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Angelina Jolie

I Didn't Pay Any Attention

to 'Jolieing'

3/24/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though her Oscar night pose spawned its own photo trend and even its own Twitter handle ... Angelina Jolie says she didn't pay any mind to the craze known as "Jolieing."

The woman with the most famous right leg in Hollywood tells the Huffington Post she ignored all the press following her red carpet appearance.

She told HuffPo, "I honestly didn't pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don't watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don't click on it. And the people I surround myself with don't really talk about that kind of stuff ... I heard something, but I didn't pay any attention."

First we're supposed to believe she just struck the pose naturally (we're sticking with our theory that she did it on a bet -- someone told her they'd donate money to a children's charity if she stuck her leg out) ... and now we're supposed to believe she didn't relish the attention?

More people bought tickets to "The Tourist" than believed her story.


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If only she'd mainlined some cheeseburgers instead of the heroin, she might see how effing ridiculous she looked all night.

942 days ago


You don't believe she doesn't watch or seek out celebrity news? You don't believe she has a life that does not include watching or seeking out celebrity news? You don't believe that his celebrity, let alone most of them, are not insulated from the "vulgarities" the rest of us indulge in? That's just crazy.

942 days ago


She's just copying off Kelly Ripa who told a story a couple of weeks ago about when she and her husband were vacationing on an island and there was Mick Jagger on the beach and Kelly said he was Mick Jaggering on the beach.

942 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

For years, she has looked so FROZEN on the red carpet. I am glad to see some animation and life. I don't care why- its just good to see the sexy, wild side of Angelina again. This Saint Angie crap is noble and boring.

942 days ago


Did you see the Tourist? Worst movie. Jolie played a statue posed in various locations. Depp played a guy that didn't want to be in the movie.

942 days ago


I thought it was quite sad that she felt the need to steal Brad's thunder that night... She wasn't nominated Brad was... She made a fool of herself.

942 days ago


I saw the Tourist on netflix and it was good. I think the problem is that Americans only like overly violent, dumbed down dialogue and lots of gratuitous sex. That's why The Tourist did well in Europe. They have more sophisticated tastes and like spy type mysteries. The Tourist was similar to one of those old time 1940s movies. Really good. As for Jolieing...she rocks peoples world more than you fat farts at TMZ. Duh...I'm a lawyer...duh I run after pople with cameras and ask stupid questions with no point. Get a life!

942 days ago


Damn girl.......Eat a burger or something !!!!!!!!!!!

942 days ago

chaz lane    

ick, that's just gross.

942 days ago


If you do not pat attention to what anyone says or watch a thing, why did you become an actress?
It does not make sense, unless you will be the only fan to yourself and family.
Home screenings of your own movies etc. would drive you mad.

Actors and actresses do not act for just "artistic" reason, it is a selfish career just admit it. I know you find opportunities to max out the amount of adoration people will grovel for your money and tell you anything you need and want to hear by involving yourself in charitable activities, but if you truly want to pretend you do not care then pretend not to show up at events with expensive garb, donate to needy non-profits anonymously, donate monies you would have spent on shopping sprees to needy children.

942 days ago


Her legs are two skinny. Just didn't look attractive or sexy to me. Her designer should have worked with her to strick a more sexy, attractive poise

942 days ago


Since she never reads this stuff, will someone PLEASE tell her that she LOOKED ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND LAUGHABLE DOING THAT POSE! She should be embarrassed!

942 days ago


Don't believe that PR story for a minute.

942 days ago


Oh please this whole leg thing comes from a famewhore famewhoring. She tried to steal everyone else's attention and it backfired on her. I guess in her drugged up mind it was classy, just like every other trashy thing the incestuous drug addict does. And TMZ stop defending the plastic moron, she's trash whose only trick is to sell the children to deflect from this. If it was a joke, she wouldn't have done it, she has no sense of humour or a genuinely philanthropic bone in her nasty STD laden body. It was a junkie that hadn't acted in 2 years with no nominations and a crap directorial/writing debut, and needed the attention. She's stupid enough to believe that she can wiggle out of this one too.

How about covering:
Her plagiarism lawsuit
Incestuous past with her BROTHER
Dragging those miserable looking children everywhere
Calling the paps
Going after men in a relationship
Drug problem, she always has blown pupils
Plastic surgery and injections
Pretend humanitarianism
MIR being a failure/sham of a charity
How much they really give to charity
Shady adoptions
Screwing with her daughter's head trying to make her into a boy
Her mental illness

942 days ago


she looked like a dead zombie whore

942 days ago
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