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Chevy Chase

RIPS 'Community' Creator --

You're a Piece of S**t'

4/2/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Community" star Chevy Chase BLASTED the show's creator on a SCATHING voice mail for the guy ... telling Dan Harmon he's a "g*dd*mn a-hole" who sucks at writing.

The voice mail is FEROCIOUS ... and according to reports, it's the boiling point in a raging feud that's been going on behind the scenes of the show for months.

During the voice mail, Chase calls Harmon a "g*dd*mn bad writer ... s**t ... stink-o" ... and adds, "Your writing is getting worse and worse."

He also calls Harmon a "fat f**k" who will probably die soon because he eats like crap.

Chase also makes reference to an incident that went down at the show's wrap party, when Harmon allegedly led the crowd in a "F**k You Chevy" chant ... in front of the actor's wife and daughter.

Sources tell TMZ, the rant was extremely awkward for everyone present -- some people joined in, but most people just watched uncomfortably. And Chevy stormed out.

The chant was reportedly in response to Chase walking off the set on one of the final days of shooting.

We reached out to both camps for comment -- so far, no response from either side.


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Chevy and Dan are more alike than either is aware.

899 days ago

Joe Edo    

Tell the guy wearing the hoodie to take it off. He looks super stupid.
The hoodie memorial is too overblown. The family of the dead guy took down his Facebook and Twitter page to clean his image up. The kid was a gang banger and a drug user. The family used an old photo of him to create that "INNOCENCE" child look. He had gold teeth and tattoos of his gang affiliation all over him when he died. The media is not reporting all of the truth.

899 days ago


Winning... lol

899 days ago

Doug Glass    

Pot? Kettle? Black? It's the entertainment industry ... they're ALL a PoS!

899 days ago


is he doing the cocaine again?

899 days ago


Along with age comes wisdom. NOT! Sounds like an angry old man that is not appreciative that he even has work at his age. Days are numbered anyway.

899 days ago


"Medium Talent"

-Bill Murray

899 days ago


godd##@)it, i didn't even know the show had officially been cancelled. this some bullsh*t.

899 days ago


-Chevy Chase is one of the most-decent dudes in Hollywood.

-Offered our writing-team a job, in the event his show continued ...

-Insisted the executive producer have us in -

-To let them know that the quality of our writing:

-Was what Chevy had been looking-for/needed for all along.

Gave a lift to some-down-and-out-dudes who couldn't get arrested - and meant a lot -

Never forgot it - or Chevy.

-You can't beat the SNL crowd/peeps for trying to give others...

A leg up - and when their own lives/careers are going full steam ahead -

...He's Chevy CHASE, man...

-And Dan Harmon's ... not!

899 days ago

i remember when Chevy was funny. it was about 3 decades ago before I got my hip replaced.

899 days ago

The Mad Zak    

Now all you haters are sorry. If it wasn't for Rupert Murdoch and his band of phone-hacking reporters we wouldn't even have this story!

899 days ago

Bwoy dem    

A tiger never changes his stripes... he was pretty much run out of SNL by a cast orchestrated coo de ta.

899 days ago


Wow. 2 old men griping over prunes.

899 days ago


The writing for COMMUNITY has gone down hill. The show use to be funny and entertaining. Now it is just weird and wacko so we do not watch it anymore. If you want the show to continue, the Creator and writters of Community should listen to Chevy. He is 100% CORRECT.

899 days ago


I never even heard of community , but I have chevy chase

I'm Team Chevy Chase

899 days ago
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