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Zsa Zsa Gabor

Daughter Wants Conservatorship

Doesn't Trust Von A-Hole

3/20/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter claims her mom has been isolated and sedated by hubby Prince Frederic von Anhalt and wants to wrestle control from him in court.

Francesca Hilton has hired a lawyer to get a conservatorship, giving her the power to make medical and financial decisions for Zsa Zsa.

Francesca is suspicious of von A-Hole's motives, claiming he took out a $700,000 loan on the couple's mega-mansion and then let the loan go into default. TMZ previously investigated the default and found it was a bank error and it was corrected.

Francesca has been estranged from Zsa Zsa for years.

9:36 AM PST -- Prince von A-hole is lashing back ... telling TMZ,  "I did nothing wrong! My wife is in good hands, her doctors and nurses will tell anyone that. She could not be better."

He adds, "Francesca wants her money ... that's all!  She has been waiting 65 years for that ... it's just too bad for Francesca that I'm here."

A-hole also insists Francesca chose the worst time to pick a legal fight -- claiming during a news conference this morning ... he's in the process of selling his and Zsa Zsa's mansion to pay for the 95-year-old's medical bills.


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If I had a potato for everytime I've heard this story.

944 days ago


The reason that our economy is in such a mess is that the corporate tax rate used to be 40%, but is now only 15%. That leaves the middle class to be squeezed to the death for the shortfall. Wake up people!!!!!!Don't drink the Kool-Aid your gov't gives you!

944 days ago


This woman doesn't give a squirrel's azz about her mother. Its all about $$ and Gabor isn't even dead. This is straight up disgusting!

Yeah, Von A Hole is shady but he is her husband and Gabor set up things as SHE wanted before hand.

Back off Francesca - you have been estranged for years for a reason - They will call you at the will reading which is all you are interested in anyway!!!

944 days ago


I think he has been doing a fine job of taking care of her. Every picture we have seen of her she is clean and hair brushed. Francesca has not been there for her mother, she has not helped out in any way that I'm aware of. The daughters greed is showing. The time is drawing near for ZaZa and the vultures are already circling.

944 days ago


Like it or not this man has been married to Zsa Zsa for a long long time. I think Zsa Zsa trusted him more than that loser daughter of hers. Von-A maybe a little hungry for spot light but I truly think he does love Zsa Zsa and want what best for her final year.

944 days ago


I smell a greedy little girl... Probably found out she isn't getting a piece of the pie...

944 days ago

vern dufford    

How bad could Von A Hole be, Zsa Zsa is still with us. Somebody is watching over her maybe we should give the guy a break.
Have any of you ever cared for a 95+year kitten!

944 days ago

royal expert    

Anytime I see this error in the press I feel a need to correct it: Von Ahole is not a prince and the word should not be used in his name. If you feel a need to include some reference to it, then you should use his correct surname which is Prinz von Anhalt, a surname he got through a shady adoption by a real princess (who is now long-since dead). But in keeping with the theme of other reports here about him (and his personality), simply calling him Von Ahole should be sufficient.

944 days ago


When Zsa Zsa was well her daughter had never invited her mother to her house. Zsa Zsa bought the house and pays all the bills on the house for her. The Prince has taken very good care of Zsa Zsa. Francesca should get a job and forget about her mother like she has done for over 20 years.

944 days ago


He seems to care for her, it is not easy taking care of an elderly person with lots of special needs, I think she knew what she was doing by putting him in charge. So what if he likes the spot light it is probably all the fun he has, I mean really he lives in LA and married to a famous star. Give him a break!! This is the first time the daughter has ever seemed concerned, he probably does not like her.

944 days ago

She's baaaack    

Good luck with that honey. Von Ahole is only keeping Zsa Zsa alive so he can live the good life. If not for him making her like a sequel to Weekend at Bernies he'd pretty much be penniless. By the time he finally lets that poor shell of a woman die there will be no estate except for may be a few dishes and forks.

944 days ago


This is ridiculous, if Zsa Zsa's daughter is still alive and has seen all this asinine bs that the "prince" she's married to has been up to ... I simply cannot believe that it took this long to take this action. At this point I'd say the daughter is thinking about the bank account and not her mom, or she's been on some serious sedatives herself all this time.

944 days ago

get real    

I would like to see the Daughter Have control......... I dont think their will be Much money left at the end anyway. They might get a few Million for the house as a tear down. Poor ZSA Zsa.

944 days ago


I will not question Zsa Zsa, because she knows the reasons for why she did what she did, but she's made it clear that she wants her husband in charge and her daughter discharged.

944 days ago

northern gypsy    

me thinks he protests too much !!! in other words...
i know you (the daughter) are and so am i (the husband)!!!
waiting for the $$$...

944 days ago
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