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Wilmer Valderrama

How King of the Swoop

Bagged Minka Kelly

4/4/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

040312_wilmer_stillWilmer Valderrama just took his ridiculous string of smoking hot chicks to another level -- 'cause the way we see it ... landing Minka Kelly makes him a hall of famer. Kinda like her ex.

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Say It Isn't So    

Man, I sure hope she's ready for a lifetime supply of Valtrex, like LiLo, unless she makes him wrap that thing up. I once read where he's GOT THE HERPES!

930 days ago


how does he get every hot girl?!?

930 days ago


Okay, seriously, WHO is Minka Kelly? No really, if she's known for some show on t.v. that's geared to twenty somethings, I'm lost. Is she famous for anything in movies? I didn't even know who she was when you referred to her ex, but I KNEW him LOL
Now, Wilmer I know, I remember a few women he's been hooked up with but let's face it folks, he's not Leonardo DiCaprio that's hooked up with every famous model on the planet or George Clooney who hooks up with a bunch of NO-NAME women until Stacey Keebler and seriously, I'm a long time fan of Wrestling and I'm offended that TMZ or any other site refers to her as a former Women's wrestlers. NO, she was nothing but TnA in Wrestling, what they like to refer to as a "DIVA". Anyway. I hope Wilmer is happy with Minka whoever she is and that they have a long, forever relationship.

930 days ago

My Big Salami    

I heard latin men have a small chorizo between their legs?....Hmmm so it cant be that?

930 days ago


It won't last long, she's too old for him. He likes them underage. Someday, SOMEDAY, he'll get busted for underage porn, watch...

930 days ago


who are either of them is what i ask

930 days ago


NOOOOO!! how does this no talent hack keep getting my dream girls!

930 days ago


King of the swoop? There are many women better looking than her. There are many men better looking than him. Wait till they get into their mid to late 30's! *evil laugh*

930 days ago


Well Wilmer is Handy.

930 days ago


This guy must have saved his fez money...

930 days ago

BB not bb    

Maybe he has good game like a good player; he knows how to talk to and treat his conquests because he studies them like a stalker bent on taking down prey. He could be like a good salesman who studies the customers reactions to get them to buy, or in his case, fall for him. He doesn't seem like all that sincere of a guy. They way he dumbped Lindsay is what sent her into her tailspin of drugs and lesbianism and drunken car crashes.

Maybe once the women fall for him and are really into him, he finds some flaw in them and dumps them because he is bored with the whole thing already or just wanted to make fools of them to begin with. Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to be pretty desperate any more herself, reading books like "Why men marry bitches" to get dating tips.

He probably builds these women up by putting them on pedestals and then crashes them down when he dumps them, ruining their self esteem. I think I heard Demi Lovato has been suicidal and had eating disorders since being with him.

He might be kind of queer and just like tormenting women to make himself look good. I don't get a good vibe from him. He seems to go for the innocent types who would take him seriously.

930 days ago


Derek Jeter is butt-ugly. The only thing good about him is his money.. Wilmer is VERY handsome and he seems like a sweet guy.

930 days ago


He doesn't even have his arm "around" her. He is using her as a leaning post.

930 days ago


She looks like a complete different person without makeup.

930 days ago


If you even know W.V.Hell, you know how he netted M.K.
Sure it'll fizzle out but, We all know how he did it!!!!!

930 days ago
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