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Joe Eszterhas

Mel Said John Lennon

Deserved To Be Shot

4/12/2012 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Mel Gibson celebrates John Lennon's death, claiming he deserved to die ... this according to the screenwriter of the failed "Maccabee" project, Joe Eszterhas.

In a scathing 9-page letter, obtained by The Wrap, Eszterhas claims Mel once ranted about the departed Beatle, "I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot. He was f**king messianic. Listen to his songs! Imagine. I hate that f**king song. I'm glad he's dead."

According to Eszterhas, Mel saved his true fury for Oksana Grigorieva, saying, "I want to f**k her in the ass and stab her while I'm doing it."

And on the business side, Eszterhas claims Mel said this of Ari Emanuel, the head of the William Morris Endeavor Agency: "He's a c*nt Jewboy."

Mel has fired back at Joe, claiming the letter is a pack of lies.



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Esterhas obviously inherited his mother's mental illness which is very sad. This letter is over the top crazy. Does Mel Gibson burn live puppies too? Esterhas has lost his mind.

925 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...niiiiiiiiiiiice...either way need this post even being up...why promote HATE?

925 days ago

just because    

you never hear about the racist people who make racist remarks to their family. so why get mad when someone talks about something that really happened. lennon did get shot right?

925 days ago


Who writes a nine page letter unless they are fueled by mental illness? Is this a new script for Eszterhas. The same diseased mind that brought us Show Girls and Basic Instinct?

925 days ago


i don't get this guy. So filled with hate yet pretends to be so religious

925 days ago

Michelle Foxx    

Spell check TMZ!!
Also, I don't see Mel writing wonderful and influential music, and forming a legendary band!! Go f**k yourself, you tosser!

925 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I think it's time for the ole "5150" to be written up or ole Joe.
Joe Eszterhas the writer of such epic films as F.I.S.T., Basic Instinct, and Showgirls was not able to create a decent script for "Macabees". Hey look, if that Bill Shakespear hack could write a play about Judah Macabee, then you think that Joe could have done a bang up job - he'd just have to give it a touch of the famed Eszterhas tender loving care. He could have Judah Maccabee spread his legs like Sharon Stone, for the Hanukkah part Joe could of have done a great little Vegas dance number with some Elizabeth Berkley look-a-like - it would have been epic.
Oh, and we know that Joe has the highest moral qualities in Hollywood, just look at his body of work. I think Mel is getting jobbed here by a disgruntled hack writer who was in way, way over his head. He should have drowned.

925 days ago


Mel's temper reminds me of OJ.

925 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Nice, TMZ. Where's the proof for any of this?

More beating....rolling eyes at lack of real reporting.

925 days ago


I'm not one to defend Mel Gibson normally, but after the huge hit his career took for hateful comments I find it a little hard to beleive he would be dumb enough to say that stuff to anyone. He wouldn't want to cause more damage to his career then he already has. Who knows.

925 days ago


Put it this way - has any ever accused Joe Eszterhas of lying? of hating Jews? of wanting to kill people? This is about the 3rd time for Mel. Tend to believe Joe on this.

925 days ago


Jesus, have they all lost their freaking minds? This is crazy ****...

925 days ago


-All this tells me is that Mel should be doing stand-up.

-I've been waiting all of my LIFE, all of it, every DAY!!

-To hear of one more person, just ONE, that hates?

-The song "Imagine."

-I pull my HAIR out behind that &*%^$#@ song!!!

Broke up with an ex, and for playing it too frequently !!!

"Uh, honey, can you STOP playing that song please ..."

Please, please, please, please, please ...

"Imagine there's no Heaven, isn't hard to do - oo - oo..."


925 days ago

Jay W.     

Hope you had a nice Easter Mel... lol

925 days ago


well no one is talking about him... had to do something to get back in the spotlight..silly Mel. You crazy.

925 days ago
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