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The Situation

In Rehab for Alcohol

Problem for 'Jersey Shore'

3/22/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation is in rehab not just for prescription drugs
The Situation
is in rehab not just for prescription drugs, but also for alcohol, TMZ has learned, and this turn of events could pose big problems for next season's "Jersey Shore."

Sources involved in the situation (sorry) tell us ... the Situation went through detox at a facility before he checked into Cirque Lodge in Utah, and the detox involved alcohol.

Our sources also say The Sitch is "very open" with other patients at Cirque about his drinking.  He discusses how his club appearances escalated his alcohol use.

Now here's the problem for "Jersey Shore."  The Situation and alcohol have been tied at the hip for 5 seasons.  If the show allows The Situation to fall off the wagon to make the show better in season 6, they will look like crass enablers.  If they don't let him drink, there's a good chance they will lose viewers.

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I could believe it. The whole show is about them recieving free booze to act like total idiots for several months while they tape. No wonder they are all probably alcoholics! BTW I have never watched the show just see a lot on blogs and things. I never really understood what was so great about that show.

913 days ago


They already are crass enablers... and it sells... if you have watched for 5 seasons you were well aware of that. Not like that stops at Jersey Shore, its all about the money, not the people.

913 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

This of course presupposes that MTV actually cares about the value of a human life over crass commercialism.

913 days ago


Um... I'm sure it was more than alcohol or rxs... Sniffy sniffy mayb?

913 days ago

Delaware D    

MTV should just cancel the series.

913 days ago


I don't think reality tv could fall by waistside quick enough for me. Shame on the powers that be for not serving up better choices. I'm convinced that the people pulling the strings in his business area a bunch of substance abusing, sexually confused predators. I don't have cable. And i don't miss it. Get off your azzes and go outside. Don't sit in front of that idiot box and let it pollute your brain Reality tv is run by a bunch of circus freaks preying on people that are hungry for fame. Anytime you profit because someone else is suffering it's wrong. how in the hell can you knowingly make a living off of someone getting drunk. how do you sleep with yourselves? I had to drop cable 5 years ago when my business tanked but it turned out to be a good thing. i get a lot more done and i don't feed my brain any reality crap.

913 days ago


It'll probably be a better show without all the drinking.

913 days ago


he looks like Dan Aykroyd in "Nothing But Trouble" with that d*ck shaped nose and hairline

913 days ago


I absolutely do not understand the interest in these idiots. They're a bunch of white trash, getting drunk and having sex with everything and anything. It's such an embarrassment to our country. Especially this moron. He's unattractive, arrogant and ignorant. I wish they'd all go away. I wonder if they realize that people watch to laugh AT them and not WITH them...

913 days ago

All Natural    

Ok folks. I will say it again. Steroids are a drug also. Addiction to steroids is rampant (just go to any Golds gym)or any gym with free weights for that matter. People never talk about that addiction.....I feel bad for this guy. He has many addictions.....he is another of MTV's victims. All those shows that promote this type of inept morality need to be taken off cable.

913 days ago


This TV show is an enabler. It's all about sex and drunk partying.

913 days ago


I'm sure a lot of people would agree that nobody would mind him staying away from alcohol and not seeing a jerk. Maybe now they can change their image to something positive. Also there's a lot of recovring alcoholics out there that suffer in their own world with no friends...maybe MTV can go the route of it being a recovery show that shows his path to getting better and how he does it.

913 days ago


This is all very likely an attempt by MTV and this douche to get publicity for the next season. Now everyone will wonder....gee, do you think he'll drink on the next season? Do you think he'll fall off the wagon??? Let's watch the show and see! Jeezes, it's just as bad as that Kardashian chic's 3 minute marriage!! DUH!!!

913 days ago


This is just a ploy by MTV to get you to watch the next season of this stupid show! It's a marketing scheme: oh no, dumbass went to rehab, I wonder if he'll fall off the wagon next season and drink?! Gee whiz, I have to watch and see! This is gonna be a train wreck and I totally want to watch it! NO THANKS!!! Not falling for it. Never watched the show and never will! DUH!

913 days ago


"30 days in rehab is better than 30 minutes in Snooki"

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913 days ago
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