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'Community' Creator APOLOGIZES

Releasing Voice Mail was

'Dumb, Unclassy, Inconsiderate'

4/3/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Community" creator Dan Harmon says he's a "selfish baby and a rude a**hole" for playing Chevy Chase's voice mail in public ... and has issued a full-fledged apology calling the move, "childish, self-obsessed, unaware, naive and unprofessional."

Harmon just posted a statement on his blog titled, "Not That It Helps, But:" ... in which he admits to playing the tape for an audience of 150 strangers at an L.A. comedy club ... because he thought it would be funny.

"I was airing my dirty laundry for a chuckle."

But Harmon says he deeply regrets his decision ... explaining, "The giant mistake I made was involving someone else [Chevy] in that game of Russian roulette, someone that didn’t have an opportunity to say 'yeah, hilarious, let’s do this.'"

Harmon continues, "That was a dumb, unclassy, inconsiderate move on my part. I’m very sorry it’s reflecting poorly on the show.

Harmon says he's been paying attention to all of the critics who have been bashing him on Twitter ... and says, "Thirty people a day calling me an a**hole makes me know and feel, in my heart, that I am an a**hole. I’m a real “customer is always right” kind of guy in that regard."

We reached out to Chevy to see if he accepts the apology -- so far, no word back.


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You guys are aware that Dan was apologizing to the fans and NOT Chevy, right??

935 days ago


Good, he saw the error of his ways. Chevy will come up with some strange joke to let this slide.

935 days ago


His beard is so nasty.

935 days ago


damage control

935 days ago


This a$$hole is humbled because the public called him out but he's already shown his true colours. He's low-down.

934 days ago


Yes you are aumb, unclassy, inconsiderate!

934 days ago


I mean — Yes you are dumb, unclassy, inconsiderate!

934 days ago


Yea. Sounds like he's saying this to save his show not to apologize to Chevy What an ass.

934 days ago


Gosh! What is with all the Community hate! This doesn't give any one the right to write such negative and horrible things! This is such a snippet of the whole story and even the blog! Immediately judging someone of ONE story which tells you practically nothing AND then the show AND fans AND actors AND the channel- basically anything associated with it- makes me believe the readers of this story are very easy to judge and hateful spiteful people. This wasn't an apology to Chevy Chase, it was explaining to the passionate fans of the show what is going on because they were freaking out- like passionate fans do. If you read the whole blog you might actually get a better perspective on the whole thing. This wasn't an apology to Chevy. I think they both need to apologize personally. According to a fan who was at the event when he played it, he explained it much better than the media. On the last day of shooting, the very last scene, was a scene Dan had purposely written as an important and special moment for Chevy's character Pierce. Chevy didn't get it and stormed off set throwing actors and writers on a limb and ruining what could potentially be the last scene ever for the show. I don't think what he did at the after-party was very right but Dan works tirelessly on this show and he it's well known that giving him stupid and rude feedback for no good reason is one of what I believe are his pet hates so I'm not too surprised after a long season it went bad, not excusing either side. Isn't Chevy's daughter an adult at least? Which is still wrong but less so in my opinion. I think Chevy apologizing before he turned up could have stopped the whole thing there. Then Chevy did the rude voice-mail while drunk and Dan Harmon eventually leaked it but I think mostly out of ignorance and I don't think out of absolute spite. In my opinion if you don't know the show and at least several articles on the matter than you have no idea what you're talking about. This goes for a lot of things. Community is an amazing show and has a fan-loving and amazing cast. The show isn't stupid, it's a particular type of smart humor which is aimed at a younger adult audience. I'd like to know a more fan-friendly show- one that has all the cast doing panels, interviews, AMA's on reddit, giving out free signed scripts and other goodies, shouting out to a fan video in an episode, looking at and replying to the fan art you send on twitter and often retweeting it too, answering EXTRA questions after interviews to fans who missed out. This is the first time anything has gone wrong on the show, the fans know that, non-fans don't. The media knows how to make both sides care- one side of fans freaking and the other of non-fans posting hate and more hate.

934 days ago


So it's OK for Chevy to act like a baby and refuse to do a certain scene, then leave, get hammered, and call his BOSS cussing him out, but now his boss actually has to apologize to HIM for it? PFFFFT! If I called my boss and told him what I really think, I'd be fired. Don't feel bad, Dan Harmon. You should have released the tape. Chevy Chase was the one being an assh_le and an immature baby in this situation.

934 days ago


i can't believe how many harmon haters there are out there. if you've ever even heard him speak you know that this is the way he is. he's constantly seeking other's approval, that's the way he is. sometimes he steps out of line to do so, but it's never meant to hurt anyone's feelings. and judging by the way chevy's brain is nowadays, it's kind of impossible to tolerate him it seems. execs are just too afraid to say anything because he's such a "legend."

anyway, team harmon.

934 days ago


two and a half men all over again....GROW UP

934 days ago


Retire! Your ego has ruined a once really good show.

934 days ago


A Boss abusing his employees, i never seen that!...

934 days ago
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