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George Clooney

I Used My One Phone Call

in Jail to Call ...

3/17/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316_george_clooney_videoYou're George Clooney and you've just been arrested in Washington, D.C. during a protest. You get one phone call and you know EVERYONE. So who do you call? WHO DO YOU CALL???


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The Ghostbusters?

947 days ago


That's right George!!!! Mom's will always be there for you. Best of luck!!!!!

947 days ago


Well she got him there telling TMZ how the Police won't touch her son...

947 days ago


What he did was reckless and irresponsible. He knows his celebrity status will reach headline status, but what if it reaches some mentally ill nutjob who idolizes what he did and takes it further and brings a gun or throws a bomb at this embassy or who knows what, all because this deranged individual saw that George Clooney did it and got away with it for $100.

One thing to be passionate, stand up for or against a cause, but still abide by the law, if they say not to pass the line when protesting, then don't pass the line, you can still have your voice, but obey the law, why add extra inconvenience in regards to the police and possible rioting with such reckless behavior.

There are some deranged people in the world who may misconstrue what George and others did, and take it even further and then someone is going to get hurt or worse. All because they looked up to some celebrity who took it too far.

947 days ago


Don't blame George, he does not have any children so setting a good example is foreign to him !

947 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

oh give me a break he was arrested in america
so you know he will be out in five minutes
let him get arrested in Syria
now to me that would be news worthy

947 days ago


Yes, Clooney, keep up the effort to get our troops in Africa and we will be in another continent for another decade wondering how this happened. When we send in our drones to kill the "bad guys" and kill a few civilians here and there, we will wonder why they hate us so much over in Africa. After all, we are there to "help" them. In the meantime, soldiers who volunteer to defend this country will die or have their limbs blown off or their families will have to deal with the mental health issues from PTSD (suicide, alcoholism, depression). But, you can rationalize that the soldiers “volunteered” for the military and as long as you slap a yellow ribbon on your lapel, you are one of the good guys. In the mean time, our civil liberties are being stripped (NDAA and Patriot Act) yet you remain silent because, as a celebrity, you can bet YOU will get your phone call if YOU get arrested.

947 days ago


I heard he called "The Guiness Book of World Records" to say, "Hey case I don't get out until morning, this ends a thirty year stretch of sleeping with a hot chick every night."

947 days ago


24 hours later comming from being on a date with the presidents wife falls out the sky a staged event starring ofcourse George Clooney then ofcourse makes bail for how much ? One hundred dollars! This is a total scam and its so abvious that there doing this to have an excuse to invade sudan africa! the people in sudan dont want us there and by us being there we make it worse because we end up killing as well!

947 days ago


TMZ, of course.

947 days ago


Old burnt out clown.

947 days ago


George Clooney should try to get all the money that people sent to KONY 2012 which helps victims of a that murdering psycho Joseph Kony and his thug army. Clearly, the people who got KONY 2012 going are not sane enough to do it.

I think just about everyone would trust George to do the right thing with that donation money and get it into people's hands who can really do something about Joseph Kony and help those victims in Uganda.

947 days ago

Neelika Jayawardane    


As long as the famous and the powerful in the U.S. (who don’t have to fear being arrested on nominal charges) are taking such a public stance against African dictators, let’s make sure that war criminals in the U.S. itself–those who unleashed destruction on innocents away from the concerned eyes of Congress and Hollywood–are similarly hounded. But perhaps a call for fair prosecution of all human rights abusers wouldn’t help garner the same adoration from CNN reporters.

947 days ago


You go George! Make them famous. The cruelty of these 3rd world dictators has gone on long enough. It is good to see a full blown "real" celeb use his celebrity for a good cause. Now if only we could get those darn Jersey kids or those darn Desperate housewives of any given city to use their so called "celeb" to do some good on this planet.

947 days ago


if my grown ass man was in jail and called his MOMMA instead of me.. oh HELL NAW.

947 days ago
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