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Lindsay Lohan

I've Conquered Therapy

3/28/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is mentally prepared to move on with her life ... because she finally completed her court-ordered psychotherapy sessions ... TMZ has learned.

Lohan had been ordered to complete 18 sessions as part of her sentence in the jewelry theft case ... and we're told her last session finished up yesterday afternoon.

Sources connected with Lindsay tell us ... the actress feels therapy has "made an impact" on her life ... and she's learned different techniques to help her handle difficult situations in the future.

Lohan is due back in court tomorrow ... we're told she's hoping Judge Sautner will continue to be impressed with her progress ... and not sidetracked with that whole maybe, maybe-not hit-n-run fiasco.


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She hasn't conquered anything yet. She needs a year free of trouble and then will see. I give her about 2 months and she will be in trouble again, cuz her punishments are very lax.

885 days ago


What's up with those fake teeth? When did she have that done? Wow...she looks haggard for such a young girl.

885 days ago


Who is that in the picture? Couldn't you find one of Lindsay?

885 days ago

Joan K    

I give her 3 months and that is pushing it.

885 days ago


@poppy...Lohan has burned too many producers, directors and bridges with all her stupid antics. Not being prepaird, not reliable, professional, not showing up or showing up late hung over, spoiled brat tantrums, disrupting production which costs alot of money that's wasted, she not worth it. Can't get insurance.

When you have somebody like writer/producer/director/Garry Marshall who finially got so pissed off at all the BS she was pulling on the set of Gerogia Rule, He put's out a 1 page scathing letter in Variety saying how bad she is to work with. How all her lies and BS were not true at all. That spread around Hollywood like wildfire. That's beyond bad. It's like being black-balled without using the word.

No professionals want's to work with her. They don't need or want her crap and she still is prooving why that is. Why she is not worth the risk. Who want's to hire someone who can't be trusted, not professional, pathological lier, and thief.

885 days ago


Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
Where are you today?
Did you lose your “Rode Wet Hater Badge”?

If you troll your way back
I’ll try hard not to quack
But I’ll cheat cuz you’re just such a vaj

885 days ago

Peter Sc    

United States must be the only country in the world where therapy can be court-ordered.

Therapy is very seldom helpful and paying people for listening when there is nothing to tell is waste of two people's time.

The only reason I can find for ordering such punishment is that it is just as boring as sitting in jail.

885 days ago


5 more days until The Tom Leykis Show is back - and that's according to MY calendar. I can't wait until that first caller/Skyper/Tweeter broaches the subject of St. Linds..... this will be outstanding!

885 days ago


Let's see if she completes her community service today. I am skeptical.

885 days ago


For someone whose 25 - she certainly doesn't look it - Lindsey is the perfect example of what hard living does to your face (along with bad surgery.)

885 days ago

She's baaaack    

Those must be veneers but they look like snap on teeth.

885 days ago


Nicole, you are so catholic and believe in the bible..
and Dinasuars are against the teachings..but yet you believe in Lickalotap*s tyronasoar-ass-rex lohan..

885 days ago


The best news of the day, finally a 'start time' for the civil trial, I, personally have been waiting for for years. Just knowing she'll HAVE to take the stand gives me the major grins. I figure it will be 3-6 weeks of pure heaven, watching the trial everyday. Talk about huge ratings for Court TV?! I just PRAY Blohan doesn't 'settle' at the last minute, having dragged this out as long as possible!

885 days ago


Here's another read for Nicole-

885 days ago


Good luck in the future Lindsay, but if your 26 years old and a court has to direct your behavior...

885 days ago
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