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Whitney Houston

Cocaine in System

At Time of Death

3/22/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston had cocaine in her system when she died -- this according to the L.A. County Coroner.

The L.A. County Coroner has just released the singer's official cause of death -- accidental drowning ... but the report also notes heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors to Whitney's demise.

Officials say Houston also had traces of marijuana in her system ... as well as Xanax (anxiety medication), Flexeril (muscle relaxer) and Benadryl (allergy medication).

A source connected to the investigation tells us it is "very possible" Whitney had a heart attack that caused her to lose consciousness and drown. The heart attack may have been triggered by hardening of the arteries as a result of cocaine use.

As we previously reported, Whitney was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel last month and several pills were found on the scene -- including Xanax, Ibuprofen, and Midol.

Investigators found NO EVIDENCE of cocaine in the hotel room.

Law enforcement sources have told us from the beginning they did not suspect foul play -- and believe her death was not a homicide.

Her family however had doubts about Whitney's demise -- suggesting there may have been foul play.

3:01 PM PST -- The Houston family has released a statement which says, “We are saddened to learn of the toxicology results, although we are glad to now have closure.” 



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913 days ago

Matthew Jeffers    

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913 days ago

Tony the Giant    

The Justice System in Calf. has a rule, that they do not believe in executing celebrities for crimes that carries the death penalty. They wouldn't tell you who did it, if they knew who did it. They are gonna hide it from you. And when they are brought before Justice, they always find them innocent. No matter how much evidence they have against them. But let them go somewhere else, and see what'll happen.

913 days ago


I can't believe the negative comments. She did not die of an overdose and yes the family might of removed some of her personal belongings before the paramedics got there. I would do the same thing. One thing nobody has mentioned except a doctor I saw on a late nite news show is the fact that hot baths can drastically lower your blood pressure. I have high blood pressure caused by a heart murmer. A hot bath can lower my BP. It can also cause spells of dizziness by your BP being lowered quickly. That coupled with her prescription pills and the condition of her heart from past drug use probably caused a heart attack. It was a multitude of things, not just cocaine which I doubt she took that day but probably the night before. All the drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs was playing havoc on her levels of blood pressure raising and lowering. That is my opinion. My husband has normal to low BP and has gotten extremely dizzy after getting out of a hot bath especially after a couple drinks. I do like the comment about never seeing a regular marijuana user die of anything except old age and other illnesses. Choosing prescription, illegal drugs or alcohol for stimuli is so dangerous to do for long periods of time. It is sad, but I will not judge since I don't know how I would be if I was suddenly thrown into stardom and media scrutiny. Peace Whitney.

913 days ago


very touching if drugs might have facilitated her death!

913 days ago


Surprise, surprise...Whitney's family who enabled her and attempted to cover up her junkie habits wants to suspect "foul play". I guess since Bobby Brown wasn't in town, they couldn't blame this one on him. Otherwise, God bless, I'm sure he'd be criminally probed by now. Whitney was a wonderful singer who I once respected. I have not thought of her with respect since her real life story became all about drugs and mayhem. Fact is, her years of glory were much shorter than her long years of addiction and unflattering personal news. I started grieving for her long before her death.

913 days ago



913 days ago


Im soor but I must be a bitch for saying, what is this a shock,everybody new she was a crackhead

913 days ago


you know whats funny they throw up the fact it was cocaine use but as you read it says heart attack. idc i love her still ppl make mistakes rich or poor she is still my idol just say it was a accident not to just throw her under the bus beacause to be honest if it wasnt for her people like jennifer hudson,alicia keys, and ect.......would not be here today

913 days ago


all u guys should go to hell. she was some one's mother, sister, aunt, daughter, etc.

913 days ago


If you want to get down, down on the ground:

913 days ago


the corner should have told the truth....she died from a PRESCRIPTION DRUG COMBINATION OVERDOSE...NOT COCAINE OVERUSE AND HEART DISEASE

913 days ago


This article is written to deceive. Your system can show traces in your body depending on use 13 - 15 weeks after last intake. Not to mention autopsy and toxicology conflict. Coroner originally stated not enough water in lungs for drowning. What are they covering up?

913 days ago


Well, at least no one has used the word surprised!! The life of an addict is awful, to have ruined your voice is a heartbreak. She is at peace..

913 days ago


Please can we add a pile of Coke to the air brush t-shirts that all the dumb ******s are wearing

913 days ago
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