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Gabourey Sidibe

Check Out My Jolie Leg!

4/26/2012 2:16 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Gabourey Sidibe doing the JolieDoing her best impersonation of Angelina Jolie's infamous awkward leg flash at the Oscars, "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe showed off one of her smooth gams as she left the Chateau Marmont the other night.

The 28-year-old really knows how to go out on a limb.


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TMZ is so stupid, the girl's walking.

877 days ago


this is the only Actress in show business that can be in a King-Kong Movie without any special make up...

877 days ago


Oh Man.... I'm so sorry.. But, i gotta say.. " What a Pig " ! That's it.

877 days ago


Does she know that there are kids starving in Africa...

877 days ago


To Thine Own Self Be True. Great Confidence, don't let no one dictate how beautiful you are. You are a beautiful as YOU think you are, and that's all that matters.

877 days ago


Hefner should pay her $1 million dollars to pose nude for playboy, He is done it before and i'm sure it will be a best seller...Not!

877 days ago

Paradox DEA    

Frankly, I would marry her in a New York second. Further, I'd shower her with all of my love and attention. I would spoil her, and make her the principle of my sentiment. She is awesome!!!

877 days ago


What makes me sick is reading all these negative and crude comments about Gabby. Who are you people to judge her? THIS is exactly what is wrong with society today. You can bet your sweet ass, if someone was on here calling her racist names, you would be all over their asses like white on rice. So shes a big girl? Who cares! Shes a great actress and a beautiful person on the inside. So quick to judge someone based on their looks. And we wonder why teens get eating disorders. Its because so many people are quick to call names and make them feel worthless. Comparing her to AJ? REALLY? AJ is NOTHING but skin and bones, VERY unhealthy. Someone who is skinny can ALSO be unhealthy JUST FYI!. I think Gabby is beautiful and obviously she isnt ashamed of herself or her body. She is PROUD of what god gave her. The world is full of different shapes and sizes, and the fact that you people sit here and make fun of her simply for being different or NOT inside Hollywoods normal body type, makes me sick. How do you know she isnt healthy? Just because shes a big girl makes her unhealthy? I hate to break it to you darlings, but just because she has extra pounds does NOT mean she has diabtes, or heart disease or ANYTHING like that. Get the hell over yourselves. Honestly,people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. I noticed some of the pictures you people have, that are making these negative comments and trust me while you may be skinny, you have many other flaws. Bullying is for high school. Leave it there and grow up!

877 days ago


That's a whole lot of woman...and she'd probably ride me to death! And I'd choose her over Kim K. any day of the week because she's a real woman, not fake.

877 days ago


her ONE leg probably weighs MORE than angelina jolie!!!

877 days ago

Smart Human    

I'm sorry but this woman is disgusting. She is American gluttony at its worst. She is just gross to look at and is close to dying. And somehow, Americans love pathetic America has become. Such warped sense of admirability.

877 days ago


My only concern is her health. She is young right now, so its not affecting her health yet, but she should consider losing some weight BEFORE her health is affected. I had gastric bypass myself and lost 168 pounds. My health is better and I am happier with myself.

877 days ago


What leg? She is just one big square kinda like sponge bob. no neck, no waist, just kinda there.

877 days ago


She's so fat, its starting to close over her eyes.

877 days ago


The point that many of you "HATERS" are missing is that in spite of her obesity, Gabourey Sidibe is a "WORKING" actress!!! There's an abundance of "extremely" slim actresses but ALL OF THEM AREN'T WORKING!!! Not all roles are specifically taylored for slim actresses. The average dress of American women is 16 which isn't the typical size of today's actresses. When Marilyn Monroe made the movie, "Some Like It Hot", she was a SIZE 16!!! The original screen siren, Mae West was not a small woman neither was Jane Russell. Racquel Welch isn't extremely small either. The last three African American women who won the OSCAR for best supporting actress were Jennifer Hudson, Mo'Nique and Octavia Spencer and they weren't slender, petite women when thay received their awards!!! Since Jennifer Hudson has given birth to her son, she's lost a great deal of weight but has done ONLY ONE acting role because now she has to compete with a "LEGION" of much more experienced and slender actresses for roles. If it weren't for her weight loss endorsements and music career, she really wouldn't be working!!! Realistically, if we forced men to conform to the same "RIGID" standards regarding their appearance, many actors WOULDN'T BE WORKING AT ALL!!! Being a "healthy" weight is an "ADMIRABLE" goal but IT'S NOT GUARANTEED TO MAKE A PERSON "SUCCESSFUL"!!! Gabourey Sidibe's "SUNNY" DEPOSITION has already made her a WINNER!!!

877 days ago
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