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Lindsay Lohan

Alleged Hit-and-Run Case

No One is Cooperating

3/22/2012 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0322-lindsay-lohan-dog-tmz-EXLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ ... both Lindsay Lohan and the man who claims she struck him while she was driving her Porsche last week are refusing to cooperate with police.

We're told Lindsay and the alleged victim -- Thaer Kamal (right) -- have both refused to sit down with the detectives for an interview.  Important to note ... neither has an obligation to sit for an interview, but it's unlikely cops will even refer the matter to prosecutors if the alleged victim is uncooperative.

But it gets way more interesting ... Sources tell us an investigator from an insurance company contacted Lindsay's lawyer and said they were investigating the alleged victim for 6 - 8 cases of insurance fraud -- allegedly staging car accidents and filing phony claims.

And the plot thickens ... although the insurance investigator told Lindsay's lawyer he believed the person accusing Lindsay of hit-and-run was the same person they were investigating ... sources at the insurance company tell us the alleged fraudster's first name is Amr -- not Thaer, and the last name is different as well.

We do not know if Thaer -- a former soldier in Iraq -- used such an alias.

But we do know that Thaer has hired famed lawyer Mark Geragos, who has already made a settlement demand to Lindsay.  We contacted Geragos about the allegations and he said his guy was not involved in insurance fraud, but when we called back regarding the alias Geragos did not pick up. 

And the final twist -- Lindsay is in court next week for her final probation progress hearing.  If the hit-and-run case goes haywire on her, it could jeopardize her freedom.

We could not reach Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley for comment.

Stay tuned ...


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@jill. An out of court with a non disclosure ageement would probably make everyone happy.

Smearing this guy in the Tabs will backfire.

953 days ago


Charge this guy with wasting police time.

953 days ago

Red Cloud    

I'm flattered some people on the losing side of the Lindsay debate like my avatar. She's not going down and you're cracking up big time!!!! You don't feel very good, do you? MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!!!!

953 days ago

tony d    

i am so sick of lohan,who cares about her she should die already like the rest of the junkies in the world she crashed and left thats that

953 days ago


Let's Start the Slander Bucket List Lohan Inc Uses.

Illegal alien ...aready hinted at
AWOL soldier....coustesy of Help
Insurance fraud.....TMZ inferred of course by L I
doesn't speak english....

Please copy and add any that you see and they sling ..the list should get long really quit if they are on their job.

Someone should compare this one to the Jewelry Store slander campaign and also to the Betty Ford one...and the Three boys and the baby stroller Nanny's and any other that we have.....

Funny they are so lame and predictable anymore takes the fun out of it...Just shows how stupid and nasty mean they really are.... This is what Nasty people look action....Sickening isn't it.....

953 days ago


WHO CARES????????? Please stop paying attention to this nobody - the only reason she's still remotely relevant is YOU GUYS! Stop it and maybe she'll go away!

953 days ago


If Geregos is involved, they've got a medical confirming his injury. Screwed.

Also, there's the matter of Lindsay changing drivers. Consciousness of GUILT. Screwed.

953 days ago



Lindsay Lohan appalled and outraged that she struck someone with her car that didn't know who she was.

953 days ago


I'd like a reality show where Lindsey gets to run over the likes of this dude and Dawn Holland, etc.

Back up over them and whatnot.

We could call it QUICK PAYDAY CITY.

Rehab workers who provoke an encounter w/Lindz then call the tabloids/wear an ace bandage.

Nightclub schlubs who follow Lindz out to her car.

People that have a history of zero-dignity.

They'd let you throw horse schlit at them for ten an hour.

953 days ago

one who knows    

mark geragos is the epitome of what makes people think lawyers are greedy s***bag ambulance chasing deceitful a-holes. maybe at one point he was different, but anyone who uses him nowadays is likely the same breed as he.

953 days ago


seen Shawn Holly in court this morning in bev hills.. seriously she gorgeous.. that is all

953 days ago


The Bucket list
" anybody can drop a rock on their foot an
claim injury"

keep adding them up folks

Deamon....You are spot on....He's got him that particular lawyer hes got medical provth...shes screwed...

953 days ago


New Addition to Bucket List.....

mark geragos is the epitome of what makes people think lawyers are greedy s***bag ambulance chasing deceitful a-holes. maybe at one point he was different, but anyone who uses him nowadays is likely the same breed as he.

953 days ago


Mark Geragos career has gone downhill in recent years. These days he mainly gives opinions on various cases for online gossip sites. His clientele base is not impressive, oh how the mighty have fallen. If he carries on with this fake case his career is dunzo.

953 days ago


Mark Geragos scrapes the bottom of the barrels
just like Gloria Alred. I think they are the same
person..but Gloria is Mark in drag. Both s***
of the earth ambulance chasers.

953 days ago
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