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Justin Bieber

Alleged IMPOSTOR Arrested

in Child Porn Sex Sting

4/18/2012 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

A grown-ass man who allegedly POSED online as Justin Bieber has been arrested in Canada after cops say he threatened a 12-year-old girl into performing sex acts over the Internet.

Canadian authorities say 34-year-old Lee Moir has been charged with luring, manufacturing child pornography and extortion after allegedly posing as Bieber on Facebook ... and duping the girl into a video chat. 

Cops say Moir threatened to harm the girl's family if she didn't engage in cyber-sexual activity.  The girl reportedly complied.

The incident was reportedly investigated by U.S. law enforcement, which referred the matter over to Canada when they realized Moir was living in Toronto.

Moir was eventually busted by Canadian undercover cops who posed as a 14-year-old girl online. Officials say Moir engaged the officer in sexual conversations and requested a meeting.

Cops swooped in and arrested Moir when he arrived to the meeting location.


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What pedophiles do is disgusting and isn't excusable but, I do have some sympathy for them because a lot of sickos who live in our society were abused as kids (mentally or sexually) and that's why they turn out like this

918 days ago

Pudding Tang    

he actually resembles one big Beaver

918 days ago


This is disgusting! How people like this gets off on children is so vile. Kids should stay the hell away from the Internet.

918 days ago


He'll be out in 6 months. I live in Canada and I use to really love this country but our judicial system is so gutless, the judges don't have any balls. Don't take my word just google how much jail time criminals receive, its a joke.

918 days ago


They're waiting for you in the Kingston Pen, ****-wad. Enjoy.

918 days ago


Not to blame the victim BUT if this girl degraded herself because an online stranger claiming to be Justin Bieber told her to, then there is a serious lapse in parenting skills.

918 days ago

Jay W.     

Parents... if your kid(s) are involved in the cyber world, you have to monitor their activities.

918 days ago


How do you spell idiot? M.O.I.R.

918 days ago


This country needs to bring back public hangings!!! Will make people think before they act!

918 days ago


SMH sad just sad..i hope and pray the little girl will be ok

918 days ago


How sickening can these people be? everyday is some sickening molesting crap from from these people.. Parents you need to get out of what ever the hell you are doing and watch your damn kids, or at least have the decency to teach them not to embark on this kind of foolery!What is up with these im so glad it wasnt one of my young relatives because he would have told this creep where to go and what smoke he can leave behind.. teach your damn kids!

918 days ago


"A grown-ass man" -- those are the first words of your news story? I honestly didn't think the writing and editing at TMZ could get any worse.

918 days ago


All parents of pre teen and even teens should monitor their child on the computer ! Their are sick people in this world. The same thing regarding that sicko at Penn state. He was showering with 10 year old boys. Parents of a 10 year old should know where their child is !

918 days ago


This isnt breaking news....It ran in the Toronto Star at least a week ago.....

918 days ago


How The HECK Can These Older Ppl make Themselves Look Like 14/16 Year Olds?? 0__0

918 days ago
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