ago


Scott is a punk hu needs to be tied to the anchor of the ranger and drown him

712 days ago

Jerry Lynch    

I probably would have shot ol' Scott the "idiot with anger issues." He probably would be wise not to go back to Nome ever again...too many ways a person can have an "accident" when on such a boat or in the local bar.

711 days ago

Robert Douglas    

What a wanker , why the hell is that wast of oxygen doing out of prison god only knows , I can't be leave he has children what sort of women could have children to this out right prick , I hope he gets locked up again the ass hole , good luck Vernon and steve for next season

711 days ago


TMZ … This show was supposed to air Oct 5th, but for some unknown reason discovery has chosen not to air it.

709 days ago
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