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Chris Brown

Puppies for Sale ...

But Who's Buyin'?

4/25/2012 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is now in the dog breeding biz -- and even cute little adorable puppy faces can't convince people it's a good thing. Then again, he's selling pit bulls. So ... bad idea?

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pit bulls... once ghetto, always ghetto. Nothing against Pit-Bulls, it's the types of owners and their motives and egos invested in the breeds.

913 days ago


Has this fool been to the shelters and seen how many pit bulls have to be put down everyday? There is no need for him to breed, it's hard enough for the breed to get rescued after they've been abandoned by some irresponsible person.

913 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

19hundred pitbulls are put to sleep every week in los angelas alone, chris brown is a piece of crap

913 days ago


Dang, those puppies will grow up to be the meanest dogs around. Taking after their daddy no doubt.

913 days ago


Im actually disguested with the tmz post on chris browns puppies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pitbulls, its the OWNERS who are to blame. Pitbulls are the most loyal, loving, intelligent dogs and when you post stories like this all it does is give more negative attention to the breed and not focusing on the Owners who handle these dogs. I own a pitbull and she loves EVERYBODY, especially babies. How bout you do a story on that lovable lab that killed that infant....well im waiting. #*******s

913 days ago


Low life alert!! You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can take the ghetto out the boy.

913 days ago


I'm so tired of this ****ing bull**** over pit bulls. I as YOUNG GIRL owned TWO of them, one male, and one female. Both of them were quite large. They never hurt ANYONE the most that ever happened was some growling when my mother's boss came by and acted like he was going to do something. He didn't bite him. It's all about how they are raised. ****ing Christ shut the **** up already. Oh and FYI I got a governors award around the same time I owned my dogs for writing an essay on the issue of "Should pit bulls be banned or not" It was a hot topic then.....and apparently people STILL need to ****ing learn their facts. ****.

913 days ago


Pits? Pits are fantastic dogs in the right hands. Chris Brown is not the right fit for a pit. This is the type of idiot that encourages the aggresive side of pits. The humane society should step in and put a stop to this nonsense.

913 days ago


Thanks TMZ for saying something awful about pit bulls in the video! Just keep reinforcing people's misconceptions about these wonderful, loving dogs. Idiots.

913 days ago


I HAVE FOUR RESCUED PIT BULLS. THREE OF THEM ARE THERAPY DOGS! All four are amzing, loving, loyal, wonderful, gentle animals who love everyone they meet. F*CK YOU TMZ for your ridiculous statement that all pit bulls are mean & nasty & vicious. F*cking irresponsible, insensitive hacks!

913 days ago


what's the big deal oh it's Chris Brown so what!! A pitbull is not automatically violent the people turn them violent.Nobody talks about Big Boi or Roy Jones give Chris a break damn

913 days ago


TMZ you are all morons! Stating that pit bulls are violent and what not is the dumbest **** you have ever said. Do your research before stating lies about a breed. I have always had pit bulls and they have been even better and more tolerant than any other breed or mixed breed I've had. Even one of them raised a baby chick he found. Screw you TMZ for making ridiculous and false statements about a breed. People like you and that monster piece of crap Chris Brown is what gives these wonderful dogs a bad name. BAN STUPID PEOPLE AND STUPID OWNERS! The real danger we have are these ghetto pieces of crap.

913 days ago


He's a s***bag....there are literally MILLIONS of loving, wonderful Pit Bulls dying in Shelters every year. The world doesn't need another Puppy Mill - it needs people helping dogs get Adopted. Yet another reason why he's a selfish jerk.

913 days ago


TMZ, you're inference that the bad idea is the fact that they are Pit Bull Terriers is irresponsible, uninformed and perpetuates breed discrimination. The bad idea here is the breeding of more puppies. ANY kind of puppies. The animal shelters are overflowing and especially overflowing with pit bulls and, now, chihuahuas (thanks to people like Paris Hilton prancing around with their designer dogs). Even if breeding more pit bull puppies was a good idea, Chris Brown getting involved in this is not because of his love for a breed, it's to perpetuate an image. He's an abuser and he won't treat a dog any better than he does a human

913 days ago


Saying that pits are the most vicious dogs make you guys sound like bigger a-holes than you already do.

913 days ago
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