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Joe Eszterhas

Mel Said John Lennon

Deserved To Be Shot

4/12/2012 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Mel Gibson celebrates John Lennon's death, claiming he deserved to die ... this according to the screenwriter of the failed "Maccabee" project, Joe Eszterhas.

In a scathing 9-page letter, obtained by The Wrap, Eszterhas claims Mel once ranted about the departed Beatle, "I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot. He was f**king messianic. Listen to his songs! Imagine. I hate that f**king song. I'm glad he's dead."

According to Eszterhas, Mel saved his true fury for Oksana Grigorieva, saying, "I want to f**k her in the ass and stab her while I'm doing it."

And on the business side, Eszterhas claims Mel said this of Ari Emanuel, the head of the William Morris Endeavor Agency: "He's a c*nt Jewboy."

Mel has fired back at Joe, claiming the letter is a pack of lies.



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Shuffle Demon    

Wow Joe say's his son recorded where have I heard that before...Le e guess the next part...Joe sent Mel's people a letter saying pay me 15 million dollars and this wont ever leak... Gee wonder where Joe got all the parts over this story...hmmmm...

924 days ago

BB not bb    

Mel Gibson is nothing but an over the hill, conceited, wet brained actor looking for attention. Nothing he says makes any sense, from Jews, to women to John Lennon. He is just a pathetic old guy who has lost the ability to say anything useful. He had a twisted view of the world to start with and now he just spews out what every thoughts he can still generate in line with that.

I don't pay any mind to what he says. If someone thinks he is a thoughtful intellectual man, they should just watch his movies like Braveheart, which is nothing more than a glorified bloodbath, or Passion of the Christ, which makes Jesus look like a masochist.

This guy is shot out.

924 days ago


I found the whole letter:

924 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Yeah Joe doesn't sound like someone who was happy that he wasn't going to get paid for his work cause the movie was a no go..Imagine that! and then by divine intervetion he came to the conclusion Mel hated this story is as bad as his showgirls plot line.

924 days ago


Well I guess Eszterhas and anyone else can say whatever they want about Mel Gibson and the rags will print it as the gospel truth. Funny how none of this stopped Eszterhas from wanting to associate or work with Gibson till the project failed and the visions of dollar bills dried up. Nothing but a load of slanderous sour grapes here.

924 days ago


The script was submitted in February. You'd think the studio would have passed on it weeks ago if it was that bad. But this letter - it's dated April 9th. Sounds to me like Mel got on the horn with the studio and told them no way would he work with Eszterhas and THAT'S why they're passing on the script.

924 days ago


Okay, I've read the whole letter and it is potent. Mel is a disturbed man and for all the Mel defenders, the incidents Eszterhas describes all had other people present when they happened. And apparently his son recorded part of one incident.

All Eszterhas is asking is to have the script back and that sounds fair. Mel's issues are beyond any script.

The letter can be found here:

924 days ago


who cares what he thinks. he's borderline psycotic and an alcoholic. if he wasn't rich he'd be in padded walls.

924 days ago

Seriously wtf    

While I don't put it past Mel Gibson to go on a vile rant, I am wondering why Esterhas chose to ignore racist comments (alleged) until after his script was rejected. A little late to 'stand on principle' now isn't it? So, IF the comments are true, then this guy is no better for choosing to ignore them in the first place.

924 days ago


I love Mel Gibson, and I will always support him & his movies.
However, he really need to start apologizing to women for some of his language in his past.

And btw, Joe Eszterhas has mental illness in his family so lets not blame Joe, its not his fault for his behaviours - he can't help himself for being crazy.

924 days ago

Seriously wtf    

Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen should go on tour together.

924 days ago



923 days ago


These two loons deserve each other - I'm secretly hoping for an eventual reconciliation

923 days ago


I believe Mel Gibson and think the guy saying that crap is nuts, looking for his 15 minutes..

923 days ago


Mel is a huge piece of dog crap.........I don't care the color of his skin or where his ancestors were born. I judge a man by his deeds and He Sucks.

923 days ago
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